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  1. At our show, and at most of the TEP shows AFAIK, the first souvie truck to the gate gets the best positioning at the show. Be early, and don't run out of stuff. Contact EVERY show host well in advance and ask how they want to set up. TEP's don't surprises, either. We've had souvie crews put up their own flat tables in the parking lot to fold shirts, set up and stock the trailers and tents, as early as noon for a 6pm show.
  2. Considering that we have somewhat derailed from the original post, and I hate seeing the thread title continue to pop up (I totally disagree with the notion that they " bad..."), I would request that we restart the convo in a new thread. Even copy and paste the last few responses here to the new thread. IMO, Surf deserves a better headline.
  3. I keep thinking about corps like, oh, Seattle Cascades and Legends and Music City and how this scheme will affect them. Off to the gym where I'll think some more about this. I'm not convinced of your plan on its merits, not considering the reality of the transitional chaos or the push-back by WC corps sharing the gate or whether OC shows mid-week can be self-supporting.
  4. I realize this is the natural first response. It was mine, too. But, there are some circumstances I can imagine where Stu's meritocracy would fit and set the existing structure as a minimum, with no maximum, to OC. Well, at least I'm hoping Stu has an answer for that. Particularly when there's a not-insignificant discussion about the apparent budding of the activity and how the gate pie gets divided when the flow of new corps into "Open Class" from the bottom increases each year. There's plenty of time to dismiss Stu's idea as quackery but, frankly, I'm intrigued by the Saturday Night classification as our representation to the global stage of drum corps. I want to hear more and beat the living crap out of the idea to see if it stands up to scrutiny. Real world scrutiny. I'm guessing Stu does, too.
  5. OK, I give. This obviously makes too much sense to think it's not been considered. But I see some holes, big holes. First, WC status has a financial component, as you know. What of those corps who are now getting payouts under the DCI scheme who, presumably, won't after this reclassification? When you think it all the way through to its end, don't you conclude by requiring a payout classification based on some formula that represents "gate draw"? Second, and related, the cleanest representation of "gate draw" is classification of shows. If the existing show format remains, there must be some breakdown of gate so both WC and OC benefit, as they do now. Is there any component of the scheme you describe that changes any part of compensation by class designation? What does "attaining" WC status mean in your plan? Bragging rights, or financial rewards? More favorable scheduling from DCI? Foreign travel to compete against DCEurope? (Hmmm...) EDIT: Sorry, I completely forgot about my other point: "Major League" is determined by rules devised by the participants themselves and, in open admonition by everyone everywhere, designed to benefit those at the top of the heap. In order to fully commit to your system, the judging scheme would have to be established outside the activity by a group of uninterested experts. Where do we find those people, how do they devise the rules, and how does it get implemented when one WC director said publicly "I would never be a part of an activity that I did not and could not control"?
  6. I'd like the answers, too: Where's the line and why is the existing line not the correct one? This thread is starting to sound an awful lot like "Those who can, do. Those who can't come to DCP and suggest they know best (or even better)". "Let's just draw the line here and force everyone below onto the OC tour". Yea, that makes sense. Now if, on the other hand, you're suggesting tightening up the requirements for future applicants then, OK, what's the parameter that defines admission if it's not the ability to make the full tour and do battle with the big shots? Are the WC corps going to stand up and state publicly that they don't want the little dogs nipping at their heels? Are they too far above that now as "the draw" (hear the remnants of Hopp's vision?)?
  7. They do so bad, badly? They do so bad, poorly? I'd agree with those sentiments.
  8. You do realize, don't you, that you're making the same base case that the G7 was making. "They'll have their own division! They'll actually have a chance to win!" Nothing like a mortgage or a goal to get someone out of bed in the morning...
  9. Or, a Soundsport team like Madison did this year. Both Madison and SCV changed their names this year to reflect their diversity of programming. I think that vindicates your idea. Two parades on one day!
  10. Well, apparently DCI does and that's all that matters. Their MM's are having a ball and Surf is delivering a World Class experience in a little different way. What's not World Class, their score?
  11. Halloween pop-up stores: What does a pop-up store need? A storefront. A team of adults to run it profitably and be responsible. And an army of kids to unload the trailer, keep the shelves stocked, and clean up each night. Drum corps already have two of the three. What's the most expensive thing about running a pop-up store? The labor. Big savings using MM's feeding their tour fees. I wonder if a Board could contract to run a pop-up store? This idea obviously works if you have local MM's willing to work.
  12. Has everyone here seen those "sign-spinners" out in front of strip malls trying to get you to stop in and buy puppies or discount appliances or rent an apartment? I wonder how much more effective a full color guard would be - and how much they could earn - if they did a "rehearsal" out in front of the store with a banner for the store? Get paid to rehearse? Not too creative, I know...
  13. Whether or not they've been done is not the question. The question is whether they are creative or highly effective. It didn't even say creative AND highly effective. Creative and failed works, too, as would not too creative but highly effective.