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Carolina Crown 2022


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Just wanted to start this thread back up since Crown had their first 2022 camp this past weekend, and I also wanted to know if anyone attended their full music ensemble on Sunday and would like to spare some thoughts on what they heard and saw. Hope everyone is having a good holiday season and continues to stay safe and healthy!

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Crown updated their website with the full staff for 2022


Of note:

Andy Ebert, Aaron Guidry, Richard Craven all added to the design side.

Personally love Guidry's stuff -- it was always the orchestration that killed his drum corps efforts.  It works great in the MB world.  Craven is from the  Blue Man Group and is listed as a performance coach.  Will be interesting to see what impact he has.  Ebert was a long time Vis Caption Head for Crown.    His contributions will certainly be welcome on the visual side.

Brass-wise things are fine.

Percussion-wise the contributions of Travis and his team have been invaluable.  No worries there.

IMHO what Crown needs for 2022 is much higher quality guard staging, more effective writing and earlier cleaning.  Although Rick Subel's ideas work really well indoor on a small stage, he does not seem to have the same success on the football field.  And Jeff seems to depend heavily on the guard caption for staging.   Tyler Edrington and his choreographers need to be contributing not only in writing effective work but in creating effective staging.  

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1 hour ago, rmurrey74 said:

Talk about a lack of diversity....wow.

I was definitely going to comment on that but I didn’t want to get bashed for it.

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