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  1. "You give me too much credit, Mike. I'm the hunted one!"
  2. You might be under the mistaken presumption that, once corps are admitted to OC, they aren't reviewed again.
  3. I'll just paraphrase your comments about short responses lacking discussion efficacy. I'll just ask you to consider how a 40-member OC program would fare against the average OC membership of 110 or so. It seems incongruous to be aware of the razor's-edge on which corps such as Legends worked this year, and yet be surprised when the governing bodies tighten the requirements to play in the OC sandbox.
  4. Nope, not pulling. And you're still conflating SS as a stepping stone to OC with your thoughts about 50 to 55 members. The two don't relate. This is not an OC G7, seriously. It's a tightening of the requirements to be considered for OC, and a clarification of the SS role in the activity. Surely, a group that has shown a SS history and can get 55 kids to commit to a season (with paid dues, BTW) can be reviewed for OC admittance. Heck, I think a group that has done SS, DCA, or even local (state) events and festivals can show the kind of org that would qualify as having performed for 3 years. And so long as they have the infrastructure, governance, volunteer base, etc to ask for OC review, they'd be reviewed, AFAIK. Groups who are "trapped" (your word) simply need to step up the game to meet the requirements of the OC review committee.
  5. I presume you're talking about the DCI 5-year plan that was ratified by all the corps and was in place at the time of the G7 event. Is that correct?
  6. You can call it what you want, for sure, but I guarantee that the semantics are important to DCI BoD. OC was a place for existing orgs to perform without the financial obligation of keeping up with WC. SS is creating new orgs out of whole cloth in a performance venue and under rules that simply don't exist in OC or WC. The two are mostly oil and water. There are exceptions, as in all things. But that's not semantics.
  7. And see, there, it did it again. I chuckled.
  8. I was responding and I couldn't figure out where you got 75. Then I looked at my quote and see I typed 75. Sorry, fat fingers. 55 members, a "full bus", plus an org that has been performing in some way for three years minimum. Orgs must be "seasoned", with a mature board and a proven model. Very rigorous and correct IMO. OC corps are bigger, better, more professional and less "mom & pop", because of the G7 experience, IMO, and because of their experience with failed corps. It was reaffirmed to me as recently as in the last 30 days, as it has been since it's genesis four years ago, that SoundSport was never intended to be a platform for budding corps. It's a platform to perform WITHOUT the boundaries or budget of an actual corps. It's lived up to that by producing the SoundSport and Drumline battle shows in Indy and other venues. It's a different type of performance, and don't forget it's all-age. SS teams with 40 members, 10 of whom are over DCI-age, and another 5 or so of them don't have the chops to be OC (or can make the commitment), and a SS team that looks like a success may have a hard time making the jump to moving a bus and all of the equipment down the road for 5, 8, or 10 shows. As the OC improves itself, and restrictions and qualifications are placed on those with "dreams", it's reasonable to expect "the bar" of minimum requirements to reach OC to be moved up with time. The issue is, and the reason the point is made, is because the gulf between a SoundSport team and qualifying for DCI Open Class is very wide, and it has gotten significantly wider since the SS program was developed those years ago. The jump to OC just gets one a license to spend money proving a concept and ability. That takes depth that many SS teams don't have, and don't need to be a SS team. Stepping into my little world, I suspect, without any accreditation at all, that one motivating factor for DCI keeping control of what SS actually IS in the activity is because it doesn't see any benefit in have another "class" of corps. Another might be to provide a platform for any international SS teams to perform if/when they come to the US for DCI finals week. For clarity, and to be true to what was explained to me, it's not actually accurate to suggest that "...DCI has WC, OC, and SoundSport..." as if SS is a class, too. They do have SS, thanksverymuch, but it shouldn't be lumped into the drum corps class structure...(EDIT: I don't think).
  9. This made me laugh out loud.
  10. This is all just classic off-season DCP fun!
  11. ...and, as a result, IMO, are cementing their reputations as training grounds for kids who want to move up in competitive stature. Semantics, repeated frequently enough, become an accepted definition, and those "semantics" re: SS would be an inaccurate depiction of it.
  12. I've seen several references to the "Soundsport Class". Not sure what class is being referenced, but SoundSport was never meant to be, and is not now designed as, a pre-cursor to OC. The gulf between SS and OC is just too wide now. Minimum 75 EDIT: sorry: fat fingers. 55 members in OC to even be approved, and a touring model in OC that SS was never meant to support. IMO, DCI is recognizing that most SS teams don't have the mass to make the jump from SS to OC. They want SS to be pure entertainment - not mini-corps.
  13. OK, fair point with an admission that I'm not a smarty-pants. But I am a tough sell. "National" and "Regional" classes sounds like just another means to cloister off those who classify "success" just one way - all ways. For those who haven't won a medal or made the top-X or started international orgs, well, the G7 told us what to expect. Open Class is a fine example of what those in Regional Class can expect; i.e. more of the same: little support beyond a platform that will continue to be eroded with arguments that zero resources should be spent on supporting it. I'll shut up now and listen to your rationale for the two classes and try to keep an open mind... But do, please, expound on how the scheme demonstrates the fiduciary responsibility to the activity. I'll be anxious to learn...
  14. As far as the proposal... what? You agreed with throwing 8 - 22 under the bus and to their own league to make it as good as they can? Even as they acknowledged that they were "the draw" and suggesting that they O-13 wasn't able to carry it's own weight? "punctuated equilibrium"? Really? How about Creative Destruction? Better? Always lots to do. In the mind of the "creative" class, always much to do. "National Class"? Uh, no. Regional Class? Uh, no. No, one championship. KIds just want to know where they stack up. If they win OC, they'll want to know where they stack up against WC. It's human nature. "Stripes on a zebra" stuff. Where will we get? "#babysteps" is the same as "nudge". But now that people know, it's not effective. They won't willingly be manipulated. #TryAgain
  15. What? This is a BRILLIANT thread! Stu was BRILLIANT to start it!