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  1. How they are able to maintain that tone and loudness with all that movement is beyond me. Just sad they are not coming to Annapolis or Chester this year.
  2. I yelled out 'Vanguard'. And I'm watching at home. I've never done that before.
  3. Finally watched SCV using High Camera only ... Wow.
  4. Looking it up, some other interesting drops in the DCI era of Corps making finals and falling out big the next year dropping at least 10 spots: 27th Lancers '73-'74 7th to 20th Argonne Rebels '73-'74 5th to 33rd Des Plain Vanguard '72-'73 7th to 20th The previously noted Kilties 5-year run '75-'79 7th to 28th to 10th to 12th to 32nd Seneca Optimists '77-'78 8th to 23rd
  5. Bridgemen 84 to 85 was 14th to 26th. And the only reason they stopped at 26 is there were only 26 corps in Semis, which they 'qualified' for due to their finish the previous year (meaning they skipped prelims). It was a cringe-worthy performance, sad to say.
  6. Considering that three guys from my high school were in the Cadets that year, you just made me feel really old!
  7. I haven't seen a high school show in close to 30 years .... but this is what I imagine they look like these days.
  8. I turned off my ad blocker and that made a difference,
  9. 1981 27th Lancers. If nothing else then because I've probably watched/listened to that show more than any other show in my life. But didn't see it live.
  10. what section/row are you in?
  12. There was no silver. Two golds and a bronze.
  13. Late but I've always enjoyed when others write show reviews so here is my turn: CROSSMEN: Got to the show late because of unexpected volume of traffic between DC and Chester. Still went to the Cadets reception and since we were late, watched this show from the end zone club level while finishing our beer. Interesting vantage point viewing a show from the side. See a lot more of the drill issues when looking at it from this angle. Thought they were very dirty with their marching, but enjoyed the musical program. Didn't get bored at all. But was hearing a lot of echo so hard to really judge. BLUE KNIGHTS: Finally moved to my seats (like others in DCP, I was exactly on the 50 yard line about 4 rows from the top). Second time I saw them this week, and enjoyed the show MUCH more than on Tuesday. Biggest difference? The tarp was not on the field. Guy I was with had the same thought. The need to lose it (perhaps someone could steal it) as is detracts from the show. Really did not like them on Tuesday, Show made more sense to me the second time around. Impressed with the battery but at times could tell they were not clean. Loud brass. CAROLINA CROWN: Wow. Just wow. Saw them in the theater during the season kickoff things and was 'meh'. Always knew they could play, but I have never really liked 'western' themes in drum corps (not idea why). But this is a show you need to see in person. Soooo much better than on a screen. Was easy for an idiot like me to follow the theme. Their book is just so impressive and well put together. As we come to expect from Crown, great range and I was impressed at some of difficult playing that occurred during fast marching (ahem you park and bark corps). Drum line was great and never really noticed any dirt. This is now my third favorite show for 2016. Very well could win it all. MADISON SCOUTS: Perhaps a bad drawing coming on after Carolina who has the whole package and BK who blew the doors off the place. I wanted to like the show and there were a lot of people wearing Madison gear sitting around me. But I was bored. Actually felt like pulling my phone out a couple of times. I didn't think the rolling props added anything to the show. Saw dirt in the drill, heard dirt from the brass (and I'm not a brass guy), and heard it from the battery. One thing that struck me is how young they seemed. Like they were matching a group of high school student against 21 year olds in the other crops. I don't blame the kids for me being bored, as they did the best they could (the effort is there). Just not the total program. I miss the Madison of my youth. I fear now they are just a stepping stone corps. INTERMISSION: As usual intermission was lacking in GE but they would have done well in the old tick system. But only noticeable movement on the field was the guard in costumes pretending to re-line the field. PHANTOM REGIMENT: I didn't have high hopes for this show after seeing it in the movie theater, but I was impressed (except for one thing). Some dirt here and there as to be expected from a mid-level corps, but I thought they did well. What sticks in my mind, though, was Young Person's. When I hear that music I think of 1981 Vanguard. I hate it arranged any other way, and I don't think it is a closer. I also don't think