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  1. @NewSkool started the idea for the 2013 season. He opted to not continue. With his permission, I took over and ran 2014, 2015, and 2016. If I get time, I'll give it a shot. Gonna be at least a week before I can get anything done on it.
  2. For people that had been around a long time, the spelling errors, grammar errors, and writing style were telling us who wrote the "Report." In retrospect, there was quite a bit of disparity in the levels of preparedness and commitment by the groups involved the G7 effort. Depending on the organizations, their intentions seem to have ranged from "negotiation point" to "going nuclear." Had they all been committed at the level of the audacious author, it may have been a different story. Of course, that's me reinterpreting after the passage of nearly 12 years. Feels more like 25 years ago.
  3. FWIW, Flo Marching has been making a concerted effort this off-season to bring top notch Audio and Video pros from our marching arts world into their broadcast crews. We'll see if it pays off. Kind of wild that this approach escaped them for so long, but hopefully we see and hear the improvements.
  4. That image was from a reunion party for all assorted cast members in Las Vegas.
  5. They were still doing shows in Japan in 2019. Since Covid-19, their website has gone offline. And James Mason's website has always been fairly outdated. http://www.blasttheshow.com/ - DEAD http://megshows.com/ - Outdated
  6. Anyone remember pre-WGI drums in an auditorium? UCLA bass solo featuring YYZ.
  7. I miss the presence of@whitedawn on these boards bringing actual legal expertise. Thanks much!
  8. Varsity has become a partner of DCI for SoundSport. AKA "SoundSport Scholastic." https://www.varsity.com/performing-arts/soundsport-scholastic/ https://www.varsity.com/performing-arts/soundsport-divisions/ They had scheduled Marching Band division competition(s) on the books last fall (2021) that never actually happened. I wonder how long they will keep trying to make these partnerships work? Their Winterguard and Winter Percussion programs, AKA Varsity Performing Arts Winter Showcase, started 2 years ago and have failed to catch on. As a matter of fact, their website still says "Stay tuned for the 2021 date and location." https://www.varsity.com/performing-arts/winter-showcase/ Not exactly taking the marching arts by storm. We shall see.
  9. I wasn't planning on posting this here but since it seems to be a relevant topic in other corps threads. I appreciate the transparency. https://bluecoats.com/news/2022/2/3/2021-diversity-amp-socioeconomic-impact-report
  10. This is wild! To clarify since it doesn't mention it in the article, Mark Greenberg is President and Chairman of Tresona. His son is Jann-Michael Greenberg, Vice President of Tresona. Wild
  11. Joseph "Joe" Courtney was an ever-present figure in our beloved activity and it's related families. I cannot claim to know all of the details about Joe's corps connections. But I know he was always around, doing a part to keep the show running: A performing member, a teacher, a corps director (the Vaqueros), a judge, a DCI employee, a Show Coordinator, a Central States Judges Association Hall of Famer. Hell, if you look hard enough you will even find he was a DCP member. I'll have fond memories of meeting Joe on the floors and fields, with his calm and friendly demeanor, welcoming our performing groups to their moment on the performance clock. It's times like this that I miss our friend @Michael Boo because his combination of his encyclopedic knowledge (which was a similar trait of Joe's) and his familiarity with Joe would be a fantastic read right now. RIP https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/chicagotribune/name/joseph-courtney-obituary?id=32509493
  12. FWIW, these registrations required a financial deposit that would indicated a relatively serious commitment. As to the topic, DCI did have a lot of 50th anniversary plans being made before Covid. Many of them may even still be in place. But I think one of the lesson learned from 2020 was not to get the cart ahead of the horse during a pandemic.
  13. I am going after individuals and their burner accounts if applicable. Example of one that I did: You can report user accounts in general. So I went to "Dennis Carol"s profile and reported the profile for "Harassment and Bullying." In the case of "Dennis Carol" you could also report the profile for "Fake Account" or "Fake Name." It is a burner account. I cannot report his posts and comments as "Harassment" Because I am unable to tag the victim of harassment. She and I are not facebook friends. So I report his comments and posts as "false information." I am tracking to see the results.
  14. FWIW, if you are friends with the person being harassed on facebook, you can report it through facebook as harassment. Same if you are the one being directly harassed. If you are not able to do so, then use the next-closest report reason. I have used "mis-information" for those vile document screenshots.
  15. Just a look at the 2022 members. No big deal.
  16. https://www.instagram.com/bluecoatssnareline/p/CYzhzP_ldSz
  17. The same DCW that posted this skeevy old tour diary in October 2021? Sure.
  18. Additionally regards to percussion staff: One new battery staff member was being called out on Twitter for recently losing high school teaching job(s) for allegedly "sexually harassing minors." Overnight, his name disappeared from the SoA staff page. I'm not naming names as this is completely 2nd hand info. Wanting to avoid confusion. But if you're an average twitter user, you can find it.
  19. We as a people are demanding a level of accountability that did not previously exist. The information gap has closed. The world has gotten smaller and less perpetrators are able to hide under our noses. I'm an optimist on this. Society is not getting worse. These things have always been happening and we're actually getting better as a society at handling it. Hopefully that continues. Let's continue to shine the light.
  20. Thanks for doing this. And especially for including the master spreadsheet! Add Blue Stars to Broken Arrow for a full top 7 on July 19th. A pivotal shootout for a Tuesday night.
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