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  1. Madison Scouts 2018

    Enough of this!!! did anyone notice the scouts announced their guard staff today?
  2. Madison Scouts 2018

    I was wondering the same thing!!! If he identifies as a male I'd say will the males right?
  3. Phantom Regiment 2018

    So is Cartwright gone?
  4. Madison Scouts 2018

    That would be great!
  5. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Looks like that is not an accurate 2018 staff list!
  6. Sorry already been sold
  7. Can Boston pass cavaliers Sunday
  8. Madison Scouts 2017

    .7 behind the other night
  9. Madison Scouts 2017

    Can Madison pass Blue Stars tonight?
  10. Madison Scouts 2017

    They have hit the 80 mark quicker this year then last year!
  11. They have to manipulate the scores so everyone fits where they want them to
  12. Madison Scouts 2017

    Good Lord people they were just tenths away from crossmen and blue stars the other day, don't give up on them so soon!
  13. I think it is luck of the draw
  14. Wonderful Wausau - July 6, 2017

    Anybody periscoping?
  15. Floating on the river in EVANSVILLE!