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  1. That's about as big of a 180 from the previous percussion design team as you can possibly get. It's gonna be fun seeing their writing in an east coast group like Boston!
  2. I was there. It was a brief moment of shock and comprehension, followed by bedlam. Definitely a Top 5 moment for me as an audience member in drum corps.
  3. I think it's more of a win for BD/Mandarins/Academy, whomsoever will be picking up the Broken City kids this year.
  4. That's a shame if true. It's to DCI's detriment to not have a percussion voice as unique as that duo's being performed by somebody every season.
  5. Chuck was not the reason Madison was where they were last year... if anything, he was one of the reasons they weren't potentially lower.
  6. Scouts!
  7. The irony of you saying that when the post you quoted mentions that you called respecting a person's identified gender as "mad" and "idiocy" is rich. But I'm straying too far into politics now. The purpose of this thread has been met for this season, and I'm backing out.
  8. When basic respect of others is considered "mad" and "lunacy..." Yeah, I think I've got a pretty clear picture already.
  9. I usually trust Prosperie's judgement, but I feel his hands were tied with the "2 yard" rule, and there were some placements (even just for one night) that felt very off. As I've told friends already, Crown's deserved bronze medal is sitting in the 0.3 chasm between them and the next corps ahead of them in percussion, a gap I believe is much too large.
  10. I've talked with alumni, I've heard the plan that corps staff has publicly disclosed to try to move forward. The "death of the organization" line is a hyperbole that should ONLY be met with humorous responses, because unless the staff catastrophically miscalculated their membership's investment in the program this year, Madison's not going away anytime in the foreseeable future.
  11. I'm sure both of you are just a smash at parties.
  12. Five corps in their current placements are within a point of setting a new DCI record for such placements. If placements hold and scores hold or increase: Crossmen will shatter their own record (from last year) for highest 12th place score ever (86.750) Phantom Regiment have a good shot at the highest 11th place score of all time (2005 Glassmen, 87.700) Mandarins are only a quarter point away from the record score for 10th place (1988 Suncoast Sound, 89.100) Cadets will join 2013 Madison, 1992 BK, and 2004 Boston in the 90 point 9th place club, only 0.425 away from Boston's record of 90.525. Crown is 0.912 away from eclipsing 2013 Vanguard for the highest 4th place score of all time.
  13. I'm bummed that is has to have the qualification of, "but if BDB and SCVC were here...," but it is absolutely wonderful to see them performing on Friday night once again!