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  1. Posted on Instagram: Cavies Brass hosting Auditions in JAPAN definitely some talent to be found
  2. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    Favs: 2006 Machine 2010 Mad World 2008 Samurai 2003 Spin Cycle 2000 Niagra Falls HM: 2002 Frameworks/2016 Propaganda Least: 2009 Great Divide 2005 My Kind of Town 2015 Game On 2012 15 Minutes of Fame 2013 Secret Society
  3. The Cavaliers and the Ladies

    there are forty something corps (world/open) out there with young ladies in their membership that wish they could've finished the 2017 dci season in 4th. I think the Cavaliers are doing just fine.
  4. Age Outs

    Multiple pictures on social media as well as those posted by the Cavaliers on Facebook are showing 33. While the pics may be wrong I would find it odd the the cavaliers would post a pic captioned "thanks to all the age outs", and be missing 10 members from the pic. At finals I remember counting the number from the stands as well, and was surprised it was in the low thirties. Id attach the pic if I knew how, but it's right there on the Facebook page dated August 12th.
  5. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Hmm... while I won't argue that the Cavaliers do need their most help in the brass/music analysis you forget that they only finished .1 in brass and .2 in Music Analysis behind the Bluecoats at finals. It might be your opinion that they were overscored but it wasn't the opinion of the judges throughout the summer that consistently had them in that 5th spot and a few times bettering SCV in brass. youre talking about a corps that won 5 championships and finished in the top three 11 times since 2000. To say that there are top 4 corps in the activity and then basically everyone else is a little misconstrued. Based on history the top 4 corps in the activity are BD, Cadets, Cavaliers and SCV. The last few years I would add Crown and Bluecoats being the Top Six with Phantom right there. What you say about the Cavies needing help in music can be said the same about Bloo needing help visually and the big reason they were knocked out of fourth. I think a better statement then naming a top 4 would be saying something like, there are 5/7 corps that will be contending for a medal next year (I would never ever count out the Cadets).
  6. If you think the Cavaliers were loudest in amplification you must of not watched a Bluecoats show live. I literally had to hold my ears during finals the sound was so loud coming through the speakers during Bloo and I'm not exaggerating. There were so many examples of instrumentation being back field yet the sound was coming from the speakers and not just during the ballad. My frustration lies not with amplified for volume but what SCV did mixing/amplifying the small group to make it sound like the full corps was playing the parts throughout the whole show.
  7. Age Outs

    Brasso, thanks for compiling the list. It appears you were listing in order of finals placement. I know it looks strange, but Cavaliers should be 4th and Bluecoats 5th. Just I kid, I kid...
  8. Age Outs

    I know 11 guard. Don't know rest of breakdown.
  9. Age Outs

    I'll start. Cavaliers (33) Depending on attrition, they should be returning a talented veteran corps. Love that they've already updated social media focusing on 2018 auditions.
  10. The Cavaliers 2017

    I was typing the scores in phone, already had Cavaliers typed in at 5th. Never been more happy I was wrong lol.
  11. The Cavaliers 2017

  12. It was sooooo bad from where I'm sitting 10 rows up on the 45 I had to hold my ears.
  13. The Cavaliers 2017

    Soooo much better tonight. Great run. A few glitches. Save the best for tomorrow. only thing to make this show would be an homage to 95 and have a guard member at the end with rotating Mars. If you know 95 you know what I mean. Lol. Too late to think. .3 from Bloo. Let's do this.
  14. Hmmmmm....let me take a guess which one(s).
  15. Cadets 2017

    Wasn't sure to mention or not but.... this has nothing to do with the amazing performers on the field but... okay here it is. not a practicing Catholic, in fact far from it, but this show design is incredibly disrespectful to Christianity. In fact to the point of being offensive. Not to mention the waaaaay overdesign. People in the crowd around me did not stand. Another lady behind me was in shock when the Jesus character came on to the field. Another sat shaking her head. Don't get me started with all the dancing crosses and bibles. this show is way overdesigned and tasteless. I'm sorry. Nothing against the talented hardworking members. beautiful music from an amazing composer that was simply way over designed, sometimes less is more. Strsngely enough though, I do find it better then last years show lol.