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Just out of curiosity, why does it have to be a college-aged student who does it? Why not a volunteer or recent ageout who still wants to help out?



Wonder if garfield's_kid would be interested. He's only 11 but he runs the computer and cell phones better than I do.

Tough sell with his Mom, though.

Talk about starting at the bottom rung of the ladder!

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I fixed that for accuracy.

Which is why, if you know this, then it makes the announcement hilarious. Garbage man = Sanitation Expert Nurse = Medical Technician water boy = Hydration Expert or Training Assistant Met B***h =

Not surprising. Crown takes their metronome VERY seriously... VERY VERY Seriously... Carolina Crown 2008: Final Passing of the Metronome

Do they get a jacket with a special patch!? That would be awesome. I remember doing this last year for the Blue Stars after i hurt my back on tour. Its actually a really tough job, HIGH STRESS. Those things are SO easy to mess up, and when that happens, which it will, you feel like a complete a$#. Especially when you mess it up during a not so good block where everyone is stressed. Whatch out for the soap in the pillow case!!!! So good luck to whoever gets chosen, you will need it!

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The person could put this on his future resume as a " Metrodome Technician ". Just call it a typo error. The employer will think you worked as an engineering intern at the stadium of the NFL Minnestoa Vikings one summer.

Um... I think it might be better to leave it as Metronome Technician after this happend :laughing:

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Great Entertaining Stuff Guys!

We have had since this morning more than 20 applicants who want to do this. :thumbup:

And the reason for a college aged student is so that they can be there from Spring Training to the end.

Have fun.

OK, I'll bite...Aside from availability, and say, previous metronome operation experience, how does one decide between 20 applicants for this, ah..."unique" position? What qualifies one as being more, shall we say, metronomic, then a competitor?

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That's probably true, it just strikes me as one of the suckiest ways on earth to spend a summer unless the alternatives are, like, hot tar roofing or something. I found some humor in how they glorified the position and overall experience they're likely to have in the announcement .

I know i'd never get picked. Someone ###### me off, and I'd start with "1 1 1 1 1 '" and "1 and 1 and 1 and " all the way up to duple and triple on top of each other


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Are these things unreliable?


A lot of corps want the met to always be behind their center snare or as close as possible so a stationary met doesn't work.

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