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  1. Tricia has only been involved in our activity for a little over a year, and her work still isn't done. Give it time, her day will certainly come.
  2. THIS. This right here is the crux of the argument against DCI. I can see and understand DCI's need to uphold its social media policy, but essentially putting the kibosh on the pending promotion of a group that, from everything we've seen lately, was extremely likely to happen? For a goddamned REDDIT POST where they were trying to help members who suddenly found themselves corpsless? DCI has completely lost their way on having the punishment fit the crime when disciplining corps. And at a time where they really couldn't afford to make ANY more gaffes, this is just the cherry on top of a #### sundae. DCI is not worthy of my money, or the money of ANY of their patrons in the state they are in at this point.
  3. Not to mention he's no longer the Executive Director either.
  4. oof. I know in 2011 we did an experiment and found that a 28" Mapex was heavier than a 32" Yamaha. I can't begin to imagine what those drums felt like.
  5. Agreed, though obviously that price still will give many groups (especially money-strapped scholastic programs) pause before buying them.
  6. Also criminally expensive, which is pretty much the only reason they aren't more widely used right now.
  7. Because 1975. Never mind that the Madison Scouts' highest placement in the lifetime of their current membership is only 6th, if they aren't contending for a title they aren't worthy to some.
  8. I have no idea what an "Ensemble Specialist" entails, but James is a fantastic educator. I always felt the issue with Madison's percussion was uninspired writing, especially in the pit, but if Phantom keeps Ferguson's writing I actually like this pickup for them a lot.
  9. Exactly. I played bass in corps because I played bass in high school. And I played bass in high school since day one of freshman year when the caption head looked at me and said, "you're tall, pick up that biggest drum."
  10. If you have the hands, the legs, and the attitude to hang with them, Reading will have you in a heartbeat. I know their center snare in 2016 and 2017 was on the wrong side of 30, so age isn't the biggest factor. I'm entertaining the idea of returning if financial means work out, and I'm gonna be 27. As for that 53 year old, I believe he was a trumpet player, and had previously marched Reading back in 1981.
  11. As a lifelong marching bass drummer who picked up a baritone for one marching season in college, and then picked up a euphonium five years later for an A Class corps, it's not THAT bad. The other problem with this statement that "they might have to look elsewhere" becomes a lot tougher when the number of opportunities shrinks with each passing year.
  12. Thanks for the review! PM me if you have any questions about us this year or moving forward.