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  1. Cadets 2018

    The poster child for bad behavior is once again lecturing us ^ folks leave and arrive at organizations for a variety of reasons, but anyone suggesting Cadets have a higher level of churn than most is either misinformed or being dishonest There was money involved but also a promise of creative control, plus personal reasons, for the music guys heading to Boston thats fine and part of the game however the illegitimate “recruiting” which followed that winter plus the behavior of a small number of Boston “fans” (^) hasn’t been as impressive from the outside cadets 2018 will be fine; the 2017 corps had a far superior experience (per the members) than the 2016 corps who’s vaunted staff supplied plenty of ego and toxic attitude but not much else - that points to brighter days ahead this staff that Boston paid heavy for wasn’t that successful frankly compared to other Cadets teams, in the end we may be surprised by how it all works out. Cadets needed a shake up, and the can is shaken. They frankly bought the weak links from both Cadets and crown - it’s nit like they ended up with crowns brass guys and Cadets drill guy. They did aquire crowns guard and movement team, THAT was a get all jmo
  2. Cadets 2018

    you missed the point I was trying to make - I guess I wasn't being very clear if anyone post about the Cadets you are 1. torn to shreds by the haters (if you're being positive in any way) and/or 2. torn to shreds by those accusing you of being "the borg" or jumping on the"hype train" if you post negatively - well, then have at it So that puts anyone not negative on the defensive and then everyone is pushed in their corresponding corners and this thread happens I totally get those (like yourself) who are more "dubious" given the last few years - totally get that What I do not get, nor will ever get, are those who are so clearly anti-Hopkins or anti-Cadets who lurk here in the Cadets thread constantly hating on everything - those folks need a new hobby IMO Others here are advancing the idea/question of "what is success" for the Cadets in 2018 For me - a well received show and they move up a couple places. I literally said the same thing last year and then back flip jesus happened - I still believe if they would have taken a different course during the final four weeks (edited and cleaned vs... added, added, added) the program would have grown during finals week instead of just sitting there. A couple programs ahead of them were very vulnerable if the right decisions would have been made. I'm sure that's part of what infuriated you and others
  3. Cadets 2018

  4. Cadets 2018

    absolutely - makes a huge diff
  5. Cadets 2018

    you're a "borg" unless you are 24/7/365 negative JMO I'm quite negative right now, passed along "a report" and then it got quoted and referred to as "hype" So frankly, when it comes to Cadets "you can't win"
  6. Cadets 2018

    actually I heard 2 of the top 5 brass lines last year during finals week standing still which did not sound good
  7. Cadets 2018

    hey these remote control props, 18 speakers, 20 wireless mics and high end mixing boards cost $$$$ gas is cheap by comparison - we're officially in the era of indoor practice domes and grammy award winning mixing consultants :)
  8. Cadets 2018

    So - as some of you know I've been laying low. I did get a video and call from a friend who was at the camp over the weekend I guess the big thing to share is the brass line is set - and a much more powerful and aggressive book/approach than same time last year My buddy - who marched elsewhere (BD) but is a pretty tough critic - was impressed by the book and the brass. 70 some in attendance. He said it reminded him of the 2007 line in terms of sound/power. I loved that line so when he said that it surprised me. Anyway - that's all I got. G.
  9. Cadets 2018

    No longer on the staff page
  10. Cadets 2018

    So the new “Design Director” is no longer listed in Cadets staff page. Sad situation indeed, such a talented guy if he would have been given an opportunity imo
  11. Cadets 2018

    you don't need to name names, sadly I know exactly which corps you're referring too - and yes - they performed the heck out of it. But it was a horrific design and the "amplification" didn't help matters either. But it did help their scores so there is that.
  12. Cadets 2018

    let's hope not... Lyrics from the song reference that working title... (below) I do like the uniform sketch - a modern look but the jacket hashes and the colors a nod back to the M&G classic uniform. Shako sketch looks cool Proof is always in the execution so we'll see when the actual uniform hits the field... The prop looks a little weird. Hard to tell but I guess if it moves by remote it could be cool worked into the drill, opening and closing a "dividing line" As others here have said, I'm very dubious. I hope they have a good 2018, but I have grave doubts as well... just based on recent decision making Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence In restless dreams I walked alone Narrow streets of cobblestone 'Neath the halo of a street lamp I turned my collar to the cold and damp When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light That split the night And touched the sound of silence And in the naked light I saw Ten thousand people, maybe more People talking without speaking People hearing without listening People writing songs that voices never share And no one dared Disturb the sound of silence Fools, said I, you do not know Silence like a cancer grows Hear my words that I might teach you Take my arms that I might reach you But my words, like silent raindrops fell And echoed in the wells of silence And the people bowed and prayed To the neon god they made And the sign flashed out its warning In the words that it was forming And the sign said, the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls And tenement halls And whispered in the sounds of silence
  13. Cadets 2018

  14. Cadets 2018

    interesting offseason by the Cadets - very quiet 1 snare spot (may be filled?), 1 synth player and a couple lead sops needed to 100% fill out the 2018 corps - according to the latest reports; all other brass spots full, marching 76 brass for 2018. The lift to 154 max membership allowed the corps to add a few more members and set the brass line at 76 as desired using a couple cover versions of "Sounds of Silence" wrapping a more modern/contemporary symphonic music program is an interesting choice by the Cadets Will be interesting to see the influence of the new design director Shane Gwaltney The use of 4 vocalists moving about the field as soloists is a big question mark - not usually a "popular" choice with the fans (see Crown 2017) Rumor has the program opening with this quieter, softer cover and closing with the above - wrapping around an aggressive "Cadets' sounding" middle portion of the program including some very percussive moments West Coast tour for the Cadets this summer, so they will benefit from full panels all season plus direct head-to-head competition early on with 2017's top two corps. After ST in PA & OH (same sights as last several years) Cadets will debut in California and work their way up and down the coast and then towards Denver (DATR) How Shane approaches the program (in comparison to his very successful indoor/winter programs) is what could prove most interesting
  15. Cadets 2018

    Scott Atchison is no longer with the Cadets