Houston.... I mean, Katy show- July 20, 2018

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On the topic of fandom.

I only want one thing for my Bluecoats that's for certain... ever.

I have always envied the Blue Devils for one thing.  Not their championships... but their ability to be the slickest entertainers of the night in any placement.  Truth be told for me, the finest BD shows that I can recall were mostly not 1st or even 2nd place.  Some of them didn't medal at all.  But my youthful memory of them was that they entered the field, got set, and people would stop everything to hear them play a freaking warm-up... 4 chords, 3 times.  It was an inexplicably existential experience.

I want my Bluecoats to always and forever make placements, at any and all placements... awesome.

I want them to be set apart.

And they are doing a mighty good job at that goal I think.

After all... My corps plays Radiohead!

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............ that was incredible.......... :)))))))) They were AMAZING!!!!!

Phone and power bank died.

7:30- National Anthem 7:42- Crossmen 8:01- The Cadets 8:20- Phantom Regiment 8:37- Blue Knights 8:34- INT 9:24- THE CAVALIERS!!!! 9:41- Bluecoats 9:58- Blue Dev

scores up bluuu 2nd

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@CorpsScores: Katy TX #dci2018

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Wow, Phantom inching close to both BK and Cadets, way to go! 

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Bloo in 2nd. Good for them and slowly closing that gap with scv. Fix the percussion please.

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