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  1. I saw the KS show, and I liked Crossmen show much better than the Cadets.
  2. He owns the corps, so I hope so. What do you want? Do you want him to fold the corps?
  3. I hear next summer is their 45 anniversary. Wonder if they'll do something special for that.
  4. Nice scores from WI last night. Crossmen seems to be moving closer to Phantom. Can't wait to see how it all plays out.
  5. Joel Moody has a masters degree in non-profits; he will be fine.
  6. No. He was not the Director of Ronald Reagan; that was Mark Chambers. Fred was the owner of VP Racing Fuel.
  7. No matter the results tonight. I'll never forget SCV and Crossmen. My two favorite shows of 2017. And you thought I was one Corps fan...
  8. Agree but I don't think they can catch phantom even though I think xmen show is much more enjoyable.
  9. Sorry, but I liked Crossmen way more than Phantom.
  10. Wish I could be there. Is this a new alumni corps or just for fun?