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15 hours ago, Boss Anova said:

Seems so . However , I thought Tony Lymon resigned at Crown  , but  that Rick Subel  “ was let go “ there . But don’t hold me to it , as I’m only privy to what I hear via the rumor mills out and about .

Thanks for sharing.  That could certainly explain it..

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1 hour ago, contraguard05 said:

Any chance BK picked him up as well as Lymon?

I thought of that possibility as well . I think his future destination could also be Phantom Regiment or Bluecoats in some capacity . He has been at Bluecoats , Phantom ( and SCV ) before .  He currently works with Jeff Sactig at WGI’s current Guard Champion Paramount , so Cadets could be a landing stop for him too .  Spirit of Atlanta could be a long shot possibility . I think he resides in Georgia if not mistaken . 



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13 minutes ago, corps8294 said:

Who is the brass instructor at Crown who always gets over-the-top animated when he directs the hornline? The guy has been there for a long time. 


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2 hours ago, craiga said:

Maybe somebody poached him.

ok this made me laugh out loud. well played

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5 hours ago, gbass598 said:

It's funny how anytime someone leaves a job on this site the automatic assumption is they were fired or "told to resign"

It is possible for people to decide to leave positions on their own.

I heard a couple weeks ago that it was Crown’s decision but I can’t say first hand what really happened.

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