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  1. And less than a point away! i want these two corps to get medals...
  2. I've been following drum corps since about 1988, but 2006 holds a special place in my heart since it's the first Finals I was ever able to attend. Finishing college, getting married and having kids made me forget about drum corps for awhile, but when I was able to get back into it again, watching Bloo have their highest placement ever, Regiment with their amazing Faust, and Cavies sew up the gold with Machine...it was a great Finals!
  3. What are some "wow" ideas that Blooooo could legitimately add for a finals push? We (at least I'm pretty sure) that the current ending isn't the true ending. It's too static. Could they launch flags or rifles over the stage? Could they march into the stage and come out the other side in their traditional uni (they could do this by making it look as if they are marching in and right through but it's actually people already in uniform)...? how about finishing the show with running down the ramp and then through several times in some kind of frantic kaleidoscope? what are your thoughts?
  4. If a Flo fell in the middle of the forest, and they didn't turn on the mics, would anyone hear it?
  5. 1. SCV 2. Blooooooooooooooooooo 3. BD 4. Crown 5. Cavies 6. BK 7. Cadets 8. PR
  6. I would like the "My Way" part better if it were played by sopranos. It even lends itself to horns...
  7. How would any of us know? BD and SCV were running silent drill tonight...
  8. Didol just doesn't make sense though... :)
  9. There is no way that is their true ending. I remember saying the same thing each of the last three years, and sure enough, they changed the endings very late on all three.
  10. So far all three shows have been top notch. The rest of the corps better bring their A game!
  11. It's ridiculous that Flo says on Facebook that they're aware of the audio problems and are working to fix them...how about not turning the audio off between corps? These are not tech glitches.
  12. I'm pretty sure if you have streaming issues, like freezing, etc, it's not on the Flo end. I've not once yet had a stream freeze in the several shows I've seen.