DCI Southeastern Regional - July 28, 2018

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Hope there’s no mic issues for their singer

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So the only show you connected with was about being stranded, lost and needing help?

I didn't realize she was Norwegian.

Bluecoats - going on after SCV and BD was certainly going to be a challenge, but they rose to the occasion and blew us away. Definitely not a dull moment in this show. Vocalist wasn't as loud as I was

Maybe best SCV show ever, which is saying something (although 1999 may give it a run for its money).

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46 minutes ago, BlueStainGlass said:

WHERES @Hook'emCavies??!?

I just got off of work and I am relaxing to a nice cold glass of Saint Arnold Oktoberfest beer. My personal favorite seasonal..... and working on my reviews of the shows I saw last week :D


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3 minutes ago, jwillis35 said:

3 minutes ago, shofmon88 said:

The broadcast mics for Flo don’t disappear between corps or move (the ones I saw for Crown certainly are absent for SCV). If they were mics for soloists, they wouldn’t be taller than the MMs by a head or more.


Crown seems to have used them for highlighting small ensemble work. There were times when sections, particularly high brass, were staged in front of the mics. I don’t know what it’s like live, but over the broadcast you can hear the time delay between the speakers and acoustic brass sound.



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Are you going to cry now...or just accept that you don't have the facts. Write Crown a letter and tell them how unhappy you are. 

I’m not sure what you’re trying to provoke from me here. I wrote to DCI last season about this very thing. Obviously, they received enough feedback to address it in the rules conference, but that went nowhere.

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2 minutes ago, Tim K said:

Not to diminish Crown’s steady improvement, but BAC  tied Crown in Orlando, and Boston Crusaders have been known to gain momentum in Atlanta and the momentum continues, especially at their home show and Allentown. When will the move be made? It could be tonight, perhaps Chester, possibly Allentown.


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