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Bluecoats Update

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Does any other corps have any new 2009 free videos? I've looked through most, but this was the only one I found talking about the show so far.

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inb4 lulz dats wut hopkinz sed..

No, really, I am looking foward to it, but not specifically sold on it. I just kinda wanna see more before making a decision

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I think Tim Fairbanks was the only person interviewed who actually said something substantive about the show. Sounds cool though. I hope the visual design program is better than previous years.

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Bluecoats look like they are coming in prepared with their game faces on. looks intense and challenging. Cant wait to see this show in Lucas Oil Stadium!!!!

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Was part of the music in the background the same source music as 96 BD?

how more Blue Devil-ish can they get? similar uni's, music, and concept? this sounds, at least now, like Constantly Risking Absurdity II by ripping off other people's ideas.

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