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  1. Sign the Petition

    Wow, um, wait. Do you have evidence that shows THIS is actually the case? Their by-laws are the same as DCI's? If the member corps of DCI want to change the by-laws to vest supervision and penalty power in DCI on harassment issues, they surely can. And, if they want to draft policies that say something like no corps shall hire any staff member who has ever been, what, accused, tried, convicted, punished, served time for sexual harassment?, then OK, I suppose they can do that. too.
  2. Sign the Petition

    You are attempting to enforce penalties on the accused that don't exist, period. You don't have that right, as much as you might contend you do. The laws of the applicable states are enforced upon this person, not the laws of Stu or Brasso or Garfield.
  3. Sign the Petition

    ...and public pressure was brought to bear on the laws and they were changed and many people were happy with the change. Golly, I really thought our system of government was better understood by more of the population who lives under it. Your viewpoint of the existing law is not the basis of adjudication under that law. If you rally enough support to change the law, so be it! Really, good for you! But the law as it stands now is the law despite how it may conflict with your personal belief.
  4. Sign the Petition

    Why? Because certain drum corps have elected to follow the law and still attempt to benefit from the experience of certain talented staff member while, potentially, giving another human being a chance to improve their life? Not sufficient? Really?
  5. Sign the Petition

    If this is directed at me, I wish you'd not. I think we insult the intention of civil debate by ignoring each other.
  6. Sign the Petition

    BS No, it doesn't. Only in Stu's world does that make sense.
  7. Sign the Petition

    Baloney. When all else breaks down, when all opinion seems at odds, it's the law the separates and defines us.
  8. Sign the Petition

    Ok, and that's your opinion. I respect it.
  9. Sign the Petition

    Ok, so I'm supposed to be magnanimous and say "Yes, they can". But then I'll follow up with "What is the law?"
  10. Sign the Petition

    And are you suggesting that something coordinated is happening in DCI to intentionally, or negligently, hire recklessly in a way that puts kids at risk? Really? What EVIDENCE do you have? You see, this is how the madness of crowds gets started. What needs to be changed in DCI? What needs to be changed at the individual corps? Do hiring practices of member corps suggest a pattern of willful negligent hiring by drum corps that puts kids at risk? Do anyone have evidence to make this claim? Anyone? I refuse to stand by and allow a single person to be unfairly and unjustifiably attacked by another based upon beliefs they have and they think others should have, too. I'll say it again: It's the pitchforks that I object to.
  11. Sign the Petition

    And therein is the madness of the crowds! How many times do I have to say it? DCI has no ability vested in it to police the sexual harassment policies of the individual corps! The "Governing Body" you reference is a staff that organizes the tour and verifies finance viability before a corps is allowed to tour. Is has no governance ability beyond that giving it by the member corps, and those corps have, until now, chosen to address the issue of sexual harassment on an individual corps basis. Why is this so hard to understand? Your personal beliefs, like your impression of my beliefs (once you know them), are not a consideration in whether or not this person should be hired by Cadets, or whether any person with such a past should be hired by any organization, so long as that organization is following the laws applicable to it and its operation. You're attempting to skewer a person for actions for which he has already paid his penance under the law. I'm sorry, you don't have that right.
  12. Sign the Petition

    The petition demands unidentified policy adoption to solve an unidentified problem that is suspected of happening and is addressed at the individual corps level. Why are we asking/allowing DCI to commit its sacred resources to defending the tacit accusation of one person with a vendetta against an organization that made a decision contrary to one he would make? Hmm? Many poster confuse the issue of the OP with personal beliefs, and with the law's interpretation of the actions of other humans.
  13. Sign the Petition

    What, in God's name, makes you believe that the individual corps do not have protections in place? Like hydration and props? LOL!!! OMG The disagreement is this: The petition proffered by the OP demands ... something (unidentified) ... of DCI, Dan Potter (HA!), an at-large board member and the individual corps. The contention of which is that the corps don't now have policies in place, and that DCI, the organization, should DO SOMETHING to assure that corps have such policies (unidentified) in place!!!! First, what's the problem? Who, besides the OP/Petitioner, suggests or believes that the drum corps themselves don't have policies in place? Second, the OP/Petitioner doesn't understand that his petition demand is directed at parties that don't regulate the member corps' activities under the policies they have in place! Third, the petition, and many posters here, believe that DCI has something to answer for, something that they should have stopped (the hiring by a member corps), because they believe a single person doesn't deserve, despite the law, to teach in front of kids ever again, under any circumstances. Period. Fine, they disagree with the law. I stand with the law and reject the pitchforks.
  14. Sign the Petition

    Oh stop. The first two-thirds of your post were a joy to read, then you got personal. I'm no boot licking sycophant, either, for God's sake. And what makes you think that I am? My "nonsense" is about applying the law equally to all offenders and defendants, not based on the beliefs of one person or group, affected or involved or not. I understand your viewpoint - BTW, you DON'T KNOW mine! So don't think we are automatically on opposite sides. You may believe with all your heart that a person can't change, but that's not how the law is written. And you should take your anger out on the law and those who create it instead of on a single person who is following the law. It's the pitchforks I object to. The judge's order didn't include the pitchforks, despite your personal beliefs.
  15. Sign the Petition

    Again, you're applying your version of the law and penalty. Your version is not the law and you can't hold any other in contempt if they believe differently than you. What you're really saying is that you're ticked off at Cadets for hiring this guy because you have a personal opinion about how this guy should be punished that is different than the law, and different than Cadets' viewpoint. Again, I'm not taking a position contrary to yours regarding the incident. But I am holding firm to exactly what the law says; doing anything else invites and inflames a crowd mentality against a person who, according to the law, has paid the penalty required.