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Corps Necklace

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Crown necklace just appeared on my Facebook feed. Not sure what any of it means though.


Each year, Crown members get a new bead for their necklace, usually related to the show. Such as: a green bead for The Grass Is Always Greener or a black star bead for Rach Star.

Age outs get a silver crown at the Corps banquet after Finals.

Thanks! Can you decode that picture? Just curious :colgate:

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I had some nice pics of shadow boxes we created from the Crown uni items the MMs could keep, but DropBox wants to display them sideways. Sigh!

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Crossmen members receive:

  1. Red/Black Maltese Cross necklace after their first show (one side is red and one side is black). They wear the black side up only during the off season.
  2. White Ageout Cross - ageouts receive a WHITE cross necklace (exact replica of the one on their aussies).
  3. In addition, Crossmen ageouts also receive a handmade wooden cross plaque at the banquet, a special flower corsage for ageout night, and get to sign the large ageout flag morning of finals.
  4. Five-year members receive a ring with a cross on it and a custom plaque.
  5. All contra's receive dog chains at Allentown.

There may be other things they've added in recent years, but not sure what they are.

Hopefully none of this I revealed is secret or confidential.


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Boston has a custom medallion with Waldo on it, beads corresponding to the number of years you've marched (red for rookie, black for every other year, and silver for age-out), and by individual, a shako link for each year you've marched.

​Staff members get clear beads as shown here...


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The Bluecoats give a blue shoelace to all rookies and near the end of the season they are given a silver dipped penny stamped in the year that they marched that has a hole drilled in it. The member is to take a link from their helmet (not sure how that worked out this year) and use it to link the penny to the shoelace. Each member gets a new penny each year that they march... for vets on their 5th year, they get a nickle stamped in the year that they are marching.

I don't believe that it has been a tradition since the beginning... but it has been going on for 20 or more years.

This tradition was started in 1992. Glad to be able to say I was there for the first one.

Ours were strung right to the shoelace through the drilled hole - the helmet link must have been a later addition to the tradition.

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My Colt triangle is always around my neck, at every drum corps show.

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