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The Staff Merry-go-round

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49 minutes ago, Algernon said:

Rick Subel was sacked, right?

While I haven't gotten into most of the shows since Keith Potter left for BAC, I hope they have someone "better" lined up if they're going to make this move. Placement-wise, it's hard to argue with Subel's success (though many elements go into this kind of decision, presumably). 

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1 hour ago, lifeisaround said:

The Cadets, Jacob Gall, posted on facebook he will not be returning. 

Jacob Gall is a huge loss in my opinion as someone who has been with the corps since 2006, teaching since 2009. 

Long tenure during his era with changes in the percussion section design/leadership but he remained through it all. Wishing him the best of luck on his new adventures, wishing the cadets a huge positive vibe trying to find a replacement 

HOLY CRAP! This is big! 

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36 minutes ago, BlueStainGlass said:

dk when i missed it but Genesis has Blue Stars co visual caption head and one of the vis staff as drill writer and caption head now. Interesting 

Per Gems website: 



  • Tim Leonelli - Brass Design/Music Supervisor/Brass Creative

  • Jon Anderson - Percussion Arranger

  • Luke Zamprelli - Drill Designer & Visual Supervisor

  • Ryan Stratford - Visual Caption Head


  • Key Poulan - Brass Arranger/Winds & Music Supervisor

  • Mike Huestis - Percussion Arranger

  • Brooks Anderson - Drill, Visual, & Lighting Designer

  • George Salinas - Visual Caption Head

Change of Title

  • Anthony Cruddas - Brass Consultant to Creative Team Coordinator

  • Frank Solis - Brass Caption Head to Educational Staff Coordinator

  • Bill Hawkes - Brass Technician to Brass Caption Head

  • Shaka Hawkins - Brass Technician to Ensemble Specialist

  • Amanda Stevenson - Brass Technician to Ensemble Specialist

  • Tyler McClendon - Percussion Co-Caption Head to Percussion Supervisor

  • Scott Lowe - Percussion Caption Head

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