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  1. GREAT reaction and performance today by the Cadets at the Texas Bandmaster Association. GREAT PR
  2. Gang - if you haven't checked out the Legends thread please do Donations needed large and small
  3. BTW They are already at $69,500 We can do this!! Just need another 300 donations at $100 or 600 at $500 or 30 at $1K
  4. Awesome statement. I've donated, hope others do as well. Brave and honest plea - we can all play "Monday morning QB" right now or just HELP
  5. Hey Mike - The "relative scores" are not falling just yet. They are actually holding pace with the other top corps Let's see how SAT and the next week goes and then panic time can set in I just watched the runs from last night. Cavaliers and Boston are still within striking distance of Cadets - so they could finish 5th and feel solid about 2017 A drop to 7th or 8th could also happen - and the we gather the pitch forks Honestly from purely enjoyment/creative level I enjoy BD, Coats and Cadets the most out of the top group I do think (in some ways) 2017 has been a step forward. Especially drill design and visual execution
  6. I'm dropping a penalty flag on this thread
  7. Excited for you tonight! I know you've been looking forward to this. Enjoy!!
  8. Eh - I don't know if i totally agree with that. I do think it is the case of a lack of trust. You hire the best people and then TRUST THEM BD does that, Coats do that, Crown does that. You don't see those directors driving the design element. So yes - I think a corps director and programming coordinator should be hired and then one steps back It's more that than suddenly he's "lost it" - these program designs demand 100% attention from someone with their fingers on the pulse of the state of the art Not a part time designer is who running 2 corps plus a band tournament
  9. My slogan will be: Make Cadets Greater Than Ever! my first goal will be a four-peat three-peats are so 1985! Sad!!!
  10. I would like to announce my candidacy I'm running against Lyin' 2000cadet He is so low energy. And look at that face!
  11. He's been right more than wrong so there ya go.