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Surprised not to see a thread yet for this show:

DCI Dallas, presented by North Texas Festival of Drums

Monday, July 20, 2015 -- 7:00 p.m. CDT

Wildcat Ram Stadium

Lake Highland High School

9449 Church Road

Dallas, Texas 75238

Corps in performance order:

Open Class



World Class





Blue Stars

Blue Knights

Santa Clara Vanguard

Blue Devils

Source: DCI.

If anyone has details on exact performance times or judges, by all means chime in.

Most recent scores have BD at 87.300, SCV at 84.825, and BK at 81.900. It's pretty unlikely any of them will change positions, but what will their scores be? Will Stars catch Xmen? Will Colts catch Troop? How will Guardians do in their final performance this year?

Inspiration for subject line:

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Surprising, a really late posted show thread with no replies yet for what used to be one of the biggest shows in Texas. This show has lost a lot of its "top draw" appeal over the past several years, and now that it follows San Antonio seems almost like an afterthought. I believe the uncomfortably tight stadium and losing its Thursday night slot to Denton has really hurt this show. They should have kept it in Mesquite when it moved there one year due to construction at Lake Highlands, a much better stadium for drum corps. Actually there are probably 20+ high school stadiums around Dallas that would be better suited for drum corps. Allen Eagle Stadium would be killer with its double deck stadium.

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This is not official but, I figured it off of SCV and BD's hourly schedule from their website. It will probably be pretty close.

Gate Perf.

1 National Anthem 7:00

2 Guardians 6:52 7:07

3 Genesis 7:09 7:24

4 Mandarins 7:26 7:41

5 Troopers 7:43 7:58

6 Colts 8:00 8:15

7 INT 8:15-8:42

8 Crossmen 8:27 8:42

9 Blue Stars 8:44 8:59

10 BK 9:01 9:16

11 SCV 9:18 9:33

12 BD 9:35 9:50

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And it's a great lineup! It will be interesting to see the spreads tonight between Blue Stars, Crossmen, Troopers and Colts, and if Blue Knights can keep pushing the few corps above them. My guess:

87.85 Blue Devils

85.40 SCV

84.10 Blue Knights

78.75 Crossmen

78.50 Blue Stars

77.00 Troopers

75.85 Colts

73.00 Mandarins

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Dr. Chris Goodson periscoping at the show

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