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  1. 2018 Rules proposals

    Wow, and someone here called ME angry! Tell us how you really feel! Ha! I thought of Sara today when I was pondering the impact of mics and amps. Funny. I'm not so sure it's hubris (although I've heard "Institutional Arrogance" used more than once), but it's clear that, whoever is leading the industry efforts to fix A&E, has failed miserably. It doesn't appear that A&E, at its core competency, has been proved or effectively implemented. Allowing mics on every instrument is not going to clean the goo that's absolutely still in the live arena, even if they can mix it out over the Live broadcast.
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    I keep asking myself where did FloMarching come from all of a sudden? Is Flo the de facto replacement for Tom Blair production? Maybe a different thread is warranted, but it's probably just that I missed the initial explanation of the genesis of Flo's increasing involvement.
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    Don't really care about the effect judges, I'm 100% with HH. The visual/audio "disconnect" (great word) was actually disconcerting, like vertigo or getting light-headed when you stand up too quickly. For those of use "programmed" to connect visual and audio in show production... And really, if there's a focal point that would excite the imagination of the tin-foil hat crowd, it's the "relationship" between the effect judges and the program designers, it seems to me.
  4. 2018 Rules proposals

    No, no, no... I was thinking of this guy... I've seen you at shows...this is definitely you when a corps' on the field. Or even a band, for goodness sake. Oh, and you always get the blonde theater babe, of course...
  5. 2018 Rules proposals

    I'll be interested in the rules voting outcome this afternoon. I'm sure the discussion all day will be rich with debate. I'm particularly impressed that DCI is including the Board Consortium in the annual meeting and, IMO, is a clear display of their understanding where final fiduciary responsibility lies in the activity. At the end of last year I thought GH had begun to morph into a more rational decision process for his orgs. But this ordinal thing has me stumped.
  6. Music Modernization Act?

    The interesting thing is the contrast between those licensing and those producing. God love capitalism. 'Merica
  7. As of this year, an org must have been "living the dream" as a travelling, performing unit for a minimum of three years before they can petition to be considered for OC performance. What does 2021 and beyond look like? Are there any others in the wings? Three years to spend money sending kids down the road mirroring as close as possible the full corps experience, while receiving almost no performance income, not being accepted as regulars at WC shows, and performing finals in Michigan City or Dayton to provide the full "drum corps experience" to kids.
  8. 2018 Rules proposals

    Between 6:30pm and 7pm Saturday night, I'd guess.
  9. 2018 Rules proposals

    My opinion, but I think you could have made the point without naming a particular corps as one who "cheats". I don't disagree with your point, but I don't respect throwing one corps under the bus when so many seem to follow the same "boundary-push" plan to nudge proposals into discussion.
  10. This is just not accurate, Jeff. "...the more our borrowing costs go,..." Exactly WHO is charging WHOM for the debt of the US? It took me 20 years to understand how the Fed and our Treasury debt works.
  11. Cadets v.s. Boston Crusaders

    Feel real bad for you, Dude. I just listened to 2000 today. OMG. But, you know, traditions survive individual personalities. Although this one's been strong, there is hope that We Are The Future.
  12. Seriously, how can it? The exemption is doubled. If your itemized deductions are more, take that. You said you'd give anyway. How can doubling the exemption and the child tax credit (ahem...) make you worse off? The only way I'll believe it is if you fall into the upper bracket that pays the 4.5% surcharge to make up for the double exemption... Maybe you need to run your numbers on a different website (really? You've done your taxes already?)
  13. Well, there's your problem. My industry (Mother Merrill) finally figured out the fee model 25 years ago, but I was a last holdout out of stubbornness. When I finally made the jump to fees, I finally realized how beneficial to clients the fee model actually is. Your industry is tougher because you are sale-focused, like brokers were 20 years ago.
  14. I, of course, can't disagree that cutting costs is always a fine thing to do. Why spend when one doesn't need to (personal or corporate). But there's an old saying that goes "You'll never generate a profit cutting costs", meaning, at some point one has to generate revenue. We all, here forming opinions, have to realize that there's at least one entire generation - and the case can be made that it's actually two generations - that has never experienced national wealth growth of above 3%. The old folks here remember 5%, 6% GDP growth and more in past times and under dramatically different circumstances. IMO, the likely outcome of this tax bill is that charitable contribution dollars will increase, not decrease, initially as the upper-incomes begin to donate more (even to the extent of the tax benefit they supposedly are getting (they're not, but I digress)). The question is, as it always is, a matter of time and timing. The economy is almost certainly on a secular growth path that will have shot in the arm by a tax law change that lowers tax payments, leaves more income in individual pockets, creates wealth, and makes giving not only an actual reality for many who were paying that money to the IRS before, but also for the wealthy who've been "surviving" at their income/tax level and now, thanks to the tax law, they have an even GREATER incentive to give. This growth path is SECULAR, in my opinion, meaning it will last a generation or more of continued growth trajectory upwards, lasting probably a decade or longer. During that time, national wealth, and individual wealth across all income strata will increase. The populism will provide years of increasing income and export, and will finally begin to richly reward the middle class of the United States, exactly as planned and implemented 33 years ago. Just watch. IMO, the non-profits that position themselves to efficiently and effectively keep their existing donor base, get more of the greater wealth of their donor group, and work hard to justify getting more donors will be richly rewarded for their optimism and foresight. The land is fertile and becoming rich loam to plant long-term seeds. It's been a LONG time since we had reason to believe that effort was worthwhile.
  15. New Tax "Reforms" offering D.C. Benefits When I initially saw the topic title I thought "Oh well, another bill that benefits Wash DC". I was skeptical when I realized D.C. meant drum corps and Reforms was in quotes. "Wait", I said to myself, "doesn't tax cuts mean more money in donor's pockets instead of going to the IRS?" When did this dependent, myopic viewpoint of a fixed pie to be fought over supplant the notion that A. The pie CAN grow bigger and, B. Drum corps has as much ability to go get the additional personal donor wealth as the United Way or any other non-profit?