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DCA Finals 2012

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Geeze Jim... The Coast Guard is even worse as a huge portion of its operations are run from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma... It always sounded real stupid to me to be no where near water but if you look at it logistically, it is kind of central to both the east and west coasts and of course the Gulf.

LMAO about OKC, at least there is a real reason why a Navy Base 100+ miles from the ocean.

Reason is at the start of WWII, the Pentagon wanted to build a supply (IOW parts) base on the East Coast but was afraid the Germans would shell the crap out of it using submarines. Considering how much shipping the Germans were sinking off the East Coast at the time it was a very real fear. If no water then the new base needed to be near transportation hubs. Well we had the PA turnpike and pretty direct routes (for the time) to Baltimore shipping and DC. Plus enough rail lines and fairly close to the Horseshoe Curve link over the Alleghanies. (And the Curve was actually on the list of places to be blown up, per papers captured with Nazi spies.) Annnnnd, the land was cheap.....

I've been to a lot of Navy bases and I always loved being asked "What ships are home ported where you work?". :thumbup: My response was "Pride of the Susquehanna" which is a paddle wheel replica that goes up and down the river by Harrisburg. :laughing: (When it isn't getting stuck on the rocks.)

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"Much Closer":

Some of the Alumni groups should benefit also Caballeros, Skyliners, Bridgemen, Park City Pride & Hanover Lancers will all be closer, and a few others such as Archer-Epler, Reading's Alumni, Reilly Raiders and St Rita's Brassmen could be enticed into comming.

"Maybe" even the Yankee Rebels could stage a "One More Time" rally and show up. It IS "Right In Their Back Yard".



As for the Yankee Rebels doing a , One More Time, performance..

It aint gonna happen.

We sold everything. Uniforms and equipment.

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My daughter lived on Kent Island for 4 years, make that trip on rt 50 on any holiday weekend, let alone the labor day weekend, let me know how long the lines are, miles!!!! I am looking forward to the venue however.

First of all. There are no longer lights on rt. 50. When I first moved here over 25 years ago it was a nightmare.Rt. 50 is after all The Ocean Gateway. But they have since built a 2nd bridge over the Bay, as well as over The Kent Narrows, which had a drawbridge back then..

The heavy traffic ,will be coming from the west. Rt's 97, 95, will be a parking lot funneling on to rt. 50. The best and fastest rt will be coming fom the eastern routes.

I take it all the time.

I also avoid 97, by taking 100 which leads to 10, and Rt 2. It by-passes heavy congestion on 97.

Just remember, that the traffic going to Ocean City only lasts so long.

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Do they have a Dinosaur BBQ there? :worthy:

Unfortunately, no.

But between Annapolis, Baltimore and the Eastern Shore, you'll find the best crab cakes in the United States. :smile:

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Unfortunately, no.

But between Annapolis, Baltimore and the Eastern Shore, you'll find the best crab cakes in the United States. :smile:

I can get Good BBQ almost anywhere in the south. Good Crab Cakes no so much.

Two thumbs up for Crab Cakes and Annapolis. :worthy:

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seafood period is A-1 down there.

Can't wait. Someone will need to start a thread on Seafood Restaurants to visit in the area when we get closer.

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