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Now my dilemma, I'm in a section surrounded by 70's Belleville drum corps Dino's.... SEND HELP!!!!!

That's because they have less drill to clean 😉

Bluecoats. Still awesome. I'm a marching officianado and I'm not at all offended by the amount they do or do not march.  I find it's a nice balance. I didn't have a stopwatch but I thought they played

23 minutes ago, TheAngryBavarian said:

Spectator. One lane, it was bad when we were watching PR Drumline. 

Now in another long spectator line to get in the gate. Lady just informed us they're going to start a little late.

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DCI: Welcome to St. Louis.  We will be pushing the start of the show back 30 minutes.  New performance times are:  

Guardians 7:40

Colts 7:57

Spirit 8:14

Phantom 8:31

Mandarins 8:48


Blue Stars 9:22

Boston 9:39

Bluecoats 9:56

Cavaliers 10:13

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5 minutes ago, Barneveld said:

First traffic then a long line at the gate, doesn't seem like this facility is capable of handling a large show.

I will say in their defense that this is their 1st time doing this. Definitely frustrating though. 

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Here as well... Location definitely not suited for this amount of people. Not enough roads. Hopefully the convention and visitors bureau can get the dome scheduling nailed down

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