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  1. My professional suggestion is don't use a FREE site to upload content.
  2. This just doesn't make any sense to me? Is placement that important? I would have to agree with some of the other posters who said that it really doesn't matter whether its 1st 5th 15th? This post makes me think of all the great athletes in this world who didn't always make it with a team to the top....Was there sports career any less fulfilling because they didn't wear a super bowl ring? or win the world series? etc etc.
  3. Hmmmm...Well I went to the Annapolis show June 20th....Crossmen were not at this one obviously BUT...this was the free streaming show...I paid $35 each for two tickets. I traveled 263 miles to get to this show and stayed later that night at a BWI airport hotel for 5 corps. The whole day rained except for the show itself. Was it worth it??? ABSOLUTELY EVERY PENNY! ...and would I go/do again? YOU BETCHA!...BUT...I guess for someone on a budget well maybe this would not make sense...
  4. Considering they were looking to fill CG holes in June?....I think asking for a refund is absurd. And...unless you have an IN....It is not fair to criticize WHY certain things may be lacking...
  5. I say charge the same price as the DVD for a webcast/stream and DCI wouldn't loose any money.
  6. In my heart I always put BAC as TOP TIER...CLASS...SHELF...but around here at DCP I would just be called a honk or homer or borg or whatever other word that seems to fit these days. In the future I will refrain to using this DCP vernacular.
  7. Thank you. BUT I guess I should have been more careful and just say EXACTLY that. I'm glad i got through to atleast one or two people. "What do you think about Glassmen, Blue Stars, Blue Knights, Crossmen, Boston Crusaders, Madison, Spirit and Troopers shows?" Anyway I have a tough skin so no harm or foul here. This topic went completely a direction I was not looking to go...BUT I guess live and learn from my mistake and move on.
  8. So where do you draw the line then at 15 to 21? Is calling a corps lower tier really a bad thing? Are you saying spot 12 actually has a serious go for a ring then? Anyway, I perhaps should have refrained from using the term "tier". BUT I guess it is too late now to change that.
  9. Actually I do look at the graph at BK's website and have so for quite a number of years. It really puts things in perspective. Thanks for the suggestion though. As far as my tier grouping I think you may have a valid point and perhaps this area could be a little more subjective in reality. Though this is true, it seems to me that DCI has made the split a little more obvious at spot 6 as all the EXTRA frills (drumline cams on the DVD's etc.) just stop at spot 6. I'm sure it is probably due to cost constraints (I'm not in the know), but doesn't that just lend us to believe that is where the split should be perhaps? perhaps not? If X or Y corps just happens to fall short in a particular year does that make them a lower tier corps?...I should think not.
  10. Over the years I usually see a lot of discussion about the upper tier corps on DCP, but I usually don’t see as much discussion about the lower tier groups...accept maybe in the “Official 2009 X corps threads” and maybe some rivalry stuff. In your opinion concerning the lower tier groups...say 7-12 ...Who has the better show? ...Who is executing better? Who has better music selections? Which corps do you think has a meaty musical book? Watered down? How about talent? Which corps has better programming from a design perspective? Who has the greatest room for growth till August? Who has shown the most improvement in June? I want to state that my tier definition reflects a corps current overall placement as of 6/30/09, which does not necessarily reflect any head to head contests or any sub-caption placements which may skew these results. The lower tier is spots 7-12 as per the “unweighted ranking” of the DCP ranking system. Listed in no particular order in the lower tier (please don't argue with me about what tier you think they belong to as that is not the point of this post)....Glassmen, Blue Stars, Blue Knights, Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, and Troopers…. Honorable mention to Madison in 13th… Please discuss and give your opinions as to WHY you feel the way you do... Please also indicate WHAT your opinions are based on...Is it a live viewing, or the FN, or just because you were "never really a fan of X corps" type of comment? Please no corps bashing...
  11. Hello all, My girlfriend is unable to go to Bloomington due to a medical emergency, so I have one (1) Super premium seat for BOTH semi-finals and finals. Semis: Sec 107L Row 18 Seat 7 Finals: Sec 107L row 12 Seat 12 Face value for the seats are $75 & $125= $200 I would like to sell as pair if possible, but understand that this is last minute. Due to the fact I will be travelling I can best be reached by cell phone (203) 722-2470. I will try and check this forum, but again calling my cellphone may be best way to reach me. I have the printed out tickets, but have forwarded a pdf email to my gmail account , so I could forward that email to you. Since I will be sitting next to you at the show you can pay me at the show with either cash or check. If you prefer paypal then we will have to make another arrangement later. Thanks. Roger
  12. Well it does not sound VERY LEGAL to me.... "The yangqin has been called the "Chinese piano" as it has an indispensable role in the accompaniment of Chinese string and wind instruments." wikipedia ref.
  13. 1) Cavaliers 2) Crown 3) Blue Devils 4) PR 5) Cadets 6) Bluecoats 7) Boston Crusaders 8) SCV 9) Blue Stars 10) Blue Knights 11) Glassmen 12) Pacific Crest for the night show...
  14. Well I decided this year to get the best of both worlds...I will be in the Theater up here in Connecticut/NY for quarters and then hop on a plane to Bloomington to see semi's and finals....I think this will be a STELLAR YEAR for drum corps!
  15. I think you may be right....bloo in this scenario would probably get the nod...
  16. Considering I have not seen Bluecoats live I will reserve my opinion about them in reference to your point of plateauing last year. I will have to admit they really blew my face off last year and I was very excited for them. Last year may be a tough year to top considering their high level of talent. Did they have a lot of vet's returning this year do you know?
  17. This is an interesting perspective...I was not even thinking about SCV at all. I like SCV's visual this year up until maybe the last minute of the show. Did they change the ending if you know? I'll have to see what I think at Allentown, but I'm not completely sold on SCV's music this year so anything is a possibility IMO.
  18. Interesting stars could be the dark horse candidate....This year seems a little more competitive than the last few years anyway...
  19. Please discuss and give your opinions as to WHY you feel they way you do... Please no bashing...
  20. Well even though you made the recovery point I thought I would do my part anyway...donation made ;-)
  21. oh that is where they want it......I will make sure I yell during all the other places during finals so I get all the evil looks Just J/k
  22. I can agree with you to a point. I joined the DCW in 1990 and started following corps in mid-1980's when this was not as obvious. Well to be fair not obvious to me anyway. The activity being dead I feel is a little over exaggerated and to say that it is due to the current intertwined makeup is just not true. Of course I accept the intertwinement. This may have alienated some of the fan base, but not everyone. We all have our own tastes. There are many things today I do not like in drum corps, but that has not stopped me from still enjoying the activity that I have loved.