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Post on Reddit about SoA

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25 minutes ago, Mello Dude said:

Find me something not 10+ years old.  Also, it does happen.

Best practice is to NOT go on social media but to open a Police report.

I would like to clarify this latest Reddit, am I mistaken this is someone that isn't actually involved is reporting this?  This seemed 3rd person?

Depends if they ARE a survivor; see my question.  I haven't come down on anyone.

The resource is from 2021-22.

Social media is not best practice, true, but something desperate survivors/reporters do. Your verging on victim blaming when you 1. assume they haven't gone to the police and 2. assume that what you know the circumstances well enough to tell the survivor/reporter what to do.

We don't know if this person is a survivor or not. There's a very real possibly that they are. If they aren't, which again, we cannot know, then they are risking the survivors' safety by outing them. To that end, if true, and I've agreed with you, social media can be detrimental.

But again, it's a desperate act. They further report that they have blown the proper whistleblowing channels, but didn't feel heard. That would lead anyone to desperation.

I'm trying not to make this personal. You speak with a voice similar to the detractors in the reddit thread, so I emphasized what I and others see there, which is uninformed people coming down on a reporter.

Trust me, I'll implicate you directly if it's crucial in doing so. If I don't do that, it's best to assume I'm not accusing you of anything.

17 minutes ago, Lance said:

all you do with victim blamers is reinforce their beliefs if you engage with them in any way.  just sayin. 

Thank you for this reminder. But I'm not doing this to convince them. I'm doing this to counter them for other survivors out there who may have trouble finding their voice and language to use.

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If it’s the same group of knucklehead apologists that were on there a while back (following the DCI suspension), there’s almost no point in trying to engage them online. I tried briefly once but quickly walked away after realizing it was pointless.

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I saw and felt ill. And some the replies made me feel worse

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6 hours ago, Mello Dude said:

1. I dunno anymore about that.

2. They absolutely needed to quash that.  Even IF it is true you can't just accuse people without due process.  I feel like a broken record with you on this.  There is a right way to go about this and it's the police.  If you can go on social media, you can file a report with the police.

If you are going on reddit without filing a police report and are encouraging this...just no.  You can actually hurt your case doing this.

You can’t convict without due process. But you can absolutely make allegations. That’s what makes them allegations. 

And there is an entire range of social behaviors — including many forms of bullying, especially online — that the police can’t really do anything about. It’s not a cure-all. Victims fail or are slow to report for plenty valid reasons that even the police and lawmakers have grown aware of. So it’s more complicated than “tell the police.” 

Anyway - people want to feel like these organizations have their safety and best interests at heart. That’s what’s at stake. The police aren’t going to help you with that. DCI apparently can’t even help you with that. 


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10 hours ago, scheherazadesghost said:

But I do have the heart to sympathize with young people who may not understand that. I don't jump down their throats for not thinking like a fully grown adult who knows the full spectrum of options available to them. 

All marchers are taking participant safety training.  The goal of that should be to ensure that they all know the full spectrum of options available to them.

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