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  1. Mine are (sorry for the BD bias): 2017- TBD (but I have a really good feeling) 2016- Blue Devils, show aged like fine wine. I pick up on every new time I watch it. 2015- Blue Devils, Ink is one of the most emotional shows ever. I get all sorts of warm and fuzzy moments all through the show. The silence in the ballad, the intensity in the opener build. It really was a great show. 2014- Do you even need to Felliniask? 2013- Santa Clara Vanguard, I loved seeing Vanguard come back to a "Broadway" style show. It brought out the beauty and the darkness of Les Mis. Some of the best storytelling in DCI. 2012- Crossmen, lots of great stuff in 2012 but I just keep coming back to it. That opener is incredible, but alot of people forget about the closer. Some great drill moments there. 2011- The obligatory Cadets. Everyone was super competitive that year, but Cadets show is a GE monster that I just keep coming back to. Such a physical show, not to mention that brassline was phenomenal. 2010- Blue Devils, Through a Glass Darkly was one of the most misunderstood shows of the decade IMO. Looking back on the past with the mirrors was such a great design feature. The guard was perfect that year, and that opener had the most magical chords. 2009- Blue Devils, more of a fan favorite show and I loved every second of it. Gershwin is one of my favorite composers and the show is riddled with his tunes. 2008- Crown, Finis is one of those "no...we're here to stay" kind of shows. It's a Bloo 2015. Or a Blue Knights 2005. Triple Crown showed they were competitive, 2008 showed they were consistent. The opener was gorgeous and the show overall was straight up beautiful. Everything was executed beautifully. 2007- Cadets, one of the most underrated shows in history. I honestly think it could have won with just a little more cleaning. It was everything I wanted and more.
  2. It is readily becoming apparent this season that the new trend of amplifying entire hornlines (or large ensembles) is not sitting well with the fanbase. I have seen many calls for either the judges to limit rewarding or even penalize amplification of this magnitude, I've seen calls for DCI to change rules to better define what can and can't be done. All this clamoring will not do anything if confined to DCP. Action is what brings change. I ask the community, the fans, parents, and alumni, for help in drafting an open letter to DCI. We obviously have concerns, let us voice them directly. Being able to sign on to the letter will obviously be important, as there is strength in numbers. It should be disseminated as far as possible as well: to Reddit, at shows, etc. I do not know a platform that will facilitate this, so help here is appreciated. Below, I've typed out an example of what this could look like. Please help me flesh it out a bit. I will consider all criticism, as long as it is constructive. And please, keep the subject to amplification and electronics usage, this is not the proper time for an argument about rights, streaming, the fan network, etc.
  3. Over the years, DCI has continued to be a strong part of the performing arts community. With time though, many organizations face issues that stand in the way of creating, innovating and discovering new ways to improve and forward their activity. At this point in time, I would argue the biggest problem with DCI is aquiring the rights to arrange. I am worried DCI and relations with Tresona will only worsen. So what can happen to combat that from happening? I'm not sure there is any way to solve the problem completely, because if their was corps would be doing it. But if corps composed their own music could it be more beneficial than the alternative? Pros: -Could potentially be cheaper, depending on who is hired and to what extent. -Corps could get to work earlier in the season, because composers could do their work year round. -Prevents corps from redoing the same music. -Could bring in new composers we havent seen in the activity. -It seems like Crossmen did well with it, I'm sure other corps have too. Cons: -Good music composers could be monopolised. -Change the faces of who we see in the activity. -Might be expensive too, composers arent cheap. DISCUSS!
  4. Ok - lets have some off-season fun (Is it June yet?): What shows will we never see in DCI competition? I'll start: Springtime for Hitler Swear Words in Braille Josef Stalin's Favorite Love Songs
  5. Because the Show Announcement thread is not for rumors and I want to have a fun place to gather the meme-a-riffic rumors flying around...and perhaps see what our creative, demented collective can come up with for fun as we wait for the real shows. [Let's make the old VK show designers proud!] As gleaned from other threads and perhaps slightly embellished. The Cadets - Selections from Leonard Bernstein's The Lion King It's a licensing nightmare and doesn't really exist but that won't stop them from putting the color guard into costumes that resemble the Unicorn Frappuccino from Starbucks. The Boston Crusaders - Harry Potter and the Deathly G7 After a pact with Dumbledore's Army, BAC has garnered some of the best staff in the business. This years show will capitalize on the Animal Farm theme and correlate one of the G7 corps with each of the Horocruxes and follow an intrepid trio of color guard as they vanquish them in successive order before a late season ending change where they face a George Hopkins stand in. Multiple endings will be rehearsed and revealed from Allentown until Finals night. Who will win in the end? The Cavaliers - Men are from Mars - XtraordinarY 2 Marvin the Martian look alike uniforms will completely reverse any possible trend toward ditching headgear started by the Bluecoats last year by presenting the best headgear DCI has ever seen. Watch for a reprise of the upside down tenors move that uses the brush heads on the headgear to erase the Indianapolis Colts logo from the center of the field as the "finals surprise' move!
