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  1. I, too, am curious about this. When the corps posted the announcement of the renewal of the Band Shoppe agreement, there was mention of "a new look". Like you, LabMaster, I am more of a traditionalist. Having said that, even the US military's branches uniforms change over time (have you watched a WW II movie lately?). I also have come to the realization that unless I am prepared to write a really big check to outfit the entire drum corps, I don't really get to choose. LOL! I do have faith in the director and BOD. I suspect there is change coming, but for some reason, I don't get the feeling that the leaders at BAC want to FOLLOW Bluecoats or anyone else. We will have to wait and see. I can see the High Command in Hyde Park continuing to reimagine the corps on the field, much as they have done off the field. Eat'em Up, Boston!
  2. The 2016 Bluecoats are an interesting study to me. Here is my perspective: I brought a group of my band kids to the show in July in Lynn, MA. It turned out that the Bluecoats had the Manning Stadium (the show venue) for the day. We arrived around 1pm, so were able to watch an entire ensemble rehearsal. Other than some visual dirt in the feet, I found their show exciting, captivating, and very enjoyable to watch (and listen to). The snare drummers on the top of the riser early on was one of the many elements which I thought were genius. We had a great time. And then, the show happened. To be fair, I think they performed their show as well if not better than the ensemble rehearsal/runthrough which we had seen earlier in the day. For me, it was those costumes. I just couldn't get past them. Now, lest anyone accuse me of being "some old dinosaur", I probably do qualify for that title in terms of my age. But, I am an active writer/designer/teacher and have been for 30 years, including indoor guard and for the past 5 years, indoor percussion. I would have had zero issues with Bluecoats costumes had it been WGI. I personally just found the shapeless bodysuits and lack of any kind of headgear unappealing...just my opinion. Did the physicality of their production necessitate the costume choices? Quite possibly, and if so, I do get it. Having said that, like many other corps, the uniform "look" of the Bluecoats (including the helmets) have been quintessential in their overall badassery over the past several years in particular. As I stated in the uniform thread, the headgear (regardless of type---I even like Crown's hats) along with a chiseled uniform "line" provide a visual pop that the amorphous bodysuits simply cannot. I absoluely give Bluecoats credit for changing and enhancing the paradigm with regard to the use of electronics and methodology of show programming...both of which I am all for. I really hope, however, that their costuming choice for 2016 was a one off and, much like Star's silkless flag poles all those years ago, doesn't catch on. But, that which is rewarded is perpetuated in DCI so we can logically assume there will be some followers to this.
  3. My personal hope is that we continue to see headgear-in all its diversity-in 2017. I understand the preference for going hatless in the indoor activity. The audiences are up close and personal (as are the judges) and the performers need to be able to emote to them as part of their performance. Large stadiums are different altogether, however. Whether they be open air like Allentown or enclosed like Lucas Oil, the audiences (and most of the judges) are too far away in either case for that kind of visual intimacy. In addition, as a visual person I like the "uniformity" that most headwear achieves. I cannot imagine SCV, for example, being nearly as badazz without their Aussies. Same for Cadets...same for...actually everyone. Heck, I even like Crown's whatever they are. I do hope the Bluecoats' approach was a one off design choice, but BRASSO is probably correct in that it could be the start of a trend. As we know, that which is rewarded by DCI is perpetuated. And before anybody asks, no, I have no idea what BAC is doing this year in this regard. :)
  4. Really corpsband, is that the best you can do? Take your shots at BAC all you want. Tell you me when your corps has survived 77 years.
  5. So finally, corpsband, your true colors are out in the open for all to see. About time. For the record, Liahona is correct about the show boycott, prompting a visit from Dan A to Boston in late September. Also for the record, Boston did not simply "come into some cash". The BOD has invested years in cultivating ties to the City of Boston, Commonwealth of Mass, and the city's financial district. It has been a long, arduous process for all the folks involved. Your disdain for BAC is now front and center. I just can't think of why you are so preoccupied with a corps who just "squeaked into 12th".
  6. I ask this with absolute respect to corpsband, Garfield, and anyone else...and it is something I joked about a few pages back: Suppose the fictitious Boston Crown Cadets Corps decided to take its $3500 fee, increase that fee by another $3500, but then give each member a "scholarship" back of $3500 with the condition of those members never marching elsewhere or they would owe the scholarship back? Guys, seriously if you follow this idea to its possible conclusion, would that not have the effect of forcing kids to march with one corps for their entire eligibility? I know the example seems absurd, but the methodology is the exact same.
  7. Great point! While we're at it, let's have Boston rise their fees by $2000, then give every 2017 member a "scholarship" for $2000, have them sign the "scholarship agreement" wherein they can't march anywhere else the rest of their life?? If they switch, they must pay it back. Think of the $$ BAC could make!!!
  8. At the end of the day, I guess I just feel that some kids are not being treated very well by an organization. You can spin it any way you choose...concoct tales of secret lists, etc, but the fact remains (and verified by the original poster--whom I do not know) that Crown members are required to pay back scholarships if they switch to a different corps the following year. I simply have never heard of that before and it just doesn't sound right to me. That's all there is to it. I should think that I am as entitled to voice my opinion on a discussion forum as much as anyone else
  9. So after denying, then dismissing and then demanding proof, now apparently the only thing left is to blame me. That's fine. You can believe whatever you like. I was informed of the situation by someone who was at the camp in Florida last weekend. I have never, ever seen an email containing a list of recruits or otherwise.
  10. What email from Boston?? I know of no such email.
  11. BAC is a 77 year old drum corps. My personal point of view comes from the fact that for much of that history (especially during the DCI era), the corps had to withstand the constant movement of kids (and staff) from Boston to higher ranking corps. There were no complaints. It was what it was. Now however, after the past 15 or so years of the corps reinventing itself, achieving the long-elusive top 12 status, and working feverishly to reach an unprecedented level of financial suddenly that this "flow of talent" has reversed, we find the shoe on the other foot.
  12. Maybe if Crown is that strapped for cash they should ask Boston for a loan.
  13. So, after demanding "proof", you then dismiss it. Ok..fine. No, it's not the Salem Witch Trials....just a terrible way to run a youth activity. And for the record, this is not just "one kid".
  14. People demanded proof. There it is. Of course members are liable for past balances due...but to ask for scholarships back and be "added to your balance??" Wow....
  15. Yes, I probably should have noted that I do have an RV. Actually, the main reason why I have one is to facilitate tailgating at drum corps shows. In the past, I would arrive early at the show, park along the grass and break out the grill, chairs etc. It was great having old friends stop by and visit prior to the show. While the rv can be parked on a regular side street, I'm not going to set up a grill, etc in someone's front yard obviously. The Crossmen Alum folks are there down by the tennis courts on the night Bones performs, but they'll be the first ones to tell you that they don't have any room there anymore either. And, I also had a hard time finding a place to park at Indy in 2015. It may be the wave of the future that I will have to adjust to, but some of my best experiences have been taking the rv to shows with friends and the good times before and after. No issues at Quincy, Lynn, Gillette or Metlife. (Although BC was a problem 2 years ago).