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  1. BOA Finals - Indy - Nov 11

    I was there in '82 as well. Fun fact - Tom Blair (of DCI video fame) was on the percussion staff of my school!
  2. I live in Alexandria. I may have to take the boys over to check this out.
  3. I just caught up on thread and all I can say is that I can't believe Stu thought it was a good idea to start it.
  4. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Technically ... the Browns did not move to Baltimore. The Ravens are considered an expansion team and the Browns were on hiatus for a few years.
  5. Cadets 2017

    This show has really grown on me ... it is not perfect, but I have come to really like it. And the kids really seemed to enjoy performing it.
  6. Interesting topic for me as I have given this some thought. About 5 years ago I reignited my interest in the activity after not really paying attention for about 10-15 years. To me shows started to stagnate in even the 90s. Seemed like a lot of the same thing. When I recently started paying attention again, I was your typical old man who wants people off their lawn. I hated narration, hated amplification, even hated trombones. But I was thinking the other day that if the activity had not evolved as it had, I don't think I would be paying attention right now. It would seem to be the same old thing I started getting tired of in the 90s. So I have come to appreciate the 'new stuff'. My all-time 'go-to' show is 1981 27th Lancers. But my favorite show this year is Blue Devils, which obviously is a lot of 'the new'. My point is that I've come to accept the evolution and even old me has embraced it. The issue for me now is not narration or dancing or props galore or amplification or sampling. Rather it is the same old question - is the show good, and is the 'art' being designed well. Crappy shows existed before, and the problem with the modern shows is not so much the new rules, is is bad design. So to directly answer your question, no I don't think much more could have been done the old way, at least for me. Which is why I stopped being interested.
  7. Cadets 2017

    2015 needs an asterisk. Remember that BD placed 4th during Prelims because of a penalty dealing with warm-ups outside the stadium. But ... your overall point is still valid.
  8. A Reprieve on A&E (Maybe?)

    I marched a tympani back in the day. Heavy but the keyboard players had it worse, especially the poor soul who carried the vibraphone. I was for the move to the pit mainly for musical reasons. Sure with four timp players we could play some sweat runs that wouldn't be possible by one player. But the sound coming a marching tympani is crap compared to a concert tympani. Mainly because of marching timps were made of fiberglass whereas convert timps are made of copper. On the keyboard side of things, if you like a tingy bell sound than marching keyboards are for you. But I think no one can argue that a better percussion sound some from a concert keyboard. Watch Madison 1982. They simply put their marching keyboards on stands. Not the worst thing, but if you are not going to carry them, then get someone that has better sound.
  9. My theory about DCi finals

    I have a friend that was doing judging (GE) and a couple of years ago had some scores that went against recent trends for some corps. Strange that he judged only once that season and not at all this year ......
  10. Going to be a LATE drive back to Virginia .....
  11. Sailing into Annapolis

    Just got home from the show. Was really worried it would get rained out given the heavy downpour I drove through to get to Annapolis. My third year attending this show and each year the show logistics seem to get worse. They just don't have enough stadium staff to deal with the crowd. One gate, one (slow) concession stand. I heard one of the ladies at the game saying they were told about 2,500 people is all. Show started really late because, I assume, of the lines to get in the stadium. Then the lines to simply get through the tunnel to your seat took 15 minutes. Ok enough about that. Pioneer. Gosh those kids try but I cringed. Sounded like a bad high school bad. Surf. Was better than I expected the the plum trick as well as the rotation of the backgrounds help the show. Young group but you can see they really try hard. Hoping to are able to make Semis. Spirit. Honestly the show left no impression on me other than the delta on the uniforms. Scouts. Found myself a couple of times during the show looking around the stadium but I give the performers a lot of credit that they are putting EVERYTHING they have into their performance. Show design works a lot better in person. I don't love the show, mainly because there isn't any music in it that I want to hum. But I respect the show. Academy. Very fun. Seen it a few times on the interwebs. Too bad they won't make finals. I thought they marched well and played well. Guess the lower scores are in things I am not able to judge. Blue Devils. I'm a Vanguard guy at heart but #### if this show isn't incredible. For me the best BD show in recent memory. I think this is a lock to win (sorry). Just has the whole package. Noticed some small things live that I have not via youtube or flo. The reflective sides to the stairs really add a great element to the show. The are a bit flimsy and thus wave a bit. But I really like the effect. Cadets. I still would rather hear Barbara Maroney play Mass instead of having it sung by a choir. But this show is soooo much better in person. Some stages in changes (the choir has been moved to the left) and they brought back the bells from 2011. Have to say the robes during the first part didn't bother me seeing it live, and frankly the later two uniforms come across 'Cadets' to me. But he big deal here is the new closer. My oh my. How they hold the ending for as long as they do is beyond me. I didn't expect that ending and it brought a bigger response from the crowd than did BD. It is really something.
  12. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    I was there as well. Although SCV is my favorite corps I was traveling with some Cadets staff that evening so I was kinda forced to be part of the Cadet party. When I found out the difference was a perfect percussion score, as a drummer I found this unbelievable. IIRC, the Cadets too were surprised they won.
  13. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    What did they do in 1987? I don't recall. edit: nevermind. Aussies.
  14. I'm a HUGE Vanguard guy ... but I have to admit that BDs show is just better this year.
  15. Looking at the recaps, I suspect this is going to come down to the spreads in Guard and Percussion.