  6. Alright 2016 only Oscars: Best Picture: Relentless Best Director: David Gibbs Best Actor in a Leading Role: Shayne O Brien Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Ben Gunnarson Best Actress in a Leading Role: Possibly Possesed Pit Girl Best Actress in a Supporting Role: CrownGUARD Best Cinematography: Cavaliers Best Costume Design: Bluecoats....kidding, Blue Devils Best Documentary Feature: Force of Nature Best Documentary Short Subject: Hero Best Film Editing: DCI- Drum Corpse Bride recording Best Foreign Language Film: El "Stoned" Best Makeup and Hairstyling: since 1981 Best Original Score: Wayne Downey and friends Best Production Design: Downside Up Best Sound Editing: Downside Up Best Sound Mixing: Downside Up Best Visual Effects: Downside Up Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay): As Dreams are Made on (The Tempest) Best Writing (Original Screenplay): Relentless Golden Globes (cut out redundants) Best Motion Picture-Cadets Best Drama Series- Clash of the Corps Best Comedy Series- Hoptalk Razzies...kidding
  7. Not sure if this is the right forum but Hi! My name is Irene, and I am a junior in high school. I am in my school's International Baccalaureate (IB) program. As part of getting our diploma, IB students have to write a research paper known as the Extended Essay (EE). I am writing my EE about DCI. For my EE, I writing a comparative essay about the transition between the mediums of musical theater and DCI. The essay will focus on three shows (Sky Ryders 1988, Santa Clara Vanguard 1989 and Santa Clara Vanguard 2013) and will include musical analysis, visual analysis and interviews with staff. Would any of you happen to have the names of the visual coordinator, program coordinator, brass arranger/composer, percussion arranger and color guard designer for Santa Clara Vanguard's 1989 and 2013 shows, or know where I could find them? Thank you so much! :)
  8. Just listened to the Southern University Marching Band, and musically I think the college bands have a better sound then drum corps. With all the changes in the drum corps rules, like allowing xylophones, amplification, and who knows what. Why don't they just allow college bands to compete. Maybe, they don't have the marching down as good, but they could.
  9. Ok, so I was thinking about this a little bit. Honestly, I dont know if there is other people who already do this, but I think this is something I will try for the 2017 season. Im going to forgo watching any 2017 drum corps shows before championships. Scores and show titles are ok to see, but any kind of lot videos or shows will not be. Im not attending any drum corps shows this year, so I think this will be fun to try. Im also looking at forgoing scores as well, and try to guess the placements at championships. I dont know if I will do it, I just wanted to bounce it off you guys, and get your opinions. Is this something that people try often?
  10. This morning I've been listening to a sport psychologist via podcast, and he mentioned the Golden State Warriors (basketball team apparently, I'm out of the loop on that sport) put a huge emphasis on sleep. They realized their team wasn't recovering well from overnight trips and back-to-back out-of-state games, and they retooled how they schedule their travel and practice as a result. They ended up playing better, winning more, and saw significantly fewer injuries. (one of many articles for the interested). Meanwhile, just yesterday on Reddit I read about a drum corps last season (didn't say which corps) that had a show, traveled 3 hours by bus and then did 2 hours of floor time, and then started rehearsal bright and early the next day, also a show day. The Reddit user said it was their worst day of drum corps in memory. So I guess I'm wondering, we hear more and more about corps putting emphasis on hiring physical therapists and movement coaches to prevent injury and help them perform at their optimum, but is anything being done to ensure corps get better sleep?
