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  1. OK, I'll read your posts and try to understand them - there are nuggets of insight in your words if you can stop balling them up in mud to sling. What are you saying here, in your first posts, that is focusing on the stuff that helps DCI in this matter? End the Friends program? I won't take you seriously to be sure, but I'll look for something from you that is an actual solution or points of action for the smarmy, elitist Friends or the inept DCI executives to do that isn't already being done.
  2. I believe you're a very smart and shrewd person, fully capable of "planting seeds". Hey Cappy, was I to just mind-meld that he was talking about Dan A, or was it Don Angelica, or Pesceone? Bluzes, I'll lighten up on your grammar and syntax when you apologize for castigating some very good people with your smear campaign without knowing a single one of them. If you think Friends is a DCI-apologist club, you should sit up with the rest of us and learn the real truth. You'd be surprised to learn what is really said about DCI's workings.
  3. Thank you. Thank you. Leave your tips at the door.
  4. Each member corps' Board was IN THE ROOM when this policy and practice was reviewed and described for implementation. Is it safe to say that each corps has the tools to establish base-line P&P that cover escalation, and yes, what each member needs to know to escalate to the person they trust the most. These facts do not mean that each corps has accomplished the same amount in 3 months as every other corps, obviously I'm sure.
  5. So, as a member of Friends, you expect me to simply accept the mud thrown at the personal reputations and intentions of the membership (me) regardless of how baseless the accusation? Right. And my emphasis on using proper grammar and syntax when communicating on a comment-posting board are out of line. OK. I don't. If I'm expected to respond thoughtfully, it's reasonable to expect the mud being thrown is, at least, spelled correctly. And, as someone who's posts I normally respect as well, in many instances that didn't involve my connotation of Friends membership as "elite", we'd be calling Bluzes a troll. Right. Being a member of Friends is "elitist". Right.
  6. OK, sticking with the issue and not berating you, your base contention is that DCI is doing nothing/not enough/the wrong things to address the issue of student harassment and student care. I disagree. May I please ask you to provide some evidence to back your contention? I have lots of evidence to back my contention that your wrong. You then contend that the members of Friends of DCI (int: "wealthy" or maybe "snooty" members of a DCI pandering club) are only interested in one-link web updates and turn an ignorant eye to making any real change. Do you have any evidence to support the claim? It seems to me that your response to the OP is to cast mud at "DCI" instead of acknowledging the proactive steps taken by each member corps. Is that a fair assessment of your belief? Are you open to changing your belief if it can be proven wrong by facts?
  7. This is just not true, George. Every organization minus one was at the table in January, and there have been regional Board Consortium meetings focused on several topics from geographical application to daily best practices. Every, single corps has reported in since (and now the one missing in January is back in the loop) that significant baseline practices and policies - largely common throughout the activity, and modified only for regional circumstances by the active Boards. Now you'll begin to see a coalescence of practices into a central set of practices that has both teeth and flexibility to allow for compliance on a local level AND while on tour. But every single corps made significant improvements to their P&P up and down their organization. To address another poster's question, the best practices include teaching everyone what the chain of reporting is, up and through the "resource officer" to include the Board itself, then, as an activity, provides a seamless transition of "reporting escalation all the way up to the DCI executive committee and, hence, the DCI Board - the OTHER directors. It's just one example. There are many and everyone will see.
  8. Also, let’s not forget that it’s likely that many MMs don’t understand DCIs decentralized oversight structure. (This affliction affects the thoughts of many-a-poster on DCP as well, IMO.) It would be helpful and right (currently) to direct their attention to what their corps staff is, or isn’t, doing to keep them safe from harm. Also, affirm to them that the adults who make up DCI, the Boards of the member corps [of THEIR corps), have been in deep and direct discussion with their members to formulate practices and policies to keep them all safe while they’re out on tour. The directors have been directing. Their Boards - ALL OF THE MEMBER BOARDS - are actively doing their jobs, in the background, openly and inclusively changing the what WAS to what WILL be. It helps to be positive sometimes. The kids just got off the field, for God’s sake Give the activity a chance to catch its breath! Don’t forget: the Boards’ responsibility to watch that tour, pay attention to it, be ready to act with people and resources. There’s just not been time for the activity to come together to codify agreement. But that does NOT mean that nothing is, has, or will be done. Pay attention. All is far from lost. Some remarkable people are steering a significantly different organization. This time it will be different, I can assure you
  9. To reference “Bulling” (sic) I simply direct you to your comments about Friends members feeling satiated at the vacuous statements of DCI. If you’re going to cast aspersions, you’d do well to have some facts to back it up. You don’t, so don’t now claim you’re being BULLIED.
  10. It’s not all true. The kids I rub shoulders with are proud as heck that their leadership has taken a strong stance. Like DCP, Reddit words are cheap and sometimes match the first line of your post. It’s better than most people think, but squeaky wheels get airtime on the interwebs.
  11. What does any of this have to do with your misguided understanding of fans and the inner workings of DCI? Sounds like you, too, have bigger issues to deal with, beginning with your intro to productive discussions (you’d likely beat me at wrestling), your treatment of your employees, and your marital relationship.
  12. No, I just couldn’t read your post. Now that you’re using grammar and spelling that I can understand (pick up “Syntax for Dummies”, too, as you’re watching Academic), your post makes more sense. So, you’re going to divert your Friends donation to MC to pay for this member’s dues (about $3,500) AND make a donation to the corps? Outstanding! At that level of Friends donation you must have been sitting quite close to me on Saturday night! Care to PM me and share your seat number? I was Sec 240, rows 6 & 7, seats 16 to 20 in both rows. We’re you close to that? Maybe we were seat-mates, eh? But I guess you think I don’t see any of that, including the mid-five digits I “spent” on DC this year. You might be right, of course.
  13. I'm really happy to check out your friend's (sic) Face Book (sic), but I can't say that I know and love him/her until you share his/her name or a link to their FB page. Who's getting paid? Your advice about keeping thoughts private is sound advice I've had to follow several times in these threads. "...everyone else ('s?) social status do not need to take things so... (well, there ya' go). Social status', apparently, now have feelings. Is the point of the thread to throw Friends under the bus as a bunch of mind-numb Luddites who are unknowingly "played" by the "bait and switch" ring-leaders of the activity? Somehow I missed that in the OP, so maybe you could point that out for me. Thanks!
  14. This post makes no sense whatsoever. "Personnel"?
  15. No, it's not. The problem with your posts is that they're not how it is. They are only how YOU perceive things to be but it's seems readily apparent that your perceptions of many events and people are about as accurate as your spelling. I'm sure MC will appreciate your donation and hopefully they can provide seating that, while not as favorable or as in demand as Friends seats, will none-the-less allow you to sit with people that you respect for not being "played" (LOL!). I'm absolutely positive that there will be a large and steady demand for your Friends seats by more delusional supporters. Be sure to listen to Brahms while your studying your spelling rules!