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Stealing other corps stuff...

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If there are stickers on Etsy, I'm sure someone on Etsy could find a way to make an exact replica of the hammer itself :laughing:

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On 8/21/2018 at 3:30 PM, Jeff Ream said:



That reads as a real apology from the heart and soul. I think the kid if not aged out then he should be kept as a BD member and even if he has aged out he should meet with the Crown and say much of the same thing. 

Times of gags are almost gone now. I think as a DINO that is sad. But that is coming from someone who sees picking on someone as not bullying etc. What do I know - times have really changed and there are ways to know if someone is sincere. I read this apology as sincere. 

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All I can say is the fact that this stupid thing even existed and the person in charge of it get it taken from them and given a right snuggie didn't happen sooner is beyond me. A hammer, engraved no doubt? What a dork.


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