  11. To me ever since 2016 the innovation of the Cadets has been slighlty lack luster do i think they have been working hard yes. But the innovation that has been getting them championships is not currently present. So why not present ideas that could be used. Now this isnt a Cadets roast session, so please feel free to submit ideas, because who knows maybe George is watching.
  12. Check out the revealing and appropriately written and titled Michael BOO! 10/26/2016 Tombstone Story on THE ACADEMY. "The Drum Corpse Bride Graveyard Tour", on dci.org I sure hope DCI Releases on dci.org, video from this show as a Halloween Treat to us DCI fans, It was an absolutely amazing performance: Visually, Muscially, Theatrically, Emotionally and SO Corps Fan Satisfying that even legendary DCI Hall of Famer, Announcer was moved to declare that: "DRUM CORPSE INTERNATIONAL Is Proud to Present: THE ACADEMY. ENJOY!
  13. With the emergence of music based programs versus themed programs (ex. The Cadets 2013) we should start a forum with ideas that would be good music programs. My submission is The Rite of Spring both movements. Also post which corps you think would be best for the music I think crown would make a lit program based on Rite of Spring.
  14. The year is (y). It's mid-July, only a few weeks left in the season, and the (x) drum and bugle corps isn't having the season they'd hoped. Their show isn't coming together like they thought it would, and now they've called you for help. You have full creative freedom, a reasonable budget, and a week to rehearse/implement the changes. How do you save the show? Pick a year (y), pick a corps (x) and a show (previously unmentioned z variable) and let your design skills fly DCP!
  15. So, pick any corps; any year...and what show would you liked to have seen them perform? O.K.....I'll bite. Velvet Knights doing Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" An entire show of music by "RUSH" ...(you pick the corps) Oh, I know...rock-n-roll doesn't "do well" in drum corps. So just use your imagination. :)
  16. The description is hilarious! As a tech who enjoys stealing the drum guy's used inventory, this is right up my alley! Enjoy: http://www.steveweissmusic.com/product/steve-weiss-gock-stick/education-specials#full-description
  17. I know DCI tried to hide recaps this summer, but I say they should go into the complete opposite direction: complete transparency. 1) Make all judge tapes available for download to the public. 2) Videotape all critiques and make them available to the public. To implement this, maybe all judges should wear GoPro-like video recording equipment (with mic, to catch commentary), so we can see their perspective whilst running around the field (or not). Also, the GoPro would be perfect for recording staff behavior in critique. Furthmore, instead of writing anything down after the show, just speak it into the mic, where everyone can hear it (Currently, the judges keep cryptic notes, reminders, number-management chicken scratch...get rid of all of it) Now, before you say "no judge would ever allow this!" I claim it takes pressure off the judges and puts all of it on the STAFF (where it belongs). After all, if the judge is confident in their process, they'd have nothing to hide. And the real exposure would come whilst watching the staff in critique. (obviously, if the staff knows they're being recorded, the staff might behave better.) I call this win-win for the JUDGES, cuz all of us can hear the performances the same way they heard them, and all of us could see/hear the way the staff talked to them after they got their number! This would only make the judging better, because a judge could learn from all of the scrutiny. Any judge not willing to do this would probably quit, and that's OK. Staffs would certainly behave better, except for the most-belligerent (they can't even help themselves, let's be real). Maybe this would put an end to critique altogether, and that's OK too. Wouldn't that be fun? Heck, maybe DCI could sell this as an extra package!
  18. During the Olympic opening ceremony introduction, Meredith Viera commented that Rio chose NO technology and NO props intentionally. They want to bring us their HEART and SOUL! Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful if drum and bugle corps followed their lead? I don't care who can afford the best props or the best electronics. I want to see who can MARCH with your own feet and PLAY your own BUGLE well at the same time! As I the only one anymore?
