Top 5 Spine-Tingling Moments of All-Time

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1. 99 Madison, Cross to Star

2. 03 Phantom, Beginning and Closer

3. 89 SCV, Music of the Night push

4. 92 SCV, Bottle Dance

5. 05 Cadets, Peak of the ballad

AND 04 Crown final chord :P

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Heard this show again recently:

1988 Suncoast Sound -- the forming of the Vietnam Wall replica and the guard member's portrayal of the Contemporary Child... haunting chords and the ball bounces away at the end of the show.

Love this show, listen to it frequently:

2004 Blue Knights -- build up in second movement to high/mid-range chord ...

saw this live:

2002 Cavaliers -- another take on a dissolving line

Many good moments were mentioned previously with good commentary.

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For example, those of you that got to see Spirit in 1980 will probably agree that no method of recording could capture the entire emotion behind it. Therefore, it is a stretch to accuse a younger audience of not getting the full impact when the full impact can't really be expressed through a dvd.

Now that you mention that's an old-school moment that gives me chills. So does the ending of Madison in 75 and 79. The whole championship banner thing in Madison '80 was pretty awesome too. I just wouldn't put any of those moments in my personal top 5.

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1. Cadets 02, chord going into the pledge. Gets me every time.

2. First big hit in PR 03. My opposition of Bb died that night in Hayward.

3. 27th playing Danny Boy in finals for the last time in 83

4. Final push in 89 SCV.

5. 84 BD, Latin Implosion, the whole thing. Awesome.

Honorable mention - If I were to see a notabando post on DCP.


the number 1 on your list

I cut and pasted that out of the recording and used it as my windows startup... It's enchanting

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ok my turn

1. Cavaliers 2000 , That whole closing segment!

2. Cadets 02, the pledge.

3. Cadets 05 The ballad

3. Bluedevils warming up onfeild with Ditty along with brass.

4. Cavaliers 2005 mello sustain, while on ladders.

5. Boston 2005 intro , with the trumpet solo playing to the backfeild.

6. Cavaliers 2003 the Box segment where the brass surround the guard and play really loud. You where that is? omg...good

7. Cadets 2000 Ballad

8. SCV Send in the clowns

9. Madison We will never walk alone ( brass version) I cried

10. Cadets Rocky Point

ok clearly new age stuff mostly.. typical new age drumcorpser

Just some stuff that came to mind, Not really in any order.

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2005 Cadets: climax of the ballad

2005 Crown: anytime that the brass are playing, specifically the end of the first and last movements

2006 Madison: first horn entrance, company front to the end

1995 Madison: when the dm take the pic of the crowd

2006 Madison Scouts Alumni Reunion Project: my eyes were watering and I had goosebumps the whole time


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There are so many great, goose bump moments. Of recent years Canon - PR 03 is the most overwhelming for me by a wide, wide margin. Goosebump city!!

From the era I marched in The Tender Land - SCV 84 (from the bari feature leading into the push to the end) does it for me. Garfield's Gershwin intro into RPH in 82 is another one. The great Freelancer closers of the early 80s (Even Now, With You I'm Born Again). Suncoast 86 - the entire show. Probably presumptuous of me to include it, but the end of Russian Xmas Music gave me goosebumps every time too.

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