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  1. As underwhelming as May equipment is, it is a faaaaaaaaaaar improvement over the XL equipment Mapex used to partner with.
  2. Premier is technically still around, so there's still time for that one. They'll just need Mapex and Tama to make the clean sweep then!
  3. They're very temperamental, especially the snares, but if you can tune them well they sound great. Also much cheaper compared to other big brands. Their equipment is okay (they use Randall May for their harnesses now, which is a huuuuuuuuuge improvement over the XL days), the rims and construction make them stupid durable and STUPID HEAVY. In 2011, we compared our 28" bass 4 at Surf to Cavies 32" Yamaha bass 5, and the Mapex was heavier. So, in short, if you don't mind goofy stands, you don't mind very heavy drums, and you have the patience to tune them well, Mapex is a GREAT choice.
  4. 1. They're still the Madison Scouts. Grow the #### up. 2. What are you asking? That is not a coherent sentence. Troll better. 3. My point stands. You add nothing to the conversation. Go away.
  5. I was asking, not ordering. He doesn't have to listen to a #### thing I say if he doesn't want to. But his childish outbursts and negativity add nothing constructive to the conversation of the 2020 Madison Scouts, and he seems to show no indication that his comments will ever vary from this one note.
  6. You mean because it's racist, and you'd be immediately reported?
  7. Following the disaster that was the Chester show last year, I'd say all professional soccer stadiums are out of the running for the time being.
  8. It's purple prose, it's meant to be a bit sappy and over-the-top. Primarily, it's a direct quote from "Einstein on the Beach," so if it seems a bit unhealthy, blame Philip Glass and Robert Wilson.
  9. How about several seasons in the Top 12, including at least one season where they beat the champion in at least one caption at Finals (2013 percussion)? Not every corps can be the Blue Devils and completely dominate the activity for a decade plus.
  10. He clearly doesn't have respect for women, so I don't think that day truly matters to him at all.
  11. Because treating people equally is a threat... cute.
  12. Nothing has been announced yet, but I have not heard that anything fell through, either. They may just be waiting for a time to announce it, but today (the 15th) was the day it was supposedly going into effect.
  13. I'm telling as much as I can that is confirmed and without divulging sources, lol. I know it's not much, but I have a lot of CYA here in case anything changes at the last minute. If that makes me an agent of chaos, then I fully embrace the role this time.
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