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2010 Bluecoats Baritone Solo

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Here is the Baritone solo from Asphalt Cocktail that I played. Isn't EXACTLY as Doug wrote it, but I put my own spin on a few measures.

Try it out! It was an incredible experience working on and playing throughout the season.

Dude, that was ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Did anyone else every learn that, just in case you got hurt or something? There aren't many out there who could even play it, I'm sure.

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One or two others said they TRIED to learn it but gave up. So I suppose if I HAD gotten injured... it would of been switched to a synth solo and had someone fake it... or just have me chill on the sideline the entire show. THANK GOD I did not, that would of been a terrible age-out.

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Would have been GREAT if we could have heard it un altered , instead of that octave divider.

Great playing though.

became one of my 3 LEAST favorite moments of 2010

1-Cavies soloists trying to scream into a mic.

2- Bluecoats bari soloist ruined by octave divider

3-Jeffrey .

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You did a fantastic job with this all year. I personally loved the special electronic effects...very Don Ellis and very appropriate for this GREAT show for the 2010 'Coats.

Congrats to you and all of your fellow members. My favorite show of the year!

Ditto. Loved the electronic effect, and totally dug the bari solo in and of itself; more so now that I see it on paper. Great work, and congrats on a successful year!

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