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Don’t forget that this show wii be broadcast live on Flomarching!

5:00 PM Gates Open
6:00 PM Welcome & National Anthem
6:15 PM Les Stentors - Sherbrooke, QC
6:32 PM Raiders - Princeton, NJ
6:49 PM Colt Cadets - Dubuque, IA
7:06 PM 7th Regiment - New London, CT
7:23 PM River City Rhythm - Anoka, MN
7:40 PM Intermission
7:57 PM Guardians - Houston, TX
8:14 PM The Battalion - Salt Lake City, UT
8:31 PM Columbians - Tri-Cities, WA
8:48 PM Southwind - Mobile, AL
9:05 PM Gold - San Diego, CA
9:22 PM Spartans - Nashua, NH
9:47 PM Awards Ceremony


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I love Les Stentors pit and speaker placement!

I love the fact that vocals are PERFORMED BY PERFORMERS

and not pre-recorded grammy-winning voices.

I love that they program to their identity and talent pool.

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26 minutes ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

Do they do full retreat for open class?

They have in the past, weather permitting. Doesn’t seem like there’s a good reason not to given no I&E and the closer proximity to Indy now. 

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What, no discussion in here tonight? Every single corps has  really brought their A-game and I’m surprised I haven’t seen anyone mention anything. 

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One thing I want to point out is the number of members in the Columbians and Spartans drum corps this year. New England and the Pacific Northwest are among the most underrepresented parts of the US on the national band scene and bands are much, much smaller than other areas of the country. It's great to see them both fielding corps north of 130 members this year. That certainly bodes well for the future. 

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