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William "Allen's Town" - Friday Night - Aug 4th, 2017

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Why am I hearing drums and horns in the background? And not the Troopers?

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Bunch of emojii's on the field...

Troopers joined WGI? :peek:

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1 minute ago, Musicman1084 said:

Absolutely love the Mandarins show and still hoping they make finals.  That ballad and reprise of Sound of Silence are some of my favorite moments of the year.  The writing for the drum feature is #### cool, as well.  Unfortunately, I feel like they've gone in the wrong direction the past few weeks with some design choices.  The tarp, the netting, the voiceover... all completely unnecessary.  They could have easily added some backdrops that they flip over with Rorschach inkblots if they really needed to get the theme across, rather than the incredibly cumbersome (and dangerous) tarp unraveling.  You can't even really make it out because of all the glare.  Hopefully they take an "addition by subtraction" approach to this coming week as they push for finals.

Have two sons marching with the Mandarins and the tarp always makes me nervous. Haven't seen it live yet, but in the last regional I thought it looked great on camera. With wind or if it's not placed quite right it does have the danger of taking away rather than adding to the show. I absolutely loved the netting!!!

It will be interesting to see what adjustments, if any, they make for Indy. 

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Flo missed the duel!!!

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