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  1. Good Lord people they were just tenths away from crossmen and blue stars the other day, don't give up on them so soon!
  2. Anybody periscoping?
  4. Not positive but where was Boston or Academy at this time of year in 2016
  5. This piece is a bit annoying to me. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
  6. The 107 steps has me scratching my head
  7. Just saw that madison is doing this Bartók piece!!
  8. Madison has been in finals about the same and in 8th place in '15 dropped out in '16 does not matter how long you've been in finals
  9. Kinda looks like an avant garde symbol for male
  10. That's funny Madison only has 20 pages on their 2017 thread. This one has what 272!
  11. Vanguard added Adam Sage and Andy Toth to their staff today.
  12. Scouts and crossmen have a symbol line
  13. I believe Jamey Thompson has been consulting with Madison the past couple of years