  19. Over the 15 years of my DCI fandom, there has been a strong move toward explicit theme and direct storytelling. In 2014, Crown did a show about outer space. It's pretty much the consensus view that it wasn't the greatest design, but hear me out. In the beginning of the season, there was the Major Tom introduction, an overly-long but timbrally-intriguing percussion feature, the echo effects etc. One of the (many) great things about Space Oddity by Bowie (RIP) is that it trails off at the end. The listener is left to wonder what happened to the astronaut. Did some small valve on his spaceship fail and cause him to asphyxiate? Did he go into a wormhole? Did mysterious radiation transform him into an interdemensional squid-creature? But in Crown's final narrative with added narration, Major Tom goes into space, some things happen, then he comes home. There's not a lot of space for the audience to contribute to the narrative with their own creativity. One of the reasons that I (and many others) prefer the movie 2001 (an inspiration for the Bowie song) to Arthur C. Clarke's novelization is that it shows, rather than tells. Everything is spelled out in the book, whereas the viewer has to interpret the images, etc. in the film. Drum corps, I argue, is the same way. Would Cadets 2005 been better with giant waterfall props in Liquid? Subtly and discretion can be good things, but I feel like judging is pushing everything to be SO literal and forcing everyone to tell a LITERAL story with a beginning, middle, and end. Drum corps is a ~13 minute audio-visual medium. Hard to tell a simple story in a coherent and compelling way in that time, let alone something deeper, even with narration etc. Even Crown 2013, which some see as the greatest show designer ever, basically comes down to "love is nice." TL;DR: Stop trying so hard to be "deep" and tell some profound story in your show, use music and visuals to create a mood and err on the side of subtly
  20. There was a time when the troopers were in the top 3, a time when Crown was no body, a time when the Cavies dominated, Phantom rocked faces off, My question is "Who do you think is the next world class corps that no body is talking about now, that we could possibly be talking about as a title contender in 3 to 5 years?"
  21. I'm not one to be blown away by trailer music, but the last Star Wars TFA Trailer has been blowing my mind. With BD doing a Star Wars Duel of the Fates back 1999, why not this one. Perhaps Crown or BD could play an arrangement in the lot. I think I might arrange this myself, anyways Could you see these or other corps playing an arrangement of the this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCN9K_a-MpE
  22. If you haven't seen the new, Blue Devils and The Cadets are filming a reality show in 2016 off-season and competition season. Let's play around with this. What areas will the producers be manipulating, er ... mining... for drama? What are the pitches? THE COMPETITION. They are going to have to feed on speculation until they meet. But when they meet, they spend almost the entire last 2 weeks of July head-to-head. (Schedule may not be entirely accurate. I did this very quickly) July 12th - Dekalb TOC July 18th - Warrensburg TOC July 22nd - Houston TOC July 23rd - San Antonio REGIONAL July 25th - Dallas July 27th - Hattiesburg July 29th - Nashville TOC July 30th - Atlanta REGIONAL July 31st - Winston Salem TOC Aug 2nd - Annapolis Aug 5th - Buffalo TOC Aug 11th ~ 13th - Indianapolis LOVE! Boyfriends/girlfriends that tour together! Oh the drama! LOVE across distance! Boyfriends/girlfriends that tour with different corps! Oh the unkown and the drama! LOVE across enemy lines! Boyfriends/girlfriends that tour with the enemy! Specifically BD/Cadets! Staff across enemy lines! This could be tough. Not a lot of crossover between BD and Cadets staff as there is with some other corps. Is there any? Also eligible "this staff marched BD/Cadets but teaches Cadets/BD!" FAMILIA! I march with my bro, sis, etc. Even better ... I march BD/Cadets but my bro, sis etc marches Cadets/BD! :big hug: My mom, dad, grandparents marched here. My mom, dad, grandparents MARCHED WITH THE ENEMY! INTRA-CORPS ADVERSITY Practice is so hard! Little-to-no quality sleep! Weather is bad! (Heat is a given. Days of rain or drought?) Sparse or unappetizing food! (good luck getting the corps to play along with this one) I've been injured! Member has problems at home! Member is here against the odds! How do we fill these holes? Add your pitch for show "drama" topics! Check back later and see what we get right and wrong!
  23. I'm a filmmaker. I communicate in video form. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyzctsA0ZoU Thanks to Minnesota Brass for the access and hang time all last week! Let the Madd circus begin! Their closer features some of Queen's "The Show Must Go On" and I thought it the perfect track for a DCA team who spends most of the season all alone in MN. ;)
  24. Gary, tried to send a PM to you regarding Big Sounds weekend but your inbox is full!
  25. BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME!!! First load of world series astroturf has arrived Help support the corps as we move towards our new home https://www.facebook.com/BlueSaintsDrumandbuglecorps/photos/a.299341480168509.46797.244957045606953/599991250103529/?type=1&theater
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