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  1. I'm just curious which one(s) of the three medalists are you referring to exactly? Having been in the lots during Prelims and watching about half of the finalists brass lines there, I'm willing to bet a good amount of money that Jim Ott would have been extremely proud of every one of those hornlines. BTW, still getting a good chuckle with you thinking a sound system has any affect whatsoever on the Ott. Find me a brass judge that judges a show by the speakers instead of by the hornline and I'll gladly retract my statement.
  2. I'm going to spin it to the Sanford since I'm a percussionist...I would want the championship over the Sanford. I see it as more of would I want to be part of a championship corps or a championship line? Of course winning both is the goal!
  3. Even if he does hear it, it doesn't matter. He judges Brass, not Music Analysis or GE. Good luck covering up mistakes in a brass line when the judge is standing 10 ft away from you.
  4. Except the guy that judges brass is behind all the speakers and won't hear any of that...
  5. Age Outs

    41 members of the 2017 A corps marched the B corps at some point. I think it was less than 20 that were in the B corps last year but I didn't keep track of that.
  6. I'm going to assume Legends is too far for you as well. Take a look at some WGI winds groups as well. I know Rhythm X has a great program but I have no idea what they do for auditions.
  7. Until BD and Crown lose Meehan and Harloff, they'll both be in the running for the Ott. You can say the same for the Sanford with Rennick and Johnson at SCV and BD and the Zingali with Chandler at BD and, I might get some people disagreeing here, Townsend at Boston. I'm not saying these corps will always win these captions but each of these staff members will ALWAYS have their captions in the medal hunt for each respective caption until they retire.
  8. Age Outs

    I can tell you 72 members of this years BD A corps did NOT march the A corps in 2016. I have no idea how many of those were transfers or age outs or rookies or just took 2016 off. Most interesting stat I think, the all 5 members of the Bass line were new to the A corps this year!
  9. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    It's not that uncommon actually in the top corps. The top 5 or 6 corps usually always have 40+ age outs each year and the numbers tend to drop the lower you go. Blue Devils had 60 this year...
  10. This has been something I've said before during the season when you hear people going back and forth over who is the "best" corps. The answer totally depends on what we are talking about when we say "best" corps. Even then, you're just going to get subjective answers but we are on a discussion board anyways to voice our subjective opinions on stuff...
  11. Death to the Seat Poachers

    A combination of both. Friends of DCI sections had the pink shirts or the volunteers and they seemed to be pretty strict about only letting in those with seats in those sections. Stadium personnel made up the rest of the sections.
  12. Carolina Crown 2017

    "I want to applaud you and compliment you on how mature and how clean that percussion section is. It is the most mature and cleanest Crown percussion section I have ever adjudicated. So thank you." - Prosperie As if the praise this summer hasn't been enough. That speaks for itself guys! I think I've said it like 10 times this season but I'll say it again, I've never been more proud to be an alumnus of Crown percussion!
  13. Carolina Crown 2017

    Search "carolina crown prosperie" and "carolina crown griffin" and you'll find them
  14. Carolina Crown 2017

    I have never loved you more Cappy!