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The whistleblowers and survivors of abuse in this industry are tired...

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1 minute ago, greg_orangecounty said:

Feel really bad for Cadet alumni as the pain is real.  I'm so sorry. 

There's a lot of pain when your corps folds. I know this personally. But my anger is directed at those individuals who committed the malfeasance that killed it. And, the enabling that went on. My Mom asked me why it was all happening, and I told her, "People were willing to go along and ignore all of the red flags because the corps was gunning for a championship and didn't care about the long-term future of the organization." On that tangent, What Keith discussed and what Brian Tuma discussed on another thread as well as SG recently:


I've given a lot of thought about this. It's definitely the culture that exists and has existed. The activity is very result and win driven. Why are some of these people on board? They're perceived to get things done and that they're effective staff members, and there's an attitude with some people that to make an Omelet, well, a few eggs are broken, and well, those broken eggs aren't really corps material. There's also a very in house Good ole Boys' network in place. "Oh, X has a problem, well we can keep X under control here and they're great staff people, we'll give them another chance with our corps. We can keep an eye on them." Why? they figure they can win with this individual on staff or as a performer, just keep a lid on it.

People who turtle up about the dark secrets or shun those who speak up for fear it'll wreck their corps are playing into the hands of the abusers and enabling them. It's one of the tools of their trade. "Don't say anything or you'll be blamed when the corps gets sued and goes under." To me, that's evil incarnate. One can't knuckle under to that mindset. 


Lord, I've got my dander up. And everything in the second paragraph has happened somewhere. Some of it, I've seen personally. You want to turn your back from it, shame on you. This (insert colorful noun here) has to stop.

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You know, alot of this reminds me of that famous Hollywood director who raped a 13 year old girl, WAS charged and found guilty, and fled to Europe before he was due to "turn himself in".  There were tons of Hollywood actors and other elites who were saying he should be excused because he was an "artistic genius".  The ME T00 movement ended that.  

Just recalled his name...Roman Polanski.

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Attributed to @ranintothedoorfrom the Cadets bankruptcy thread:

I long have held in my heart that the art can be separated from the artist.  

I still believe this.

In the Cadets' case, however, after being reminded of the perpetual culture of the board/admin that fostered an environment conducive to all that's happened... 

... the tarnish is real.  

It's really hitting home today.  How can I watch a Cadets show with joy in my heart with the knowledge of what was going on behind the scenes? Or share with my students? Or wear my corps jacket?

In the abusers' case, the artists used the art to abuse.  Used us all

The art can stand alone, can stand the test of time.  Generations of young people can watch YT videos of Cadets shows forever, and it will mean something to them. 

But the joy, for me at least, is darkened.  They destroyed the lives of so many victims, and used the Cadets, all of us Cadets, to do it.  


Now that it's official, I'm glad the Cadets organization is done. 

At least today.  I don't know how I'll feel tomorrow. 

This is the raw sentiment that most closely resembles my own. I don't wish the end of the honorable portion of any legacy, but when you've experienced firsthand, and been told numerous accounts of, a legacy of abuse that has never been compassionately or honorably addressed by leadership anywhere, I believe such sentiments are warranted.

If anyone wants to hear Rand's full commentary, which I cut down in my previous comment, they can go listen for themselves at DCAF. It includes their well wishes to the Cadets alum and community in addition to what I included. So does the rest of the commentary by DCAF.

Otherwise, I encourage those who clearly wish to do otherwise in my thread, to remain survivor/victim centric. I won't be responding to known trolls, enablers, or apologists here.

Rand offers real solutions that I'd never dreamed of proposing on DCP because the voices of apologists, enablers, and flying monkeys always get honest discussions shut down. I reposted Rand's commentary here in hopes of giving it greater visibility. Same with the commentary I quoted above. Even if OP has changed how they feel, which is understandable, the sentiments in this commentary are fair and shared by others.

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13 minutes ago, greg_orangecounty said:

So do I. 

With as many corps that have folded over the past 45 years, My guess is that it's possible that the majority of former performers on DCP are in this situation.

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1 minute ago, Terri Schehr said:

Two.  Jim has two, also. 

Four here if you count the two that merged, plus the merged corps itself. Wasn't so broken up over those as I was the fourth. Had my most fun years there both marching and instructing. 

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3 hours ago, BigW said:

The same tarnish effect also applies to Stan Kenton.

The separation of the deeply flawed artist from their art is a tough call. I think Woody Allen and Polanski are despicable but I have to admit that I still watch their movies. And i didn’t flinch when Crown played Liebestod last year.  https://www.bbc.com/culture/article/20130509-is-wagners-nazi-stigma-fair

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