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  1. A: Competitive Inertia

    Bruckner's Competitive Intertia theory + Cowtown's corollary on CI makeup call from the previous year = a big win for SCV in 2018!
  2. So Phantom Regiment's best season was 1989 when they finished 2nd with a 98.4, which apparently is their highest ever score? I wouldn't agree with that. I would go with their highest ever placement. 1996 or 2008.
  3. Cadets 2017

    But if you're late for mass you often are forced to sit in the dreaded first row. This guy slid into the back pew. They're always filled up by the time mass starts. They should have made him slink up to the front haha.
  4. What should happen?

    I vote for Garfield to be the impartial one man Judge of Financial Stability for each drum corps in the activity.
  5. Cadets 2017

    It's been a long time since Elk's Parade, amirite? I would look pretty bad in a leotard. Or unitard or whatever you call it. But if I could play like these kids play I would strut out there in the half naked Jesus outfit and horrify the crowd.
  6. Blue Devils 2018

    I was thing 12 minutes of Hot Cross Buns but yeah, they can do no wrong lately.
  7. Blue Devils 2018

    It seems to work for them. XVIII.
  8. Hop will lead the charge in rolling back some of the A&E arms race. And fans will be able to sit in the first five rows again without blood pouring out of their ears. Dare to dream
  9. Oh you poor victim. Being endlessly angry at the world for your perceived outrage of the day will make for a miserable life.
  10. He's showing us what he learned in his Snowflake 101 course at college. So cute.
  11. Yeah hilarious. Next year maybe they can do a dancing Mohammed complete with Fosse moves. You'll find that funny too. Best as I can recall, Jesus didn't come down off that cross half clothed to join the color guard in the dance. But hey, anything for some GE points.
  12. Cadets 2017

    The Jesus Christ Superstar repackaging Madison attempted last year should have served as a warning for GH this year. Reperforming Mass, even if substantially different (as it was, and as JSS was for Madison), will naturally be compared nostalgically to its successful predecessor, and will come up short in the comparison. This makes me nervous about 2018 and more Bernstein.
  13. What if somebody from the corps staff called you and asked you to break the news?