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  1. Not only do I like it, I wish there’d be a required piece for every drum corps for a few minutes to see how different it would be amongst them.
  2. Bruckner8

    2018 Programs & Playlist

    It’s the new me: trying to be polite.
  3. Bruckner8

    2018 Programs & Playlist

    You rang? Lol. Hey didn’t cavies already try this in 2015? I’m stoked to see what Crown does with it!
  4. Bruckner8

    2018 Rules proposals

    No. MA is the worst-judged caption, IMO, and now we just made it worse. Not only will we have 1 poorly-trained, clueless ensemble person, but now we'll have two. I'd like it better if they said "We'll use two people, but they will confer with each other, and come up with one number." But as it is now, when you take two entities, A and B, both with 50% chance of being qualified, you end up with a solution that is 25% qualified. Don't get me wrong: It is BY FAR one of the most difficult things to judge, with many responsibilities, and the electronics just makes it harder. I wish they had proposed an entirely new school of educating MA judges instead!
  5. Bruckner8

    A: Competitive Inertia

    Sorry, BRASSO, I knew someone would ask for that, but I really don't have the time to find the exact show. It was somewhere where the top 4 at the time were 1,2,3,4 in lockstep, so BD, SCV, Crown, and Bloo must have all been there.
  6. Bruckner8

    A: Competitive Inertia

    Not only did you not "read a lot of this," you didn't even read all of the original post, cuz I covered all of this. Stability is key. Success breeds success, duh. CI only tried to explain two things: 1) When it's close, the nod will always go to the corps that has already done it. (I also said this was human nature, and I don't blame the judges one bit) 2) The data says "One won't win unless one fist comes in 2nd or 3rd in a prior year, and chances are better when it's recent" BD as more inertia than ANYONE, PERIOD, AND THEY'VE EARNED IT. THEY ARE ALWAYS DARN GOOD. Let's say an entirely new corps from a different country came over here, and was "as good as" BD. Do you think that corps would ever get a tenth when it's that close? HELL NO. It's human nature to stick with the known, especially when the known has made calls, talked to you in critique for 20 years, etc IT'S HUMAN NATURE (I'm trying to be clear that I don't think it's unfair, per se) That new corps will have to be 2 points better in order to win by a tenth. "Better luck next year, buddy!" Make no mistake: GAINES IS FULL OF INERTIA. Not only is he THAT GOOD, but everyone gives him an extra tenth just because of the history! And I have no problem with's human nature...the entire point of the CI theory is to acknowledge it, understand it, embrace it, work with it! Build your own CI! Now, a brand new judge, has to listen to all the dos and don'ts. You're kidding yourself if you think they're given a clean slate. No way. They are "taught" how to manage numbers (code for "slotting properly"). Boston: All of those acquisitions have mad respect in the judging community (CI), and they're very good at what they do. Boston's placement is not a surprise. Cadets are losing CI faster than we can observe. They should probably be even lower (last year and this year). I covered this phenom in the original post too.
  7. Bruckner8

    A: Competitive Inertia

    Safe for another year! But at least SCV, Cavies and Boston are relevant again! We'll need Boston to win without first coming in 2nd or 3rd in a prior year to debunk CI. The inner games were so strong and obvious this year, it's almost comical. Did you see some of the shows this summer where every single sub-caption lined up exactly with the placement? I claim it's STATISTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. I mean, every single corps miraculously achieved at exactly the same rate as the rep! And they weren't even better or worse than any other competitor in those subs! amazing! /sarc We need Boston to win soon, and to do it without first coming in 2nd or 3rd. I'd love it if they won next year. Probably 4th is the best they can hope for...and then maybe 1st in 2019? Trust me, I want CI debunked.
  8. Bruckner8

    Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Nailed it, on all counts. I hope they don't change a thing except find a legion of people to manage props so that members don't have their souls sucked from them.
  9. When they march, they need to march better together, in uniform fashion. When they play, they need to play better together. Everything else is fair game for individual expression, but there's no grey area for stuff that clearly needs to be uniform. Everything they're doing has been focused on individual expression and rightfully so. It's a long season. They are tightening everything down every second What I don't get is this: the inertia favors SCV and BD so much that crown and Bloo won't change anyone's mind, no matter what they do. At one point, Bloo was 0.5 ahead of SCV in brass, and rightlfully so, even now. But the judges know that SCV doesn't have a prayer to win unless they are at least 3rd. So it goes.
  10. Bruckner8

    Which Corps are using Euphoniums?

    Bluecoats: 8 baris and 16 euphs since 2010. All Yamaha. #signaturesound
  11. Spot on, as usual. Look, BD and the judges have decided that clean is going to be in vogue again in 2017. BD's performance and cleanliness *IS* their GE! Cuz their show certainly isn't ground breaking, nor forward-looking in any way! Bloo has timing demand and electronic demand that no one has any clue about. Crown is play notes...very simple, predictable notes. Absolutely nothing special, with very little "small group" exposure. Bloo, BD and to some extent SCV have more exposure. If anything, Crown's overuse of gimmickry is ruining the music. Gianini 3 sounded more impressive when SCV did it in 1983! But yea, if Bloo can approach championship levels of clean feet and performance, it will get very interesting.
  12. The color changes as the turn is made. This is transotional and makes perfect sense. What no judge has yet grasped is that the synth is NOT PLAYING on the last chord!! That sub octave low Eb is created by the writing and Bloo's intonation. Yes, it is amplified (duh) but it is not processed in any way. The bottom line is that this event is designed for amplification, period. The hornline is amazing no matter what. Plenty of non-amped stuff to hear it, lol.
  13. Bruckner8

    Can Cadets medal?

    Someone needs to get the five thirty eight people involved, and assign percentages to each corps' chance of medalling/winning/making finals/etc. I'd put Cadets chances of medaling at about 2%. It will take an uncharacteristic collapse by those with good chances to make it happen.
  14. Their use of electronics is as groundbreaking (again). The 3rd dimension is explored a lot more than DSU. Other than that, it's just drummin, spinnin and blowin to the max!
  15. As long as tubas can still be heard, bring on the goo! When tubas are covered, severe point penalties should result.