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  1. And look at the backgrounds in the pics...way too green and hilly to be in Florida... :)
  2. 65 degrees and sunny today in Vermont..should be 70 and sunny tomorrow.
  3. Great pics! And, Vermont is an awesome place for Spring Training!
  4. The Infamous Fargo Lot.....on D Street in Southie, to be precise. Besides Colin, I think we are also looking at Mr. Dan Greer and Mr. Steve Cirillo's back. Alongside Colin is fellow tenor Mr. Kelley, I believe.
  5. LM, are you making an appearance in Vermont at some point this weekend?
  6. According to JohnZ (Administrator), Mr. Corpsband has been permanently banned from DCP. ( as posted in the Crown thread).
  7. I recognize some of these folks, so there must be some Boston vets in there as well. :)
  8. I will repeat the prediction that I first made last December and repeated throughout the winter....Boston will finish somewhere between 1st and 12th in 2017, making it one of only 6 DCI corps to achieve top 12 status 19 years in a row. Can't wait to see them this weekend.
  9. LM, according to Crown people in the Crown thread, they lost 18 guard members to Boston this past winter.
  10. Past performance is no indication of future placement. Just ask Phantom Regiment 2009.
  11. Here again, the Boston Crusaders were a 12th place corps on finals night last summer. One might argue that, as of, May 18th, 2017, that might perhaps no longer be the case. Either way, what these new members have done is joined a 77 year old organization who has actually been a top 12 corps LONGER than Carolina Crown, with a storied history and a rock solid organization. We can't know what the numbers will be, but this gets back to the concept I alluded to that there are elements to the DCI experience that go well beyond finals placement. I wonder if you would have made the same argument in 2002 when Crown was in 16th and Boston came in 5th.
  12. I think you are operating under a mistaken premise; that is that corps members' only motivation is their final placement on Saturday night in August. Although I have found most MMs to be competitive, I think most would tell you that there is so much more to the experience than that Finals number. If this wasn't the case, nobody would ever audition for any corps outside of the top 3 in a given year. Members do indeed value who they march with and who they are taught by.
  13. I hope to visit over Memorial Day weekend. Can't believe it is in a week and a half. It is four hours drive for me as well, since there is no direct route from Maine into Vermont. Got a new rv this year, and she is ready to roll!
  14. I agree with Tobias AND BRASSO. Having said that, the offending post from corpsband was simply in keeping with his newfound habit of trying to poke any way he can. I wish the Cadets the very best for 2017.
  15. It is wonderful that BAC has garnered so much attention from corpsband in this off season. Fascinating...