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  1. Haven't worn it, and won't let my daughter wear it either. It's embarrassing. The only place I can wear it and not get stares in a drum corps show. And Colorado.
  2. There are threads here that carry many, many posts on Indy and "the experience". But I think they can all be summed up in a single word: Shapiro's.
  3. I bought a Stoned hat at Ohio Northern Univ. pre-season just because I knew it would be controversial, and maybe someday it will be worth what I paid for it. I'll be very anxious to hear if they return to Ohio Northern this year but, if they do, maybe I'll wear it in the stands just to remind him. As if...
  4. Wow, I'm really sorry you feel so emphatic about your impression. I'm sure we watched the same series, so it's really an example of differing opinions. I did think there was some cheesy stuff and some weird stuff (like Cadets guard captain "going home to pontificate") but, overall, from the standpoint of the general public, I thought it was a significantly more accurate depiction of our activity vs., say, Drum Line, The Movie. It wasn't perfect, but only the rare project really is and, if there's an offer for a #2, it would suggest that what we saw WAS successful by their metric.
  5. DrumLine Battle (and, of course you know, I wholeheartedly agree)
  6. This is interesting. DCI's definition of a "winner" also defines how the finances are distributed according to their own payout formula. So it's inherent that DCI would favor a focus on the competition. If the show has no "winner" then there is really not a competition and, taken to its extent, the payout structure's definition of "value" would be changed at its core. Suddenly, winning has no greater impact on payout as other factors that are shown on the screen, say, quality of experience, or mission focus... So many ways to define a winner; DCI's is financially-based. Maybe a TV show that neglects the competition is not in the best interest of those making the decisions about what or who ends up on the video.
  7. I have it from a source who was in on the discussions first hand but, no, I cannot reveal who because I promised not to. But I didn't exaggerate their response at all, and I know my source reads these threads. Maybe they didn't say "band geeks", that was my imagination. But the denial is exactly as I described.
  8. Oh, all right. Jeesh, you guys are tough! They weren't arrogant. They were stupid. Better?
  9. OK, just to show that I didn't ignore your post, I chose not to respond. You're right - they'll be fine, I'm sure. It's just that only less than two years ago it was a nearly $10B company and today it's $4B. Why, that's a resounding success! You're right! I wonder how I missed that! It's hard for me to identify a company's worth by the alma mater of its CEO, or by how many schools they've outfitted when we can see that much of their "outfitting" is a loss-leader. I don't want the company to fold, and I'm not obsessed. So there.
  10. IIRC, These were the years right after they moved the corps staffs off the field and made them sit in the stands because many of the recording were completely saturated with staff screaming. I remember reading that it was mic placement. It didn't take long for them to push the mics to 20 feet. Now I think they just master out all of that overbalance to make a salable product.
  11. Not the same argument, Jeff. In your case, your company made the decision to limit losses. In the UA case, they proactively chose to limit their revenue because some bunch of jocks in a board room dismissed a market that mostly generated disdain in its leaders. I would not fault your company for limiting losses, even if the losses are contrived or never show up. I absolutely fault UA for being so short-sighted for, again, under-appreciating the market opportunity of halftime, let alone the DCI brand name in that market space. You could only make a corollary case if you believe that band kids represent a loss-leader for UA. Again, the stock year ago - at $40 per share; today it's under $20. And in Sept, '15 it was a $52 stock! It's awfully hard to say that management has made a series of great business decisions in the last twelve months. Is the band market going to save a failing company with a stupid management team? Not likely. But I do know that DrumLineBattle, SoundSport, and DCI Open and World-Class corps have traveled globally, and a TON of kids do indoor every year. How would their earnings reports have differed had they had a million band kids wearing "band-Armor" (or some such)? Would they have a better market share and attract more residual attention? (They wouldn't have lost MY business, but I'm a geek so they don't care.) Of course, revenue doesn't mean profit and the stock trades on profit. But their profits don't run on their free sponsorship of major athletes, either. Every band kid in the country, and their parents, wearing rock-star corps-branded apparel scales up to a HUGE market at which they thumbed their noses. Now, other manufacturers nip away at UA's market share and force them to lower prices to compete and maintain share, perpetuating their downward spiral until their product is completely commoditized and their arrogance crushes the desire for anyone prominent to be connected to the company. Maybe they'd not have had such vulnerabilities had they paid a little more attention to the market for music kids. Just my two cents to go along with my personal joy at seeing the stock get hammered.
  12. This is my entire argument in a nutshell. But the arrogance of UA's reasoning was more insulting than the business decision, IMO.
  13. Oh, excellent. I remember those shows because I had a student marching baritone there in those days.
  14. This 1992 version is my favorite. Which is the best BD version in your view? Or is there another drum corps chart that expresses your love better? "A Defiant Heart", maybe?