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Flo S#cks, For everyone. Period. Unless you are the only person watching.. Ever..

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7 hours ago, Glenn426 said:

Give me the option, let me chose what I want to pay

Or give DCI's Marketing dept a swift kick in the nuts and welcome them to the 21st Century of Streaming platform and revenue generation. There are so many ways that DCI can monetize the activity so that the exposure for Paying Vendors and sponsors is ramped up that this group of Dino's are not aware of or exposed to. That would keep the cost for us the paying customer at similar levels.

This is the Apex of the Marching Arts the technology is there for this to generate much more money than it currently is.

the problem is there arent enough subscribers to justify the cost for the handful that will want what you want. It's not like a million people subscribe to FloMarching. 


oh and sponsors in the activity paying more? You're kidding right? DCI is BAND to the world, and advertisers from major to minor companies refuse to see any value in it, except Rocket Mortgage which will advertise on anything....and they just gave Flo a blanket deal to be on everything they show.

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6 hours ago, BlueStainGlass said:

That has nothing to do with what I was saying. The source for videos was fannetwork and when that went down DCI found another way to get the product out to it's customers. Neulion was God awful but better than not being able to see. Flo has done a great job and continue to get better in an activity that they luckily stream. They could stick to just sports if they wanted and then everyone would ##### that we get nothing to watch. They've got more content now that beats the looped video of intermission sound last year. 

want to put stuff on Youtube? Gotta pay for it. Think DCI just puts it up there on their channel at no cost?


and to be honest, if not for Flo, no one else wanted to touch it. Why? Licensing.

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5 hours ago, Glenn426 said:

These right holders have to have a pay per use fee that flo can have data on how many times a video was viewed and by whom. So if no one wants the service then the fees are reduced.

I'm sure that Spotify has a pay per listen license on their music. My point is that there has to be a way for us to get back to this:


Look at this majesty. On demand channels for each corps...

Gimme gimme. 

There is....you willing to cut that check?

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5 hours ago, tedrick said:

how can dci have content on their website from over 10 years ago still available?

there's no videos. click on of the links.

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5 hours ago, oldbandguy said:

OP... curious as to what you are basing your estimate of 20K-30K subscribers?  It's my understanding that actual number is MUCH smaller.

I'd be amazed it's even 10k

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4 hours ago, Glenn426 said:


Thank you for the posts, I can't help but feel like there is predatory dealings (similar to insurance companies) from Tresona, they say they want to help keep companies from breaking the law but really all they did was exploit loopholes in the rules to maximize their profit. They jumped in scared the crap out of DCI and got DCI to bend to their will. You never hear about copyright stuff from the corps or the artist or DCI.. it is always the lawyers, the media companies or the ones who stand to make money off of the product that doesn't belong to them.

Also it seems like DCI is going through a lot of hassle to get these blurays out. Who the hell even buys blurays or DVD anymore? I would much rather they focus their efforts on getting an on demand service during the year. And streamable shows after the year which flo is already doing, but making them as hard to find as possible.

you can try and sue tresona if you want. But they'll tie you up in court so long you go bankrupt. thats how those companies work. they pay people to surf the web all day to look for offenses.


and blu rays have a far better return on investment.

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1 minute ago, oldbandguy said:

And of that possible 10K...how many are just for a month or two bringing in $30-60...


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8 hours ago, Cappybara said:

Seriously I'm so tired of people complaining. They expect way too much from a streaming service of a very niche product/activity.

Sure, we were all spoiled by the Fan Network.

But it is an appalling shame, if you love this activity, that video options have become so limited due to the greed of rights holders.

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5 minutes ago, Jeff Ream said:

you can try and sue tresona if you want. But they'll tie you up in court so long you go bankrupt. 

Exactly.  Tresona could have made things MUCH worse for DCI had they wanted to.  It was not their goal to put DCI out of business and it's my understanding that they appreciated the fact that DCI wanted to do things "the right way."  

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