Top 5 Spine-Tingling Moments of All-Time

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Troopers, off the line, really, anniversary year - I think 83, Whitewater. Crowd went nuts, didn't hear a note until they hit the 50.

SCV 82 finals. Lost a lung screaming at the Bottle Dance.

Devs, 82, they went one better and won.

SCV 04, Buffalo, the whole show, encore, and Bottle Dance and Clowns. Made me cry.

Optimists horn line, Kitchener 06, Played Battle Cry for the drum line before the gig. Made the my spine tinlge and hair stand up. very nice for a bunch of olde pharts.

Wished I'd been in Boston in 94 to see 27th live, would have made the list.


John Swartz

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1) SCV '88 - "Music of the Night", push to the end. The hair on my spine raises another 5 feet everytime I watch the black tarp (with the mask) drop.

2) PR '03 - Reprise of "Canon".

3) BD '90 - Ending of "Tommy".

4) Madison '88 - Ending of "Malaguena".

5) SCV 2000 - the "Adagio"-issimo chord...the sheer volume forced my spine to tingle in the upper deck of San Jose State's Spartan Stadium.

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In no particular order:

1. Sop solo & build up to ending in "Overture to Candide" - Garfield Cadets 1985

2. Dissolving company front AND encore - Garfield Cadets 1987

3. Push in "Great Gate" when the girl magically appears - SCV 1987

4. Last one minute of Star 1990

5. Push in "Sanctus" - Phantom 03

I HAVE to add one more: The sop scream near the end - Phantom 89

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2. Regiment 1993, Fire of Eternal Glory push to The Wedge.

Why did I not mention this in my original post? Definitely up there with the rest of my top 5.

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Distinct lack of love for old school moments here.

I have a feeling that the majority of the people who have commented weren't around for the old school moments. That's my case. I haven't commented because I do not get to see every corps in person every year, and while a show can be impressive on video, it never gets to me that way, so I'm trying to decide from the shows I've seen live.

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