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Michael Boo

DCI scores as of July 11

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DCI scores as of Wednesday, July 11
Collated by Michael Boo

(This is just for fun, as corps can't be directly compared across different shows and different dates.) This only a list of the highest latest scores and not a weighted or averaged score list from multiple shows.

NOTE: The letter inside the italics () is the show in which each corps last competed. The number inside the brackets [] represents the number of days a corps has not competed. Also, some shows might not have had full judging panels.

# Denotes Open Class, which are judged on the same scale.

01. 86.250 Santa Clara Vanguard (M)
02. 84.800 Blue Devils (N)
03. 84.000 Bluecoats (O)
04. 83.850 The Cavaliers (N)
05. 82.650 Boston Crusaders (O)
06. 82.250 Carolina Crown (P) [1]
07. 79.250 The Cadets (P) [1]
08. 78.950 Blue Knights (M)
09. 78.900 Phantom Regiment (N)
10. 78.750 Blue Stars (L)
11. 78.600 Mandarins (L)
12. 77.450 Crossmen (L)
13. 76.500 The Academy (M)
14. 74.300 Colts (L)
15. 74.150 Madison Scouts (N)
16. 74.050 Spirit of Atlanta (O)
17. 73.800 Troopers (M)
18. 67.750 Oregon Crusaders (M)
19. 67.450 Genesis (L)
20. 65.700 Pacific Crest (M)
21. 64.700 Music City (O)
22. 64.500 Vanguard Cadets # (F) [5]
23. 63.700 Blue Devils B # (F) [5]
24. 63.000 Seattle Cascades (M)
25. 61.800 Jersey Surf (O)
26. 60.500 Spartans # (H) [8]
27. 58.700 The Battalion # (M)
28. 57.950 Columbians # (M)
29. 57.800 Legends # (N)
30. 57.400 Guardians (O)
31. 57.200 River City Rhythm # (L)
32. 57.100 Southwind (O)
33. 57.000 Gold # (J) [12]
34. 56.800 Louisiana Stars (O)
35. 55.500 7th Regiment # (H) [8]
36. 54.700 Pioneer (A) [3]
37. 53.950 Golden Empire # (J) [2]
38. 52.850 Colt Cadets # (L)
39. 50.250 Watchmen (I) [10]
40. 50.000 Heat Wave # (P) [1]
41. 49.600 Impulse # (J) [12]
42. 49.100 Raiders # (G) [5]
43. 48.350 Vessel # (K) [13]
44. 46.450 Shadow # (A) [3]
45. 44.200 Blue Devils C # (F) [5]
46. 43.100 Incognito # (F) [5]

Waukesha, WI July 8 (A) [3]
Sacramento, CA July 6 (F) [5]
Clifton, NJ July 6 (G) [5]
Cranston, RI July 3 (H) [8]
Mesa, AZ July 2 (I) [10]
Pasadena, CA June 30 (J) [12]
Oceanside, CA June 29 (K) [13]
Johnston, IA July 11 (L)
Odgen, UT July 11 (M)
Zionsville, IN July 11 (N)
Hoschton, GA July 11 (O)
Valdosta, GA July 10 (P) [1]

Jubal (International Class) (First show July 30)

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Just to be sure -- highest, latest score? PC had 67.750 at Ogden last night. 

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6 minutes ago, NeutralNovice said:

7 thru 11 so juicy

Isn't it though?

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I know that you 'can't' compare scores across shows... But these groups are maintaining approximate growth and the interchangeable placements seem plausible.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was roughly what we see at the first regional.

That SCV lead is comfortable and it manages to place BK fairly appropriately as well (speculating).

My guess is that Vanguard will have an upper hand in more captions than the rest of the field.

We shall see.

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1 hour ago, NeutralNovice said:

7 thru 11 so juicy

I'd add in 12.

I looked back through 2014 and the 6th through 12th gap has never been smaller on this date.

In fact, the 1st through 12th gap hasn't been smaller, surveying back to 2014.

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Only 1.8 points separates  7-12 place, and only .65 between 7-11.  Is anyone's game at this point.  will come down to specific judges and their individual preferences/tastes.  As the old saying goes, "every tenth counts" at this point.

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Unless is wrong, Oregon Crusaders scored 66.0 yesterday and Pacific Crest scored 67.75.

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Inevitably, 12th place will still end up at 85-86. So I'd expect some corps to stop accumulating points at this pace. 

The gap between 7-12 at finals will likely be 5-6 points. I'd also wager the gap between 6th and 7th will be around 3 points. 


Come San Antonio, well begin to see the separations, and where everyone truly stands in comparison to each other. We'll see some heavy adjustments in score happen then.

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The only times I take scores for their merit is when DCI Southeastern in Atlanta is done. Because that is when the major cleaning  is happening and most of the show changes are complete. Then we know who is in and who is struggling.

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