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  1. I agree with the need for headwear of some sort. For me, it isn't even about tradition. From a visual design standpoint, a corps being judged from up high looks more precise with uniform head gear. The "emoting" for the audience/judges doesn't hold any merit in Lucas Oil Stadium. MOST WGI shows are held in high school gyms...THERE IS a difference. For the record, BAC is wearing actual shakos (Shakomasters) and they were purchased and designed with the intent of using them for several seasons. Also, I have become convinced that if the Cadets were wearing their maroon & cream cadet unis with their shakos they would be scoring higher. Just my two cents.
  2. I hear you, Cappy...but I don't care about making a social statement. I just want Boston to continue to have their best season ever. After all, it's not a charity fundraiser for a worthy cause. It is World Class drum corps, the NASCAR of the marching arts. As one who has been in the trenches supporting this drum corps for 40 years, I want these kids and this team to max out. There are literally hundreds of people involved with BAC's mission, and that is to be as competitive as possible.
  3. I have to respectfully disagree. Boston's "up" ending is one of the most effective, crowd pleasing, baby throwing moments in all of DCI this year. Why would anyone want to mess with that by putting in a down ending? Yikes!
  4. Hank and Logan (Bass 5 & Bass 3, respectively) are two of the nicest, most polite guys I have ever met. Hank is aging out and Logan is just beginning his DCI "career". Hoping BAC can break 90 tonight! And yes, I was in BAC in 1980 when we had finals at Legion Field in Birmingham, and this kid from Maine remembers it being the hottest few days OF MY LIFE!
  5. Great job last night, Boston! Stay focused. Stay hydrated. Stay on plan. Do not take your foot off the gas!
  6. As for BAC adding a new ending or changing it in any way, I have some insider info for you. They will or they won't. The design team is under no obligation to inform the DCP brain trust of its intentions. We all heard for three weeks about Cadets adding two minutes of new music and drill which would propel them into medaling status. Enough said. I personally have complete faith in this team and this drum corps. Heck, I spent all winter just hoping they would improve up to 9th so they wouldn't be in that bottom (10/11/12) tier again. I am happy beyond words. This has been and continues to be a tremendous year for Boston, and there is some twisted irony in the fact that somebody who refused to believe in the improvement last month is now doubting what the team will do this month. Good grief!
  7. I HAVE personally spoken with every new design team member at BAC, and guess what? They ALL mentioned some version of artistic/creative freedom as being their number 1 motivator for coming to BAC. Yes, they are paid well. So aren't the designers at BD and SCV.
  8. Just read GH's facebook post. It is unfortunate. As someone who has a former high school band student in Cadets' hornline this summer, I am frankly concerned. In addition to that, words DO matter. I fully believe he was referring to the members when he said the "kids need to push when it hurts, etc".
  9. I do not know for sure, but I am under the impression that the "voice" is not an actual person, but a bit of software artistry.
  10. Great job, BAC. Enjoy your day off've earned it.
  11. DrumMan, is tonight your first live viewing of BAC? If so, ENJOY! The videos don't even come close to capturing the energy from the se performers.
  12. Who said so? I don't think it is incumbent upon the Cadets or Boston to educate anyone. Neither corps has claimed this. It is entertainment. Period.
  13. I agree....The TOC idea has been rendered a moot point as it originally pertained to throwing the G7 folks a bone. Having said that, and this may be a minority opinion, but in retrospect, I believe the original G7 controversy actually was a boon for BAC in the long term. When we were in the middle of that debacle, several Boston BOD members told me that this was it....they would do whatever it took to ensure that the Boston Crusaders would never again be excluded from the table. Within months of this event, the board doubled in size, financial and organizational goals and objectives were set, and entire organization became focused like a laser no longer on survival but on excellence. And here we are, in 2017. As for the primary architect of the proposal, perhaps those chickens are coming home to roost this year.
  14. Ironically, the main theme from the movie "GIANT" is the melody of the corps song for....the Boston Crusaders. The opening line, in fact begins, "This corps is made of Giants...." Interesting choice for your discussion.
  15. Hope you can share some impressions of the show....thanks in advance if you can.