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  1. I use my fiber internet to my Roku, usually running 300-500 mbs. Roku to HDTV via a very short HDMI cable. All season, our sound and video were excellent with absolutely no drops or lags. Finals night, I kept getting a "Something has gone wrong" message and could only reconnect by hitting the Home button on my Roku remote and re-enter the Roku app from scratch. I finally gave up during SCV and went to my new laptop via the Flo internet site. No issues after that.
  2. My understanding is that a replacement is already in the works. Dan looked very gaunt at Finals. He needs to take some time to enjoy life.
  3. Hornlineā€¦.YIKES! If not for their drumline, they would not even make finals.
  4. Very interesting night for Open Class. This could very well determine if Finals will be a dog fight or a coronation.
  5. The Security Nazis at MBS are chasing people away. Too many body cavity searches just to see a drum corps show.
  6. Such a shame that the NE schools get out so late vs the others. Since it looks like they have a good number of HS-age kids, they always get a late start.
  7. If it was the late 80s, and I was sitting in DeKalb, I might actually enjoy this. Now?
  8. I came to this thread a little late, but I will add one more tidbit of information to the proverbial fire. The recently deceased AAFL was broadcast on CBS, CBS Sports, TBS, The NFL Network, and the B/R Live app. There viewership numbers were significantly better than anything DCI, BOA, or WGI could ever hope to achieve, even beating out several concurrent NBA and NHL broadcasts. And they still had to pay the networks for the air time. Only the absolute top, long established sports leagues/events get paid big bucks by the networks.
  9. Software companies like Microsoft already do this. My wife was a teacher for years. She was able to buy Microsoft Office for a huge discount versus what my company had to pay for the same exact software. When my kids were students, they received discounts as well for the same product.
  10. This will be an interesting spread show. Will BS open a larger spread to Cadets? Can Academy close the gap to Mandarins to have an outside chance at top 12 at Indy?
  11. I have had no issue whatsoever with my Flo this year. No drops in the signal, no degradation of sound or video. I have AT&T fiber and my wifi streams to my big screen around 350-500 mbs. Using hdmi cables from my Roku to my hd sound system, then to my big screen. Also had no issues watching multiple BOA shows last fall.
  12. Love their show this year. And I still think it is the most difficult drill on the field.
  13. Not sure who will come in where. And I do not care anymore. After more than 45 years in the activity (most actively involved, not just a fan), I am no longer going to shows or caring. Just burned out on all of it. Plus I cannot stand indoor marching music.
  14. Ooooo, an announcement of epic proportions! Really? If this is it, they really need to get over themselves.
  15. Shhhhhhhhhhhh. That's supposed to be a secret.
  16. Another consideration to make when comparing corps from other continents to DCI corps is that most corps outside the USA have much higher or no age-out rules. I know many people from Japan who have marched here in WC corps and aged out several years ago who are still marching in DCJ corps.
  17. Not good news. They really need to find some stability or they will continue to slide. Very sad. 2008 - 2010 showed such promise.