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Bluecoats Update

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I LOVE A CORPS THAT IS WILLING TO CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO! GO BLOO! :rolleyes: I'll have to change my prediction.

Wait was that saxophones I heard?

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how more Blue Devil-ish can they get? similar uni's, music, and concept? this sounds, at least now, like Constantly Risking Absurdity II by ripping off other people's ideas.

because every show you see out there is completely different from any other show either that year or the years before... yes... i see now

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I think the Blue Devils-ish argument is off base.

Similar uniforms? That issue is around 37 years late. Both are blue.

Similar music? That's a pretty wild guess if you only know what one piece is. And as for using that one, that fact wouldn't get any mention whatsoever if it wasn't a championship show. But still, it's one piece.

Similar concept? The difference between being imaginative and novel and being almost-absurd is a generous one.

What I saw of their video before my computer randomly stopped working was quite neat. I liked the vocal chorale in the background... I can only assume that's something important, and it sounds nice. The battery stuff was under a mound of dirt, but it's January, and who knows if that's their actual line.

Overall, I'm very excited to see what the show ends up as... but something like this is probably not very competitively safe for them. But that's fine.

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anyone know that music?

Children's Hour of Dream. The recording is the original ambiguous jazz version.

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Similar uniforms? That issue is around 37 years late. Both are blue.

There are some posters on DCP, including me, who would say that the Bluecoats looked like the Bluecoats until 2007, at which time they began to look a lot like the Blue Devils.

As far as blue being blue, the Blue Stars are blue and neither the current nor the previous uniform look like any other blue corps.

That being said, I don't think the Bluecoats will ever be mistaken for the Blue Devils once the show starts.

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Imagine....new lower prices on all Yamaha instruments.

Very cool video. I am excited to see them with their new lower priced Yamaha instruments

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