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  1. The fighter still remains! Go get 'em, Bloo! You got this!
  2. More hype is needed in this thread. Bloo still undefeated as of tonight!! Let's gooooooooooo!!!
  3. Haha, there were so many changes to that show, there may have been three versions in a week! I lost track of how many different drills we learned for "Penny Lane". 3? 4? More? It seemed like we were changing the short-ish "Strawberry Fields" section of the show every other day. Ask anyone who marched that show, though, it is very special to us. We all rallied around it to make it work and push it into finals. I still feel a little defensive when I see all the criticism around that year for Bloo, but then I'm not the least bit objective about it. I have to admit to feeling a little emotion
  4. Best thing I've seen on the internet all week. Thanks for posting! I'm going to have to check out this band now, has a little bit of a Zappa vibe to it.
  5. My elementary/middle school band director was the finest music teacher I ever had, and it's not even close. I'm also willing to bet that he's a better brass player than 99.9% of the people teaching in the activity, most of them also by a wide margin. The idea that someone would automatically be unqualified to teach the Madison Scouts brass because they teach middle school band is one of the more laughably ridiculous things I've seen on this board.
  6. Yeah, having watched this again, the brass were sampled ahead of time. Still a really cool effect, though I initially thought it was sampled on the fly.
  7. That pretty accurately describes what Bluecoats did in 2015 with Kinetic Noise. There was a good video out there somewhere describing the whole process, but it was all performed on the field in real time and then looped in with the live performance. I can't imagine how difficult that must have been with ~100 musicians spread out across a football field, but they pulled it off. I'm sure they also had their fair share of "looped fracks" throughout the summer. :-)
  8. Hoo, boy, looks like we got ourselves a season. Big scores out west, nice job SCV!
  9. Didn't these start out with the blue draped around the front and over both shoulders, and no silver sash? I seem to remember horns getting stuck in the fabric at an early-season show.
  10. Jesus, they sound like Star of Indiana in that opener. Can't believe I've never seen this show.
  11. 1992 Santa Clara *sorta* fit this description back in the day, especially early in the season. Off-the-line, one flag all show for the guard (if I'm remembering correctly), lots of old-school touches and elements, just modernized a bit. Great corps, I don't think it earned the competitive result they were hoping for.
  12. Add me to the list of admirers. Your 93 show was bananas. I recently watched a rehearsal video from that year that is floating around the web -- I still marvel that you guys were able to march that drill all season with no fatalities!
  13. Placements can be very important in the eyes of future marching members. When people talk about marching their "dream corps", they tend to be groups that have, our recently have had, competitive success. This can be a bit of a cycle that tends to feed itself, as the top groups continue to attract the top talent and continue to have success. That's one of the reasons it's so difficult to break into that top echelon, but also why you don't often see those groups drop out once there.