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Carolina Crown 2024

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9 hours ago, TOC said:

Can only imagine what a top DCI brass line could do with this piece by Anuna.  Only the first performance, even if not completed yet, of Riverdance.  Pretty good start for an intermission group. The crowd went nuts.  



Awesome! But the male MC's hair is disturbing on several levels. 😂 

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2 hours ago, karuna said:

What a strong year for the People's Front Ensemble and CrownDrums.


"The People's Timpanist"! Loved watching & listening to her skills this summer. Her tuning & finesse @10:49 :worthy: 

Love the percussion book; "tasty beats"! Incredible on my Dr Dres    

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What a treat to have Crownguard auditions here at Tarpon Springs. Only 45mins from me!

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8 minutes ago, DCIFan2022 said:

ru going?!!!?

Unfortunately I won’t be able to (#### work 😢) but I do have 2 former students who are auditioning. I’m sure I’ll get the scoop on how things were.

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4 hours ago, karuna said:

I’ve seen, They are definitely twirling! I heard a lot of returners were present which is great. My kids have been loving the new dance approach with Jean.

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