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  1. PamahoNow

    DeKalb, IL - July 14, 2018

    This is how it works this year: 1. Based on the reverse order of finish at the prior year’s DCI World Championships, the performance order for each DCI Tour Event prior to the DCI Southwestern Championship will be drawn in groups of threes (1st through 3rd, 4th through 6th, etc.), with the host corps having the option of appearing last when applicable. 2. For the first major regional events of the season — typically near the beginning of July — corps will appear in reverse order of finish from the previous year’s World Championships. 3. The Southwestern Championship draw order will be based on the combined reverse order of scores from the first major 2018 regionals in Denver and St. Louis, then drawn in groups of threes. World Class corps not appearing at the first major regional(s) will be placed in the San Antonio order based on their most recent score. 4. For all weekday shows after the Southwestern Championship, the draw order will be based on reverse order of placement from the Southwestern Championship and will be drawn in groups of three. 5. For the DCI Southeastern Championship in Atlanta, the draw order will be based on the reverse order of placement from the Southwestern Championship, then drawn in groups of three. 6. The DCI Eastern Classic in Allentown draw order for each of the two days will be based on reverse order of placement from the Southeastern Championship, then drawn in groups of threes. 7. The World Championships Prelims draw order will start with Open Class corps determined by the reverse order of finish at the Open Class World Championship, followed by the World Class corps in reverse order of the average scores of the DCI Southwestern Championship, DCI Southeastern Championship, and the DCI Eastern Classic. In the event a corps does not appear at a specific major regional event, its last score received prior to that event will be utilized in the averaging. As in the past, it is expected that the performance order at the August 6 Open Class DCI World Championship Prelims in Michigan City, Indiana will be determined by averaging each corps’ top two scores from select events the prior week. Each corps will then perform in reverse order of those averaged scores.
  2. PamahoNow

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    Maybe we can connect in Katy, will be my first of 4 following the Bluecoats.
  3. PamahoNow

    Madison Scouts 2018

    You may be right that there is "leaderless leadership" and all the other failings you point out, but that does not address the issue of the if the survey is "illegitimate". I have my opinion about the wisdom or not of Madison Scouts going coed, but because a survey indicates that it may be a good idea, is just that, a survey that should provide some input into that decision. Not, of course, the only input that is relevant. But a bit of data. Unless you have some reason to believe that there is "something wrong" with the survey itself. Did it "cook the books"? From an outsiders point of view, it looks ok. Is there something I missed? Even if the person who created the survey is a "big bad wolf", that does not invalidate the data he (or she) collected.
  4. PamahoNow

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    If I am remembering correctly the change in draws happens after San Antonio, not St Louis. Could be wrong, my remberbering gets difficult with age.
  5. I was taken with this specific picture. Shows how much detail is going on, and it is easy to miss.
  6. Which one? They are all different.
  7. PamahoNow

    Madison Scouts 2018

    What's wrong with the survey? Too small sample size? Methodology flawed? Please be specific. Otherwise it is just your opinion that it has no legitimacy. If it does, tell us why? I've looked at at, while simple, it seems to evaluate what it is said to evaluated, and those who answered the questions were those who might have relevant opinions. Tell us more why it is irrelevant?
  8. PamahoNow

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Which ones are the teeth and which ones are the claws? They sort of look identical to me. What am I missing? Or are they teetlaws?
  9. PamahoNow

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    I understand what you are saying, but you (and many here) need to understand from the normal uneducated (in all things drum corp) person's view, it looks like a band (and indeed it is a band), a specific kind of band for sure, but I have adopted my son's view on this, it is just band. And he teaches in a corps you would well recognize. It often seems that some folks on DCP get all a-bother when some news person or someone else calls what DCI does as band. Just be glad they are publicizing what is going on here. Maybe someone unknowingly will come out and like it and come back for more. Then is the time to educate.
  10. PamahoNow

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    Is being updated? Last entry I see is for July 8th. Anyone getting anything better?
  11. PamahoNow

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    I'll play: 1. Blooo 2. BD 3.BAC 4. Cavies 5. Crown 6. Cadets
  12. PamahoNow

    Knoxville, TN - July 12, 2018

    And every sub-caption as well.
  13. PamahoNow

    Knoxville, TN - July 12, 2018

    Since BAC was closing the gap on Bloo last night, how did they do tonight?