2016 DCI World Championship Finals - 8/13/2016

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I'm trying to type things, but I can't. My head hurts. What an AMAZING evening. Congrats to everyone, from Bluecoats on their first championship, to Blue Devils on your amazing professionalism and

Going to my first Finals ever today with my girl! Leaving at about 11... Excited to get my first taste of Shapiro's. :D Thanks DCP for teaching me so much and feeding my enthusiasm about drum corps.

I don't have a baby so I tossed my cat across the room instead.


Horns - Crown or Bluecoats

Drums - SCV

Music - Crown

Visual - BD

Color guard - Crown

GE - is there really any question?

3. Blue Devils 97.925

2. Crown 98.088

Champ - Bluecoats 98.450

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Now regardless of who's favorite corps places well or poorly just remember, it's just band.

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Great show by Bloo, but I'm still hoping the Devils pull off the three-peat. Can't wait to watch retreat!

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