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  1. I prefer the Godfather method: "Stu sleeps with the fishes..." And, "Your father did business with Hyman Roth, but your father never trusted Hyman Roth."
  2. I suspect that's the only way the mm's will attract anyone from the Philly neighborhoods now...
  3. I am so triggered now I think I need to do some yoga and have some tea before I spout off about your insensitivity to prolific kissers (like Italians).
  4. Are they back to killing people again?
  5. This is not a disability - almost all snare drummers are deaf. (EDIT: ...and have limited abilities.)
  6. (anyone who knows how to post the raw video, please do.)
  7. By far, my favorite Suncoast show. That drum line, and particularly those bass drums, were hot as heck. This was a beautiful show.
  8. Sorry, BK. Too fast, and not dramatic enough. Bombs were falling...
  9. OK, you're a show producer at DCI and you want to attract kids to your drum corps show, likely several years prior to their marching in corps. What do you do?
  10. I don't think it's any secret that BK is striving for the title of Beautiful Corps. Color has been terrific. Design elements have been terrific (pulling the silks down behind the mirror half-moons). So many elements, including the silver guy and mirror, to point to. And I would say that, in an era where it's harder and harder to just listen to CD's of shows, BK's music has been phenomenal and, I would say, Beautiful, that doesn't require the visual to enjoy. The design falling flat and costing them the overall production doesn't diminish my enjoyment of those bright horns and crisp Mapex drums.
  11. I'm interested by BK has on their announcement that the show can be seen in four venues this summer when, in fact, they are performing some 30 times this summer.
  12. Wow, you are surely a negative-Nellie. I remember darn-near every song from the trilogy, and going back years before. Maybe it's your attention level and/or memory, and not BK's performances, that are the source of your problem.
  13. I absolutely agree. Lot's of kids want to march. It costs 1/2-million dollars to provide a place for that to happen.
  14. Scott should say the same thing about emoting...