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    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    I knew that one was coming lol. Think she has ADD or something. She can’t sit still. Like 18years old. I can tell you the contents of her purse, her friends name on Facebook and she took let phone apart to clean it. Other then that my seat is Amazing lol

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    Girl sitting next to me has flipped her hair on to me at least 50 times....ugh

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    Great show BK. But man is that guard not one of their strong points.

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    Crowd being stingy with the standing O’s
  5. Agreed on all points
  6. Opinion improved after last night. Much better then the Denton show. Amazing how much uniforms add to the effect, really is incredible. Guard again had a rough run, not as many drops as Thursday night but still quite a few. Love the difficult tosses during the big moments, especially the opening hit but I’ve yet to see it clean this season, always a drop. It really does take away from that big opening moment. Instead of over the shoulder catch maybe simplify and clean it as to not ruin the moment. Sometime less is more. Again no tarps last night. Electronic sound was better but still not great, some effects were lost in the stands creating down moments in the music. Few drill sets that really need to be cleaned up and seems like the same spots with each viewing. Ending felt better with costumes, but still missing something. Like I previously mentioned feel like the whole “what a world” section needs something to really bring the crowd to it’s feet. Think the gap between Cavies and Crown should be much closer (maybe .5ish) but agree with placement. Order of performance might have had something to do with it also.
  7. ...and I know of one in particular that will reap the benefits
  8. Hope so. Like I said, I’m following along for the Texas tour. As far as my issues with design the GE scores don’t seem to be there, so there’s obviously something that needs to be done. This also is probably my favorite show from them since Mad World as well, just hoping they can take it to next level with some tweaks.

    Denton, TX - July 19, 2018

    92. First championship for the Cavaliers.
  10. Sooooooo..... here we go. Okay. I’m a big Cavaliers supporter and defender and homer. But...just got to hotel from the Denton show, and have to say I’m kind of bummed about the night. of course the elements played the biggest factor on tonight’s performance. -no uniforms, hence no costume changes. No effect. -kids practiced all day in the heat, so the performance was tired (not their fault) -Denton is one of those weird stadiums where the drum major is in the stands and the speakers produce no sound. Couldn’t hear any of the effects nor front ensemble cause the sound basically hits a brick wall. -no tarps -because of wind, no major guard exchanges and I’d say at least 15 drops. Again, not the corps fault but nonetheless disappointing for my first live viewing of the season. Now that I’ve seen it live, let’s talk design. -the ending (last minute) does absolutely nothing to engage the crowd or bring them to their feet. I’m hoping they have something up their sleeve. - the big cages need some color or painted black or something but right now visually they’re not fitting the color palate of the show. Before or after the creativity section. The turf green bottom with natural wood paneling is blah. - the change from “madness” to “creativity” needs more of a transition. Right now the concept of madness leading to creativity is getting lost. I think that’s why people are getting confused by the “oh what a world section”. -think the first half of the show is fantastic but second half has some design issues and needs some rethinking. Not quite sure how Vanishing Act leads into Oh What A World. Have three more shows this weekend hoping for the best!!!
  11. Just got back to the hotel after the Denton show. Hate to say it but I wish I skipped it :( ( and no I don’t want my money back lol)

    Denton, TX - July 19, 2018

    Maybe 1/2 hour later???? On Cavies FB page daily schedule it has them performing at 10:58. Believe they were originally scheduled for 10:30. Not confirmed though.

    Denton, TX - July 19, 2018

    At the airport now...Texas here I come!!!!! Excited for a great four days of drum corps. Haven’t done the Texas tour since 2010.
  14. His daughter has the opportunity to march with 22 other World Class corps. No one is taking anything away from anyone’s daughter. And I’m pretty sure that man was not worried about his daughters equality, but more his sons masculinity. It’s interesting to me that so many are upset about this but do we see coed nfl teams? What about the nba? I’m sure there are plenty softball players that can hit a baseball, why not in the mlb? I could go on and on about roles/organizations/concepts in society that have gender double standards that are deemed as acceptable. Both for and against men as well as women.
  15. You cannot be serious with this. I would understand your point if this was an organization that was purposely misogynistic. It’s not. Just because an organization celebrates brotherhood and fraternity but also honors the feminine does not make it hypocritical. Because an organization with 70 years of history and successes (and continues to be successful) as an all male organization chooses to not allow women in their corps does not make them sexist. To me this closer is witty and fun. Men read fashion magazines. Men shop. Some wear make up. We cry. A time not to long ago these things were not considered “manly”. Hell...being in “band” was not considered manly. To me this closer makes fun of the modern day man. Reading your post, especially the last paragraph makes me incredibly sad. And no there is not an “inconvenient truth” in anything you stated.