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  1. 100% agree. It’s great to aspire for the gold each year, I mean it’s just part of being in a competitive activity but thinking anything less than gold is a failure is just one of the more “non-Crown” lines of thinking people can have...
  2. Exactly, Crown has gotten to the level that everyone now expects a gold medal every year and anything else is a failure. It couldn’t be further from the truth in reality. Sure, EVERY corps wants to win, but only one can. The “success” of your season is quantified in more ways than winning the gold medal and most all staff members would say those other measures are more important than a gold. As far as design teams, it’s hard to say ANY finalist corps teams aren’t great. The gold standard for me is still BD and will be until that staff retire. I only say that because it’s been a while now since that team really “missed” with their design. Other corps teams have had their ups and downs but that BD always seems to find a way to keep that foot moving forward and not back.
  3. Doesn’t really give the front ensemble a chance to “perform”
  4. Well the word "Mathematics" does have a S at the end of it...
  5. Yeah been told it's a placeholder (then again like 3 people have already said that as a type this). LOVE the impact after the horn back and forth though!
  6. Agree 100%. This is a very well done visual program and man did they nail the staging this year. Guard has SOOO many times to shine and they do a great job when they are given those moments. Another great show from Mandarins!
  7. 2009 Phantom had a LOT of changes, always felt for that corps that year as they had to learn so many versions of that show that season
  8. One of my favorite lines to watch the last few years. Not only are they good but the writing is just so tasty and musical
  9. I'm always eager to see me some Blue Knights!
  10. I'll just go with Crown or SCV for the Ott as both are undefeated in Brass so far (but we're only a week in), Zingali to Boston or SCV for the same reason, and Sanford has to have SCV as the favorite but Bluecoats, BD and Crown are at their heels. As usual, percussion in my eyes is the caption to watch. The top lines are mostly always steps above the rest but the parity in those lines between the top corps each year makes for some great competition.
  11. Best example of this I can think of off the top of my head is in 2012 with "Fanfare for the Common Man". I couldn't believe how true to the source he kept that.
  12. Nah as someone else has said, it's just GE. GE1 just uses judges who primarily judge visual or have a visual background and GE2 uses judges who primarily judge music or have a music background. They both judge the same thing except they just have different backgrounds to pull experience from in scoring the corps.
  13. I'm not surprised. I said it in some thread, maybe the Boston one, but Boston has a VERY good hornline. Gino is doing Gino things there. I'm glad Erin and team are making moves on the guard front though for Crown!