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  1. I see your point. However I just don't see Blue Stars being able to beat Blue Devils anytime soon. They would be able to have an actual championship to vie for...
  2. That's a recipe for FOLDING.
  3. I agree the "minimum" number of 55 is insane, around 40 or below should be a "soundsport" group - say 16-22 brass, 12-22 percussion and 6-12 guard depending on how they break out their numbers. It's a "one bus" realistic corps Yes - SoundSport is effectively a "new class" (sometimes) comprised for rookie corps moving toward our current "open class" (which I redefine as "Regional Class") Yes - it doesn't matter "what the original intent" was, it is what it is. The need for an "additional class" does exist. Especially for the 25th-8th ranked corps IMO
  4. Another option. My "labels" just better (more obviously) define the touring model Regional Class - our current Open, do not tour nationally National Class - our current World Class, tour nationally World Class - our current "G7" - tour nationally but cannot compete at the National Class Championships (on Friday night of Championship Week) The Top 3 from National Class Championships (Friday) advance to Saturday When it comes to "labels" I like mine obvious. lol
  5. "Uh, no." isn't a debate winning argument. But no "try again" as we simply disagree and that's fine!
  6. Cadets 2018

    Exactly. Well - my "break" has been filled with "work" but yet, a breather now and then is a good thing
  7. Cadets 2018

    Deciding to remain in the Bernstein agreement (or not) isn't really "picking a show" now is it? I'm fine. Just been busy at work - very. #lifehappens I know they had meetings beginning over the weekend of September 10th to start defining/contracts for the techs and the last couple design folks for guard and visual - that much Hopkins made public My other understanding were meetings in NYC to determine is it Lenny or not for 2018 They have stated they hope it is / would love to be part of his 100th birthday celebration That would define some of the show since I believe a concert at some point next July was part of the vision for this 3 year alignment Regardless, Cadets will be (more than fine) - personally expect them to have a very solid 2018
  8. ah - because you don't agree with it it's labeled "#fakenews" - yet another thing the left is now borrowing from the right What's going on in higher education these days??? Used to be people could logically debate and support their point of view Now the "retort" for a serious topic is a "hashtag" like solving violence in Africa with "#bringbackourgirls" - people sit around congratulating themselves for how clever they are the parallels on the left to what happened in the lead up to WW2 scare the heck out of me - history is reframed or rewritten, dissenting voices are silenced and labeled as "hate speech" and the use of gang tactics and violence are justified (see antifa) Fascism is repackaged and repurposed. And no I'm not talking about drum corps. This is an aside. The answer is: the girls never came back. Thanks. I agree the "gang" up is quite interesting. I've always come at things from a different direction - probably why I was sped through public education so quickly. They wanted to be rid of me... lol As far as G7 - I agree with the proposal - but not the sales job. Evolution has fits and starts... G7 is much like "punctuated equilibrium" - the best ideas have been selected/incorporated and drum corps is far healthier and better for it there's much more to be done "World Class" should be broken into "World Class" and "National Class" "Open Class" should become "Regional Class" 3 championships awarded We'll get there. #babysteps
  9. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    oh great - SCV 1988 (vs. 89). Been on there for years, I guess someone reported it.
  10. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    no - the "G7" proposal was actually about helping the lower tier world class corps one surviving element is the "Tour of Champions" shows - since those happened the non G7 corps have seen record audition tryouts and we've seen record attendance at many of the regional shows it's packaging the "very best" in a product that has mass appeal - and frankly it would also give the "other" WC a championship of their own to shoot for G7 was looked at in the worst possible element - however the elements that HAVE happened have proven to be extremely beneficial
  11. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Well then you apparently live in an alternate reality as that was never recommended. That's a grossly inaccurate interpretation of the "G7" proposal I guess I just come from a more positive place where I have fewer axes to grind
  12. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    eh - really not worth it. I'll just put the individual on ignore.
  13. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I agree with that for sure - they did better this year and dropped a place So did a few other corps. I just don't see ANY corps dropping as "sure would be fun" I wasn't "fun" when Scouts fell out of finals, Cavaliers had a rough patch, Bloo went from 1st to 5th, Academy fell out of finals It actually sucks and is disappointing for the folks involved, and yes, exciting for others This side conversation reminds me of the folks in the DCA thead seemingly annoyed that Kidsgrove Scouts came over from England and "stole" a finals spot. Such an odd way to think.
  14. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I really don't, and I really don't need your lecture on how I take things. Do you have an opinion on the topic at hand?