it fits well with the rest of the show. Anyway, I thought there were some phasing issues with their performance of it, and felt the soloist had an off night. But overall I thought they were solid. Both guard and battery did nothing to offend. Not a show you remember in 5 years, but entertaining and enjoyable. BLUECOATS: Disappointing, at least to me. My jaw dropped when I saw them in the theater, but Thursday night the show seemed 'tired' to me. Like it peaked a bit ago. Maybe this has something to do with the white uniforms looking dirty and used, and the paint on the ramps being all scuffed, but it just felt old to me. Battery playing was incredible, but I felt the horn line lacked energy in their playing. And Great Gig - which has been my favorite song of any corp all summer - was an emotional letdown for me. Had nowhere the impact I expected it to have. I thought the corp seemed tired with all their body movement without instruments. Don't get me wrong - they were still great. But I was disappointed. SANTA CLARA VANGUARD: A bit of disclaimer in that I'm a SCV homer. Not much I can say that others have not been saying all summer but the show is just so beautiful and works so well. My favorite show of 2016. Based on pure enjoyment, I would put them #1 (just as I would have with the Les Mis show a few years ago). Second time I saw them this week. I thought they marched much cleaner in Chester. Brass was about the same. Heard some dirt in the snare line a couple of times (but was probably because I was really listening for it). Something seemed off during the last bits of the show that I can't put my finger on, but it didn't close with the same impact as Tuesday night. Sitting higher than on Tuesday I appreciated the drill much more. Guard costume changes really help with the story yet I suspect they still have something more to add. In my heart I know the show design isn't good enough to make top three, but as a SCV fan, happy that they should be able to make 4th. I think I was the only person around me that did the Vanguard yell. GARFIELD CADETS: Sorry, old timer here, they will always be Garfield for me. What to say, what to say. Saw them twice this week. Tuesday the statues in the endzone and in front of the pit didn't bother me. Thursday they annoyed the heck of out me. I was impressed with the guard performance. I'm not a guard person, but they did better then I expected. I think the overall issue is that, as many have said, they show just doesn't work well. I do appreciate the effort and it is getting better and the use of the trombone and french horns is done well. Battery is awesome (although I think they play a little TOO hard - meaning too much energy and emotion). I just think the show has trouble working as a whole. I think playing Pines again at the end is just desperate. I really want to like this show, I really do. But as been the case the last couple of years with the Cadets and wanting to love the show, I feel empty with it. That said, you can tell tell the technical playing abilities of the members is top notch. Talent is really there. Live and die with electronics as it cut out on the violin. As I write this I wish I would have wrote it while driving (well as a passenger) that night as we drove back to DC. I really I have forgotten many of the details and am left with just general impressions that don't say much. But I told myself I would write one of these this summer, so here you go. As Tekk and other have pointed out, this is the BEST stadium I've ever seen a marching show in (well at least if you sit on the 50 high up). I highly recommend it to anyone who can make the drive. All of the corps I saw both in Annapolis and Chester were much more enjoyable in Chester. Well worth the drive and the $$$ the tickets cost. Combing the two shows I have seen this week, I predict Blue Devils will win with Carolina second. The only BD show I have liked in recent year was Re-write (and then only after multiple viewings). I respect their shows and appreciate them for the art, but I never go back and watch them. I may with this show. Of the shows I have seen in person this year, from an enjoyment standpoint for me it goes 1) SCV, 2) BD, 3) Crown, 4) Bloo, 5) Phantom, 6) BK, 7) Boston, 8) Bones, 9) Scouts, 10) Intermission Final comments on two shows this week is that I am so impressed with the talent of the kids in all the corps. I just got back into the activity a few years ago and hadn't been to a show since Finals in 1987. Mind-blowing how good these kids are today. But I would like to see them carry a tympani around the field like we did back in the day! In general I wish brass played more (and did less ballet). And half of the time narration drives me crazy. But I do enjoy where the activity is going. Glad I 'found' it again.