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  1. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I disagree. If either corps stops being successful it won't be because they are all-male corps but more of an admin/staff issue. Being coed definitely opens up possibilities but so does being an all-male corps. These two corps can do concepts that other corps can't do. The Cavaliers have really embraced that the last couple years and I doubt they stop anytime soon.
  2. Some thoughts on 2017

    Just curious, when was the last time you saw a show live?
  3. I'm going to channel my inner pedant in me and say you are actually the contrarian in this thread...
  4. I was literally just going to make a post asking if anyone noticed this change on the recaps for championships! I only ever use the recaps off competition suite and I've noticed during the year that sometimes music GE judges were in the first two spots and other times in the last two spots so I started paying attention to the actual judges to figure out which was music and which was visual. But I noticed for prelims that they had mixed it up but figured that maybe DCI was just trying something. Glad I wasn't the only one to notice this. Thanks for making my post for me though! Saved me the work of typing it all up lol
  5. BD were definitely loud but I think I was just preparing for it being unbearable from all the talk from San Antonio and Atlanta but I didn't think it was too bad in Indy. Cavies just stood out to me the most with the end of their show.
  6. I must be an idiot then... If a brass or percussion judge on the field is having the problem you are saying they have, then we have some real issues with judges. Fortunately, they seem to do the impossible and actually judge the brass and percussion even with those mighty speakers going crazy behind them. I wonder how the corps staff manages to clean them at all since they can't tell which is real and fake... Obviously you disagree with some brass standings, so what did they screw up in your opinion? Was the battle for the Ott between the wrong corps? You're making an argument that judging at field level, there are issues but I just don't see where.
  7. I saw them 3 times live. For me, the Cavaliers were easily the loudest with having to get Frank Sinatra louder than the corps at full volume at the end.
  8. Again, you're talking about Music Analysis and GE, not the brass caption. I think you are overexaggerating how loud those speakers actually are on the field. I'm going to use the Cavaliers as an example because I personally thought they were the loudest when it came to amplification. Listen to the percussion judge tape or the drum set run through GoPro video and listen for yourself on how "loud" it is from on the field. Yes I know a judges tape isn't the most high quality thing out there but it's relatively good. And the drum set cam should just reinforce it even more with them being indoors and the speakers aimed at a wall 10 ft in front of them. Can you hear "my way" coming from the speakers? Absolutely, you can on both tapes but no where near the volume that it is from the stands where the speakers are actually meant to project the sound. If the Ott was awarded from one of the judges upstairs then you're argument might have some weight. But it isn't so I'm going to have to just disagree with you. So I'll say it again, find me a brass judge that judges a show by the speakers instead of by the hornline and I'll gladly admit I am wrong.
  9. I'm just curious which one(s) of the three medalists are you referring to exactly? Having been in the lots during Prelims and watching about half of the finalists brass lines there, I'm willing to bet a good amount of money that Jim Ott would have been extremely proud of every one of those hornlines. BTW, still getting a good chuckle with you thinking a sound system has any affect whatsoever on the Ott. Find me a brass judge that judges a show by the speakers instead of by the hornline and I'll gladly retract my statement.
  10. I'm going to spin it to the Sanford since I'm a percussionist...I would want the championship over the Sanford. I see it as more of would I want to be part of a championship corps or a championship line? Of course winning both is the goal!
  11. Even if he does hear it, it doesn't matter. He judges Brass, not Music Analysis or GE. Good luck covering up mistakes in a brass line when the judge is standing 10 ft away from you.
  12. Except the guy that judges brass is behind all the speakers and won't hear any of that...
  13. Age Outs

    41 members of the 2017 A corps marched the B corps at some point. I think it was less than 20 that were in the B corps last year but I didn't keep track of that.
  14. I'm going to assume Legends is too far for you as well. Take a look at some WGI winds groups as well. I know Rhythm X has a great program but I have no idea what they do for auditions.
  15. Until BD and Crown lose Meehan and Harloff, they'll both be in the running for the Ott. You can say the same for the Sanford with Rennick and Johnson at SCV and BD and the Zingali with Chandler at BD and, I might get some people disagreeing here, Townsend at Boston. I'm not saying these corps will always win these captions but each of these staff members will ALWAYS have their captions in the medal hunt for each respective caption until they retire.