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  1. Excellent post. Good sentence structure, sound arguments from experience, respectul in opinion. I don't particularly care about your decompress or practice time, but I sympathise about the Midwest 'skeeters. Interesting that the corps most-complaining about retreat are the lower-placing corps because they generally go on earlier in the show. So they have to hang around the longest when they need the most practice/sleep time because they gave up the most of same to make their early step-off time. I appreciate your perspective.
  2. You might be right, but doubling finals week still doesn't make up for the lost sales from ending regionals.
  3. "Thank you for letting me address you as a group. And thank you for decades of emotional beauty. Would you please share how you feel about Drum Corps Planet members second-guessing you, your motivations, and your quality and effectiveness as educators, writers, and designers? Take your time. I'll wait."
  4. Stu, give the guy a break. We get your point. You're going to drive him to drink. Yes, I think the entirety of DCI should purchase bulk food under a master provider agreement in order to gain pricing efficiency. "Squeezing out productivity and efficiency" is about eliminating duplicate effort but it doesn't necessarily mean a degradation of quality. Mike, go into the bathroom and look into the commode as you push the flusher. See the water swirling in the bowl and eventually disappearing down the pipe of oblivion? Yep, this is going to go like that and all drains don't end to the ocean and freedom. Sometime you get caught in the trap during the swirl and, right when you think the water will subside and you can climb out, Stu flushes again.
  5. In the end, it should always be about ability, not looks, but with so much emphasis put on visual and symmetry of look, and add to it the perception that a heavier person is a bigger risk to quitting because of lack of ability, and it's not hard to see how the corps look all beefy-buff - and thin. There are always battles to fight. Choosing this one in this activity seems mostly like "head-meets-brick wall".
  6. Wow, Mike, you're hitting all my buttons today. The math is simple: increasing MM's increases potential income to the corps but all of which will be spent on both MM expenses and equipment and programming. Increasing to 200 at existing corps limits the potential to 1200 new kids (24 WC corps). At, roughly, $2,500 pp, tour fees, that's a total potential (all being the same) of $3,000,000. If those same 50 new members were, instead, used to seed 24 new corps at 150 max each, the total number of new potential MMs is 3600, and the revenue potential increases to $9million. 24 new corps would allow for an almost doubling of the number of shows (I hear Sue K. in DCI's scheduling office having a coronary...). Doubling the number of shows effectively doubles (and likely more than doubles) the amount of revenue DCI has to pay out each season under the existing payout scheme. More corps = more competition = more fans = bigger gate...
  7. There is a "non-correllated" business opportunity here when one thinks it through. Almost all days end up with a corps feeding at the show site while, during the day, all corps are housed at separate facilities.. I figured this out a few years ago and the math works, providing the up-front capital funds are available.
  8. Oh! A knife to my heart! No, I'm not an accountant and the curse of a thousand camel fleas on you for saying so. I'm in the investment business. As an "accountant", I would say that recording the Hop talks to replay to the MM's will make his job outdated unnecessary therefore, firing him will save the corps something like $150,000/yr in his salary. As an investment person, I'd say don't bet against the Cadets. I wonder if I can get elected to his BoD?
  9. I get it. But talented horse-person-ship doesn't entitle all to be jockeys. The message to be fit and trim is not a negative one, no matter the desire for political correctness.
  10. Excellent point. Sure it is.
  11. Wait, so more kids equals less props? Hmmm...I may have to rethink this.
  12. This is exactly the point. The "creatives" will say "Give us more, We want more! No rules! Rules are stoopid!" as they perennially get bored with their own work and attempt more rings in the circus, or bigger rings, or vertical rings, or suspended nausea. Yawn. It will come down to money only, as it usually does.
  13. This is the single biggest barrier to the idea taking hold in any serious way, IMO.
  14. That's the point, there is no other. Funny, I was going to ask you the same. Other than food, what variable or fixed cost does a new mm introduce? You've mentioned on a couple of occasions, "all" the incidental costs of increasing membership. Other than the capital cost to acquire the rolling stock and the contract to drive/power them, what "additional" cost is there besides a mouth to feed? Most corps can feed kids four meals a day for less than $10 each. What other expense eats into the increased mm tour fees? Housing is paid mostly by TEP's on tour, and $150 audition fees by an extra 100 kids doesn't make the school cost more but it does build the food/fuel/equipment war-chest. But, if this is about the economics of all of drum corps, it's the wrong approach entirely and DCI should push back strongly against any discussion to increase member maximums. (OT - To the corps who promote the notion: Show me first that you're serious by mandating that mixing board operators must meet marching member age limitations. Then we can talk about your commitment to youth participation.)