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    1988 Madison, 1989, 2003, 2007, 2008 PR, 2014 Blooo!
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  1. Except that one of his victims in one of the first published Philly Inquirer stories said she believed she was drugged.
  2. Ebo, I don’t see Teri as “twisting your words”...you have been beating your one message drum and adding nothing more to the conversation except that you feel Sean will be cleared. We get it.
  3. 2017 Favorite "Moments"

    Two favorite moments: Boston's witch burning. My son hadn't seen the show until Finals, and I didn't tell him what would happen. It was a pretty amazing moment. Bluecoats reprise of the opener at the end of the show. Gave me goosebumps as they got everyone on their feet.
  4. Which is slightly more popular than the title, "Covfefe: Music to heel the savage beest."
  5. This is completely untrue. It's packed.
  6. It's all about experience and confidence, wherever you can get it!
  7. Have you thought about DCA Cors in your area? Don't know exactly where you are, but Ohio also has Cincinnati Tradition and the Erie Thunderbirds (PA) is not too far from Canton. Great places to build your chops!
  8. Drumscorpsplanet: the only place on the net where you can burn through 35 pages without ever once addressing the topic. Either we are really good at tap dancing, or full of something...
  9. 40 years ago today

    People on this board have pointed out the Oakland Crusaders score many times when referencing a corps to not make Finals while winning a caption, so I think it's appropriate, and pretty amazing.
  10. This thread started out auspiciously, but you can't keep Bloooo down! Please bring us another crowd pleaser! Another 'make me get out of my seater'! Your shows are Accessible and approachable. please give us another crowd favorite!
  11. Want to prank your friends? Freak out your dad? Fool your mom? Or are you just lonely? Hire our voice talent and we'll record greetings or call your specified person for $9.99 per message. We can sound creepy, sexy, or creepy AND sexy! Call is today at 815-REGIMNT (Fantasy Invasions, LLC)
  12. That was the greatest! That little girl was sitting across the aisle from us and we thought it was very cute that she was wearing the outfit and what looked to be her brothers were both wearing bowler hats. When she ran back up to her mom after giving the DM a high five, the look on her face was priceless!
  13. Drum Corps One-Liners 2017

    I can easily quote every one-liner that Hook'emCavies made all season: Let's goooooooo Caviieeeeeeesssssss!!!!