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  1. I would be in a mad scramble after Cadets uniform reveal to make my little dude's uniform top before Allentown's first show.
  2. They gave you an option of donating your money to DCI or retaining credit for 2021. No specification of retaining seats. As others have posted, there is a separate form for requesting refunds. (sad, I had darn good seats, but realize the limitations involved.)
  3. That's how I read it ... not able to have the same seats, but just "credit" for the new ticket purchase (of which I"m presuming there will be a cost increase, so we'll pay a differential.)
  4. I don't think DCI should be coordinating grants or promoting a global collection fund; however, they could send out a mass email with corps urls for donation and merch stores. That should be relatively benign in effort - the mechanism to send mass emails is in place, and content creation for a series of links minimal. It could then highlight some of the corps that have harder to find donation sites.
  5. From an email I got from DCI yesterday afternoon. I had purchased DCI East Tix "In the coming weeks, you will receive specific information regarding options for the tickets you have purchased to a 2020 Drum Corps International Tour event. We appreciate your patience and understanding as our office hours have changed and our office staff has been reduced dramatically."
  6. They answered this in the webinar last week, that if the season got canceled, contracts would be extended. So, that was communicated to the members, even if it wasn't in shiny text.
  7. He wasn't scheduled to be back in court until Apr 16 anyway; however, I highly doubt that will happen either.
  8. Jaccii Farris @Jaccii · 3h GEORGE HOPKINS UPDATE: at a pre-trial hearing today, Hopkins attorney said the DA has talked about a deal. The atty says Hopkins is considering that deal. Another pre-trial is set for April 16. Hopkins is charged with sexually assaulting two former YEA employees. #drumcorps
  9. They said they have about 80% of the copyrights done for the show. How the heck would they know if they're going to make the top 12? Clearly that's something that they're striving for (and obviously higher), but why bother. Some answers were very bumpy and they should have been more prepared for some of the incoming questions.
  10. What's the difference between requiring them all to fly into Philly vs whatever FL airport? Airfare is airfare.
  11. But then, it's spam and it's too much. The holiday campaign is still open on the site. https://yea.org/cadets/holiday?reset=1&id=123
  12. https://ujsportal.pacourts.us/DocketSheets/CPReport.ashx?docketNumber=CP-39-CR-0005538-2018&dnh=ydjtESJlJf%2fH60wd1QajOg%3d%3d
  13. And not starting until the Allentown show. Hopefully there's a uniform showoff early so I can get little dude's shirt done.
  14. I did not receive one. I bought my tickets in the October "buy both days now because you bought them last year" ticket wave.