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  1. The color changes as the turn is made. This is transotional and makes perfect sense. What no judge has yet grasped is that the synth is NOT PLAYING on the last chord!! That sub octave low Eb is created by the writing and Bloo's intonation. Yes, it is amplified (duh) but it is not processed in any way. The bottom line is that this event is designed for amplification, period. The hornline is amazing no matter what. Plenty of non-amped stuff to hear it, lol.
  2. Someone needs to get the five thirty eight people involved, and assign percentages to each corps' chance of medalling/winning/making finals/etc. I'd put Cadets chances of medaling at about 2%. It will take an uncharacteristic collapse by those with good chances to make it happen.
  3. Their use of electronics is as groundbreaking (again). The 3rd dimension is explored a lot more than DSU. Other than that, it's just drummin, spinnin and blowin to the max!
  4. As long as tubas can still be heard, bring on the goo! When tubas are covered, severe point penalties should result.
  5. DCI is outdoor summer winter guard with full hornline accompaniment, as I've been saying since mid 90s.
  6. Ya know, it's entirely possible for every corps to improve (Quality), and placements to change dramatically from the previous year. We'd call that a fantastic year for drum corps. It's very rare that an established corps's performance quality goes down; it usually stays the same or improves. This is what all winter hype is based on. What really separates the corps these days isn't known until competitions start: the quality of the visual design and its perform-ability...this is what changes most often throughout the summer. It's the most difficult part of designing a show. We know we're going to get amazing music and performance from almost everybody, especially the top 3-6 from last year. We have almost no clue about anyone's overall show, since no one has put it all on the field yet. We only have a few show titles, corps sponsored videos, music selections, and t-shirt designs lol. That said, any corps at place X has to hope that any corps above X will stumble in their visual design and/or perform-ability, or they have to come out with a mind-blowing new design AND perform it AND improve on their music writing AND its performance. I'd argue that only SCV and Boston are well-positioned to do that. Everyone else has to hope for an epic stumble, ala Cadets 2016, Phantom 2009, Cavies 2012, Madison 2000, 2007.
  7. First of all, this is old news. But one thing Crown does consistently better than Star ever did is perform musically in emotional fashion. Dance of vengeance? More like a Strauss waltz. Their timing was freakin impeccable tho.
  8. OMG, who F-ing cares?? I taught the Glassmmen hornline back when they first made finals. Of course I wished they'd all stay, and I taught them about loyalty and building their own brand. Most did. But the few that went on to higher-placing corps remained my friends, and I was very happy for them. My first go-round with Bluecoats brass (2006-2011) saw similar things, except the retention was much higher. Again, for the 1-2 members who switched (and not always higher!), we remain friends and I was happy for them. Then I taught SCV 2012-2015, and back at Bloo in 2016, where I met one member taking the corps switch to a new level: three years of SCV, then 2016 at Bloo, and this year at BD. I'm certainly going to miss her, after investing 4 years in her drum corps development, but I don't begrudge her one bit. I wish I had done the same thing! In fact, fundamentally, if we were to REALLY put the member first, we'd ENCOURAGE corps switching, just for the sole purpose of learning the diversity of ideas out there.
  9. As long as the donor is kept in the loop, I'm down, cuz the donor created the condition NOT THE CORPS. (This not a subtle thing, but it's being glossed over.) technically the donor should get that money back!
  10. I get your enthusiasm for some kind of transfer policy. I'd argue that it already exists in that minimal form of DCI policy. What you're arguing for is MORE RESTRICTION as if to prevent Crown from having the policy they have. I can't get behind any transfer policy that restricts corps from being creative about member retention and/or financing. One more thing: there's no such thing as "forgiving dues." Yeah, it might look like that to the member, and a corps may have even used those words. But in the books, that member's cost to the organization is covered, somehow, through scholarship, anon donor, BOD kitty, etc. If a member doesn't pay, it would be written off as bad debt. Thus any "due forgiveness" would have to be dealt with the same way. I don't think that's legal. (You can't really project a bad debt like that. Imagine if they did that for the entire corps...not possible. However, it IS possible to find real scholarship money for every member. )
  11. I read the entire thread; took an hour. Already covered: 1) DCI's policy on switching corps. 2) Crown's payback policy. Not covered: 1) what happens if BAC allows member to march knowing the outstanding debt exists? 2) does the member have recourse against Crown since - for all intents and purposes - Crown's instructional leadership had changed so drastically that the member can claim "bait n switch?" IOW Crown is an intitely different organization as far as the member is concerned (esp if the rumors are true that said instructional leadership was instrumental in recruiting said member) Might render the contract unenforceable.
  12. My take on the G vs Bb debate, after marching and teaching both of them, at very high and low levels of placement: 1) BITD, there were only a few EXCELLENT hornlines any given year. Today, the degradation of quality happens much further down the placements. Compare any 6th place hornline from the 90s with a 6th place hornline today (especially lot videos), and I think you'll agree that the modern 6th place hornline sounds better. Why? I suspect that B-flats are easier to play (smaller) and the players are more familiar with them, thus it doesn't take all summer to find the center! 2) Only when the Bb hornlines grew to 80 members (with 16 contras) did I stop longing for G bugles. Those who say they can't tell the difference, I envy you. I didn't even pay attention to drum corps between 2000 and 2006 (cuz i hated the 64-member Bb hornlines). By 2006, I was on staff (Bloo), vouching for larger contra lines, euphs, and larger hornlines. Finally, Crown made it crystal clear in 2008, and I didn't have to argue anymore. I've enjoyed all of the 80-member hornlines since then. Why? Acoustically, the "chorus effect" of having more players, combined with the larger ratio of contras has compensated for the large bores (but smaller numbers) of the G Bugle lines. Granted, I miss listening to the keys of C and G (awful on Bb), but the color change isn't as drastic (and I'm getting old...probably can't hear as well!) 3) In my dreamworld, I like the idea of bigger instruments (for outdoors), but I also like having more color in the spectrum. My sonic palette is mostly orchestral, so I like listening to things in "sharp keys," I'd probably use Bugles in G *and* C. IMagine a contra line with 8 contras in G and 8 in C (4th higher)...the kind of octaves you could get with that. The Euphs would be in G, and the baris in C. I'm a fan of the French Horn G Bugle, no matter how unwieldy...gimme a section of those! The Mellos and Trumpets would both have G and C, with the orchestral C Trumpet as my top voice. (Pic G for special occasions) Finally, can these new "B-flat Bugles" convey the richness and fatness of sound as an excellent G line? Can the manufacturer produce them at a lower price? (cuz no matter how good it is, it won't happen unless the price is cheaper than current Bb) Will they be easier to play than their G counterparts? Will the quality control be high enough that every instrument off the line will be indistinguishable from the next?
  13. And we're assuming Cadets have hit a skid and Cavies won't improve.
  14. Then you must have the same feeling about one the current top 3 to fall down. It's an interesting question: which if the current top 3 is most likely to fall out?
  15. As an alum who plans on doing the alumni corps (which is all about retreads), I hope SCV's world class show in 2017 has ALL NEW MUSIC, preferably never done by anybody.