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  1. After I cancelled I began to recieve emails... "Your FloPRO subscription on FloMarching expires tomorrow — this is your last chance to take advantage of our one-time 20% discount upon renewal. If you upgrade to an annual subscription, you’ll get to enjoy premium content to ALL FloSports Websites AND save 37%."
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    40 years ago today copy.jpg?dl=0
  3. I just cancelled. Seemed pretty easy to me. The recurring bill was made quite clear upon signup. But for those that are staying on (for DCA maybe?) - you should cancel - and then resubscribe because if you cancel they offer 20% off the next month to change your mind!
  4. MadScout80

    Selling 2018 all 3 days :)

    They haven't even charged my card yet but looks like I'll 2 available in super premium for all 3 shows!
  5. Did cadets mix in a little west side story in there?
  6. MadScout80

    '83 Cadets vs '16 Coats

    I marched '81 Madison with a guy who dated an '81 Cadet and his son is now a rookie in Madison! I recall an interview with Wayne Downey who saw '83 Garfield for the first time and reacted like "wow, this is now a whole new activity, what planet are they from, how can we compete with that?" (I'm paraphrasing). After Cavies climbed on ladders >10 years ago I was surprised no one ran with the added dimension until more recently.
  7. MadScout80

    Sick in drum corps

    Title: Measles among members of a drum and bugle corps--Arkansas, California, Kansas. Journal: MMWR Morb Mortal Wkly Rep [0149-2195] yr:1983 vol:32 iss:43 pg:561 -2, 567 Measles among Members of a Drum and Bugle Corps -- Arkansas, California, KansasFive cases of measles were reported among 150 members of a drum and bugle corps on summer performance tour of the United States. Rash onsets ranged from June 19, to July 17, 1983. Four cases were confirmed serologically. The corps members were students from 16 states and England, who ranged in age from 14 to approximately 26 years. All were participating in local, regional, and national performance competitions with more than 100 other drum and bugle corps (with approximately 13,000 members) from the United States, Canada, and England. The chain of transmission began with an international importation in a 17-year-old English citizen who arrived in the United States on June 17 and joined the drum and bugle corps in Hutchinson, Kansas. Although he gave a history of having received measles vaccine in England, no documentation was available. He had temporary lodging at the home of an American corps member in Kansas and had rash onset June 19. On June 22, he left Hutchinson with the corps as it began its 10,339-mile tour through 24 states (Figure 3). On June 30 and July 2, two additional cases occurred while the corps was in California; one of these patients was the American corps member with whom the English corps member had lodged. On July 17, two additional cases occurred while the corps was in Arkansas. The tour ended on August 19 in Miami, Florida, and the corps dispersed. No additional cases were reported among the other 100 drum and bugle corps. When the first cases were reported, it was recognized that extensive transmission might occur among members of different corps throughout the country. To interrupt transmission, state immunization programs provided emergency immunization clinics at three competition sites: Arkadelphia, Arkansas, July 19; Cleburne, Texas, July 20; and Whitewater, Wisconsin, July 30 (Figure 3). Vaccine was offered to corps members at the competition as each corps completed its performance; these clinics lasted until 1-2 a.m. Approximately 1,000 corps members received either measles or combined measles-rubella (MR) vaccine, and over 500 additional members showed proof of immunity to measles.* In addition, 28 states established special surveillance for suspected measles cases at the sites of scheduled competitions. Reported by C Beets, J Miller, JP Lofgren, MD, State Epidemiologist, Arkansas Dept of Health; LG Dales, MD, J Chin, MD, State Epidemiologist, California Dept of Health Svcs; DE Wilcox, MD, State Epidemiologist, Kansas Dept of Health and Environment; Immunization Programs of the following states: Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming; Div of Immunization, Center for Prevention Svcs, CDC. Editorial NoteEditorial Note: Although only four secondary measles cases occurred, this outbreak illustrates the potential for more extensive transmission across state lines when measles occurs in a highly mobile population, as has been reported previously (1). In this instance, although the originally affected group traveled over 10,000 miles in 8 weeks, extensive transmission did not occur. Most of the states they visited continued to be free of measles transmission. At the competition sites, it was difficult to assess the immunity status of these teenagers and young adults; most could not show documentation of immunity to measles. Considering the high communicability of measles and the frequent face-to-face contact of corps members who traveled together, the limited extent of the outbreak probably resulted from preexisting high immunity levels among the corps members, rather than from the vaccination clinics. However, this was only known in retrospect. It is estimated that, nationally, 5%-15% of young adults may be susceptible to measles (2)--sufficient to sustain transmission for several generations, given adequate exposure. Since many of the corps members were in this age group, it was important to provide immunizations to members who might have been exposed to measles. The emergency immunization clinics were held until after midnight--when the corps members were returning to their buses--to maximize participation and minimize interference with the competitions. If documentation of measles immunity had been required of members before participation, such clinics would have been unnecessary. Outbreaks from measles importations have been described previously (3), and imported measles cases continue to cause limited transmission in the United States. Communities can protect themselves from importations by achieving and maintaining high immunization levels. Investigations of imported cases should include a search for susceptible contacts at all points of the traveler's itinerary, as well as in the local community. Rapid, effective communication between many states and a highly motivated and responsive staff played a major role in the containment of this outbreak. References CDC. Transmission of measles across state lines--Kentucky, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Virginia. MMWR 1982;31:123-5. CDC. Measles outbreaks on university campuses--Indiana, Ohio, Texas. MMWR 1983;32:193-5. Amler RW, Bloch AB, Orenstein WA, Bart KJ, Turner PM, Hinman AR. Imported measles in the United States. JAMA 1982;248:2129-33.
  8. MadScout80

    DCA Mini Corps...who's going?

    Minne-Brass will be there. Probably win this year.
  9. Phantom needs more singing.
  10. MadScout80

    Madison Scouts 1976-Early Season

    Audio of '76 first season show:
  11. MadScout80

    Madison in Macy's Parade

    The real parade had actually ended - it didn't even go past Macy's. We walked over a block or two and reset everything for that last dash down the narrow street.
  12. I have an extra ticket for Thurs and Friday nights. Thur: Section 140, Row 14, $55 Fr: Section 239, Row 6, $75 email me at
  13. MadScout80

    Judging bias

    If this were a sport, then whether it is the performer or the designer would actually matter. But, ... DRUM CORPS IS NOT A SPORT! Give me art! Yes, the kids gotta perform it, but I want professionals to design it, thank you.
  14. MadScout80

    Judging bias

    What if those are the "right" ones? And we just tossed them? Possibly the best judges aren't afraid to go out on the limbs.