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  1. Yay!!!! We can walk downtown for, what, the first time? Hot dog. Now I'm kinda glad I'm staying downtown.
  2. The only facts in this post are the first two words. Treat it as such.
  3. We only let the Dakotas call themselves "Midwest" if they let us ride the horses and herd the bison. They can keep the loud two-wheelers, IMO. In Indy, all that noise is reflected off of the city's concrete and steel center. Bison don't reflect sound.
  4. Unless it's a provider who thinks it can deliver requirements at a substantially reduced cost if given sufficient confidence that spending capital will be rewarded over time. The alternative is to pay full price for assured deliverables. DCI will likely always choose the lower cost option with sufficient confidence and a put option.
  5. It's reasonable to presume that the multiyear portion of the contract is dependent upon Flo meeting certain performance goals. No contract is fixed if deliverables are failed.
  6. Don't forget that the LOUDEST gathering of motorcycles in the Midwest, right around fountain square. Unbelievable crowds, packed bars, long waits for food if you can find it... Hotel bars are the best option and, if you want that experience, you'll need to pay up to stay at one of the downtown hotels and hope there's food nearby.
  7. I think DCI finals were better when they were held in a different city each year, or every few years. My kids saw lots of the country doing drum corps (No offense to my Sister City). The Olympics rotate. Why don't we? (Yes, I know all the reasons)
  8. There is absolutely nothing in this post that I can disagree with. And, believe me, I've tried. Dangit.
  9. Ah, yes, in and out at your leisure but, if you want to see warm ups, they are several blocks away at Military Park. DCI has had buses (a tour coach) running continuously from the stadium to military park but there is a time delay. And if you're thinking about seeing your favorite corp warm up then making back in time to see them play...forget it. You'll be running to get to your seat before they take the field. It can be done, but you have to have the bus driver, the traffic, and the gate guards all in your favor to make it work.
  10. Heck yes...I bring my laptop, phone...
  11. My kids carry in backpacks every year. One quick search at the ticket gate and they're in.
  12. What? Nobody knows "Go Ian!" yet? I'm shocked...
  13. No, not completely sure. It was from his DCI interview back, I think, in 1989 or '90. If you're thinking of the same interview, you most definitely could be right.
  14. I'm telling you, the air was sucked out of the stadium during that show. Those last eight counts... wow...