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  1. I agree and would probably have the same opinion with mandarins show as well if it was music only. I did enjoy the music side a lot but the visual side solidified it as one of my favorites this year. My favorite pure music show this year was honestly from the cadets but I could see other people picking Bluecoats but their style the last couple years doesn’t work for me personally. I think everyone will have different opinions on what they actually like but I do think some of the points brought up by the OP are valid or at least good topics to discuss. The music didn’t do anything for me with SCV this year, it was all the visual that did that. Now 2003 Phantom, and probably even 2009 SCV and 2010 Phantom for that matter, give me those standstill performances any day. Those are music based programs which are usually more of my cup of tea.
  2. To sort of jump on this, I remember watching a standstill of SCV and being surprised at how much I was thinking the show was just "meh". This is just my personal opinion with their music, and I appreciate the OP's post and opinion on it, but I actually do tend to agree with him on SCV from the music side of it. As a whole, I thought it was a great show and was entertained each night I watched it. I was just surprised how much of a difference a standstill made for me.
  3. No it's the conquest hits that are being played at that time
  4. To this day, BD is usually the first group Crown goes to after retreat to congratulate on a great season and vice-versa. There is a lot of respect shown between both corps. I personally get a lot of lip from my DCI friends when I talk up BD but I don't care one bit. Mad respect for that organization.
  5. Exactly! With all this talk, you would have thought they finished 8th or worse...nope just a solid 4th place lol
  6. People like to make these arguments over and over again and I don't understand why. All corps have a distinct identity that follows them each year. Minus some huge staff change, you can easily pick out who a corps is just by the show on the field. If you were to watch the top 6 corps in black and white (just trying to negate a color scheme really and make it as neutral as possible), I guarantee you could pick which corps did which show without having seen any of them before. That's not a bad thing. It is what makes each corps the corps they are. Even with different source material and different thematic design, the Bluecoats and Crown of 2018 looked and sounded like the Bluecoats and Crown of 2017. Westman and company just like Subel and company will always have their own unique signatures that no one else has. It's got them all to where they are today.
  7. Boston has Keith Potter, Leon May and Michael Townsend from Crown's 2008-2009ish to 2016 seasons. Those three guys know how to design fan-friendly shows so it's no surprise Boston is doing what they are doing. I personally love the risks Subel and company are taking with Crown the last two years and want them to keep doing that each year. It's just a matter of time before everything clicks.
  8. And in prelims they were 6th and semis they were 5th... let’s fire the Bluecoats percussion staff while we’re at it
  9. I'm actually going on the entire summer... I know they were 4th-6th for the entire summer really. I think I remember a 3rd in there somewhere but I might be wrong.
  10. I'm going to assume you never were a drum major because conducting is honestly one of the less important things they do. Sure that's their roll during a show and what most people see but what you do off the field is 10x harder than what you do on that podium during a show. Claire was my pick to win the award as well but I wouldn't have been surprised at all if Sam from Bluecoats won it either.
  11. This isn't the NFL where you fire a coach for going 9-7. You want to get rid of a 30 year old (+/- a year or two) caption head for giving you a top 6 color guard in DCI two years in a row?
  12. Give Joey time to develop as a designer. He's a young caption head that has a history of success where he teaches.
  13. Just one of the reasons this program is a beast! I know a lot of people on here don't like BD's visual programming but each night this week I was seeing another nuance I missed before that just reinforced how well designed they were visually. In this show, you always know where the design team wants you to be looking. That's something a lot of visual designers struggle with each year. Is it innovative? I doubt it, they've been doing this for years at BD. But that doesn't make it any less impressive this year.