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CA Dept of Justice REJECTS SCV's as of SEP-2023 registration submission.

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1 hour ago, Terri Schehr said:

“Always with the drama…”


what no ####### ziti?

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1 hour ago, Richard Lesher said:

The $20K the Alumni Association will give them for donations for food while perfectly legal for a non SCV entity to give donations (unsolicited) SCV is prohibited by law from DISTRUBUTING the donations.

VAA is not a separate entity with its own unique nonprofit designation AFAIK. I'm pretty sure they stopped soliciting for the Feeding Vanguard Forever campaign because of this. One of the three following options is likely true:

(1) they were soliciting under the VMAPA nonprofit umbrella (but this should legally and formally be designated as a "fiscal sponsorship" in which their is legal documentation and oversight of VAA by VMAPA in exchange for the right to use their nonprofit status to solicit... happens all the time, and I've been in such relationship with nonprofits before),

(2) they were soliciting formally, but independently (but vulnerable to murky law regarding the nature of "soliciting" without nonprofit status) or,

(3) they were "crowdfunding" independently like any individual can for pet projects (but still vulnerable to murky law.)

I get the sense the nature of the relationship and solicitation was not fully defined because it technically may never needed to have been before now. After reading the VAA bylaws, even I was confused about the nature of the legal/business relationship between VMAPA and VAA. I don't see anything nefarious, simply lack of clarity. I believe these were good people trying to raise money for food, but who didn't know about VMAPA's delinquency status at the time of the campaign, and were spooked when it was brought to light. They were also upset/remain upset that it wasn't brought to their attention first.

None of this changes the fact that VMAPA currently can't distribute those donations.

Edit to add: Meh, upon further review, it's not so murky and regulations within CA AB 488 apply. https://nonprofitlawblog.com/crowdfunding-laws-platform-charities/ : "A platform charity must only solicit, permit, or otherwise enable solicitations, or receive, control, or distribute funds from donations for recipient charitable organizations or other charitable organizations in good standing."

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11 minutes ago, Phantom56 said:

Admin: please ban the toxic and 'Debbie Downer'  Richard Lesher from this forum. 

Negative Ghost Rider.  But why? The financial  info that he has posted & continues to post are all in the public domain & meet the "Public Disclosure' requirement to be scrutinized by the public.  Most of the time, I'm a member of the public.  🤷‍♂️👀 

The public, the public, the public... (for drum corps narration purposes)

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32 minutes ago, Phantom56 said:

Admin: please ban the toxic and 'Debbie Downer'  Richard Lesher from this forum. 

Why? Maybe his delivery could be better but he brings actual facts that are publicly available to light that the “transparent” new leadership hasn’t. 

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18 minutes ago, HockeyDad said:

That’s America today. I don’t like what he says so ban him. How about this instead - explain to us where he is wrong. Then we can ignore him. Let’s do some sifting and winnowing of ideas here. That’s what we should aspire to.  I’m not much into Marxism and banning things that don’t support my ideology. 

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