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  1. Somehow Prosperie blood means you are a beast with on snare
  2. A 10 does not mean perfect, it is the highest score a judge can give. PERIOD. Again, the primary judge of the judge is to RANK then RATE. First priority is to make sure the best corps gets the highest score. Then you assign the actual score using the other corps scores as well to rate them at the appropriate step. WGI and DCI use very similar scoring methods when it comes to rating (granted of course the sheets will have slight differences to account for the activity). A 0.1 to 0.2 difference is very comparable, a 0.3 to 0.4 difference is minor differences, 0.5 to 0.7 is definitive differ
  3. Also helps have a group like SCV getting that 9.9... Not much else left to give BD when SCV deserves a 9.9 and he thinks BD deserves a 0.1 more.
  4. His name is Anthony, I think he has one more year but don't quote me on that.
  5. Exactly! The right corps won finals night and the right corps won the Stanford!
  6. I guess you don’t understand that I’m one of those people that think SCV has the best percussion program. In reality though, I think Rennick’s program is the best in DCI and have thought that for 10+ years now. He just happens to be at SCV now but I LOVED his Phantom lines back in the day. All I’m saying is that it’s stupid to think SCV can’t get beaten EVER! I prefer Rennick but there’s this Hall of Famer out there going by that name of Scott Johnson who happens to put together a decent percussion program each year too...
  7. It wouldn’t be the first time a corps that was undefeated all season loses in finals night...
  8. SCV had a 0.1 pt lead last night over BD so how can you say that it’s not up for debate? I prefer SCV’s percussion to any other corps, but I’m not naive to think they can’t ever be beaten. Especially by a line like the Blue Devils
  9. Other activities do this and it turns into a “who can get the word out to more people to vote” to decide the winner. There are SOOOOO many people in the stands that support a corps no matter what, and that will skew these “awards” so much. I think Music City won it in Atlanta so...I’m sorry if I’m not sold on this idea.
  10. From this Crown guy, huge congrats on #19!!!
  11. Jeff isn’t judging who is the best percussion of the entire season. He judged who was best TONIGHT! Were you down on that field in front of these lines to back up your words that SCV was obviously the best? Sorry if I side with one of the most, no I’ll go ahead and say THE MOST call it as they see it judge in DCI, who happens to know a thing or two about percussion...
  12. This just turns GE into who has a bigger fan base. We probably would have had Madison in Finals this year then...that shows how much I hate this idea!
  13. Rick is sooo much better at abstract and thought-inducing shows, just look at the shows he creates for Paramount. Keep doing your thing Rick!
  14. I don’t have any words left to describe this group. Tonight was unreal! The last time I’ve seen this group perform with so much freedom but yet so much fire was the encore in 2013. They left it all out on that field tonight and came SOOOO close to proving so many people wrong, that Crown 19 could medal. Thanks for the memories guys! The future sure is bright in Carolina... #7outof10