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CA Dept of Justice REJECTS SCV's as of SEP-2023 registration submission.

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SCV recently disclosed they submitted to the CA DOJ to make their registration current. 

It was rejected by the State of California. On the surface it looks to be a simple administrative oversight on SCV's part by using the wrong form, and not paying based on the updated fee schedule. 

However, there are some issues with the filing when I looked at some details. 

1) The retired CEO (not the current one) is on the state form RFF-1 (signed Sep-14-2023). This is the renewal registration.  Interestingly.......... the signature is "electronic", when in the past everyone has signed by hand. 

2) The IRS 990 does not have a signature from an SCV representative. It is only signed by the CPA and dated Sep-2022 (an entire year ago). 

3) The IRS 990 FY2021 indicates there was no audit (section XII)

4) FY 2021 990 submitted to the DOJ and on the DOJ site is the exact same one that was posted on SCV's own website last year around this time (this was a draft at that time, and no signatures on it at all). The summary sheet is the same, line by line, to the penny. There was no new financial information submitted to the CA DOJ Sep-2023 that SCV didn't already have this time last year. The difference being the submitted one is signed by the CPA and with the CEO signature blank. 

4) While there is a FY2021 audited financial statement on the DOJ site, if you DOWNLOAD the file it is actually a DUPLICATE of FY2019. So there is no FY 2021 audit as correctly indicated on the FY2021 990. FY 21 and FY 19 audits are simply duplicate files on the DOJ site (yes, I reached out to the CA DOJ to inquire about it). 

5) The CA DOJ date stamps the submitted forms Sep-18-2023.

6) I had personally made known to the wider public/internet at the end of August-2023 that an additional delinquency notice was given to SCV. 




At no time has SCV been working on straitening out the financials. The moment the previous CEO retired SCV has not adjusted any financials or updated any signatures that are the ones responsible for submitting required disclosures. 

I made public the additional 2023-AUG delinquency  notice and SCV reacted by using what was last left in draft format by the previous CFO that retired last year (Sep-2022). 

No one from SCV has actually put their own hand signature on this latest round of filings. Actually, sorry, only the CPA has (on an unaudited 990). 

The actual documents can be found at:


SCV's Charity number is: 009838

If you search the above link from the DOJ, be sure to include the STATE, and if it doesn't work, try again (I always have to try twice to get it to work). 


Feathers Up. 



990 received Still delinquent rejected


No Audit for FY 2021






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So many questions. I'll start with just a few that should be simple to answer.

My biggest one is why is the current CFO not filing this paperwork? Further, why is former CFO listed as electronic signatory for the RFF-1 form that was submitted last month AND listed as CFO?

Alumni have been told time and time again that the paperwork to clear the delinquency was submitted months ago and that it was the state bureaucracy that was the hold up. It looks like it took the state 4 days to reject the paperwork that was sent in last month. (Edit to add: and then a month to update the website.) This doesn't sit well with me.

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2 minutes ago, scheherazadesghost said:

It looks like it took the state 4 days to reject the paperwork that was sent in last month. This doesn't sit well with me.

Well.................. don't know when the rejection was official, but it looks like is was around a month to get the information updated on the website. When I found the 2019 audit I was looking for the 2021 audit. I have been frequently checking and it just showed up per a REDDIT user. 

Of course ............. that's nothing even remotely close to what SCV leadership has been shoveling. 

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Whiskey Tango ……. 🤦‍♂️

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7 hours ago, IllianaLancerContra said:

So what does the New, Transparent SCV have to say about this?
















































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