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  1. So excited for finals! This is one year I will remember vividly almost every corps' show! Congratulations to all marching members and support staff for a truly memorable season! With that said, GO BLOOOOOOOOOO and CROWN! 😍😃
  2. Same here, Terri, except we will drive home and then watch Nightbeat. And we're in club level too! So excited!
  3. Queen. I've seen a couple of high school band shows of Queen and they were awesome! Would love to see a drum corps ratch that up a notch or 10.
  4. I thought they started with the first two songs from their show, but I could be mistaken. I was chatting with an old friend during the encore. I do remember them playing "smile, though your heart is breaking" (not sure if that's the actual name of the song).
  5. Probably. In the past they usually add the "Crown set" as the new ending. But since it's already there, I am really excited to see what new ending they add this year. They usually add it around SA but sometimes not until Atlanta.
  6. Very nice to meet you! (Chick-Fil-A and sitting behind you) ☺️
  7. Does it count that I've been drinking out of my Relentless coffee mug today?
  8. Will be watching at the theater with baited breath and eager anticipation. I'm good at multi-tasking.
  9. I've been doing this for a while as well. I have the smile site bookmarked instead of the regular Amazon so I never have to remember to switch.