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  1. Bloo, all of it, all season, but the 90+ sec standing-o during closer finals night was an incredible moment between the performers and the crowd. BD, top notch as always, great props, great shoe feature! SCV, music in general and the blend between battery and front ensemble. Crown, primarily ballad thru closer. Last couple years seemed to miss something for me, but this year was on point! Cavies, ballad and energy throughout. BAC, really great show Top 6, really off the hook I could go on, but Semifinalists in total, overall best year ever as a fan
  2. It has hdmi and optical outputs you can put directly into the tv or via home theater which is what we do. Flo has its own app that you download to the device, so you don’t actually stream from phone (tho you could). It can operate wirelessly or can be hardwired.
  3. We broke down and bought an Apple TV a couple years back, which works flawlessly.
  4. The top 15/16 are just really enjoyable this year! Is it just me or are the fans and members alike all winners this year? Can’t remember a year that’s been so solid bottom to top. (I’ve just not had time to commit to watching below that, so no offense intended to those hard working MMs lower).
  5. Very cool, thanks for the lesson. Great video!
  6. Random honest question... this video is great! I’ve only heard USC marching band perform this, I think it’s been one of their standards since the 40s/50s... my question is the story behind its origin and when/how BAC adopted it.
  7. Nah... it’s all due to slotting.... 😂 (too soon...?)
  8. I appreciate how you feel, and like you, I can’t wait to see what everyone is up to, but I don’t think the corps you mention are suffering from lack of interest, recruitment, or excitement. I take peace in knowing it’s going to be a great season (and that I have tickets to a couple shows).
  9. Sadly my list is quite a bit shorter, but I look forward to your play-by-play!
  10. I like the train of thought, but not sure how effective it would be. Last year I talked several people into going to the theater premiere. The sound was out of balance (all treble), the live feed quit during Crown, and the videography at the premiere is closer to Flo quality at that point in the season. Needless to say, they weren’t all that impressed. I took them to a Bluecoats practice later in the season and they were speechless. There’s something about getting your face blown off (live) that changes everything. I think the theater premiere is perfect for fans that want a first glimpse, but a tough sell for the uninitiated.
  11. That spreadsheet is fantastic! Thanks for building and posting!
  12. Idk background info, and I agree the Michigan City stadium is a fantastic venue. We watched Bluecoats rehearse in the IWU stadium last year and it’s also a great stadium/set up with great space for an activity like this.
  13. I don’t disagree, I hear you. I think you're example of Pioneer is much different than say Mandarins/Colts/Academy, etc. since they’re (currently) much farther away. I know they’re all working really hard.
  14. I seem to recall when it was being discussed that it was those in the low teens that did not want it to pass. I recall discussion about not wanting to lower the bar. That makes sense to me since top 6 or so are fighting it out for medals, 7-12 ish are fighting to be in top 6, and the next tier are fighting to be in top 12. For example, if I was in Mandarins right now I’d want to finish what we started and earn my spot; not change the rules to make it easier. Likewise, corps like Scouts are fighting to stay. I’ll be bummed if they fall out again but it’s the fight that makes it worthwhile. I also understand the arguments for change as posted previously, just offering a different perspective.
  15. Thanks for the play by play! I don’t know how you looked down long enough to type, but as proud parents that can’t be there, it’s greatly appreciated!
  16. I think Flo is off to a great start. Watched the first show at a friends via Roku and DCI west via Apple TV. Solid pic, good sound balance (for not being there), and even solid multi cam work. Good job Flo!
  17. True. Love the chart... much more movement (for most) than I would have guessed.
  18. So true. I can’t wait to see what everyone has to offer this year. The assessment you made for top 6 could easily apply to who will stay in top 12. Manderins and Academy in particular have been pushing so hard and Colts and Troopers are right on their heels. I find each year it’s harder and harder to go watch the lot because I don’t want to miss the full shows. Heck, even bathroom breaks are getting harder to time! It’s going to be another great year!
  19. Hahaha, I hear the same thing followed by a momentary flashback to watching “A Christmas Story” (1983). Humor aside though, I thoroughly enjoyed their show last year. It’s one of the tracks I listen to most often!
  20. The FloMarching Facebook feed has near daily updates on what different corps are up to and they occasionally mention that they are aware they need to get the schedule out. I’m guessing they’re waiting for DCI due to reasons mentioned above, but I’m not sure. Also, aside from some obvious growing pains early last season, at our house they were pretty good by the end, and WGI coverage seemed solid based on what we watched in the spring. We watch thru Apple TV and (other than early days when they had sound issues) we had no issues with video quality (though obviously not the same as being there). I seem to recall others saying the computer/web based access might have had more issues. Anyone remember more detail about how/which method is best to optimize the feed? I’m cautiously optimistic this year will be even better than last year.