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CA Dept of Justice REJECTS SCV's as of SEP-2023 registration submission.

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16 hours ago, scheherazadesghost said:


So wait... said extension has nothing to do directly with the delinquency status at the CA DOJ except that they received it? Or is that federal extension request automatically extended to include the state? Or am I misunderstanding?

When looking into the charity registry statuses, I didn't get the sense that extensions were a thing there. But to be fair, I haven't explored the resources provided by the DOJ to get out of delinquency cause even I'm not that dedicated...

There is another post I provided a link to the DOJ definitions of various Registry statuses, 

OH, wait, I didn't provide it on DCP, here it is




Click on the link, then click on charity registration statuses 

  • Current - Awaiting Reporting – This status is assigned to charity registrants that have not submitted their filing by the renewal due date, but are still within the IRS extension period.

SCV has never been classified as "Awaiting Reporting", which is the only status that indicates they are under an extension period. Since the 990's were not submitted to the IRS either until now, they were never under an extension.

They have prepared the paperwork for extension, but never submitted for it, and regardless, the extension expired on 15-SEP-2022 for what was FY21. 


Now........... guess what.................. FY 21 is due in 22-SEP. 


So guess when that makes FY 22 990 due at extension........................



So.................. they are going to get hit for being late for 2022. Mandarins have already filed for 22, and BD usually will do so by December. 

2022 990 is going to be a magical IRS990. It will be the numbers of the season that lead to their demise. We will get to see how much debt they ended with, and how much they burned through the investment reserves (remember FY end is OCT-31)



The previous CFO retired and left them more or less set up for completing FY21 based on the documents they submitted. If they just submitted what they had this whole time they'd have been in the clear way back before I even noticed the Delinquency. 

So when he left mid SEP-2022 that left all of FY 2022 financials needing to be closed out, the 990's prepared for filing, and the Audit needed to be conducted. 

Since he's not there, and since nothing submitted seems to have anything but his fingerprints on it I'm guessing FY 2022 (the FY SCV ran themselves into the ground) is a total Cluster. 

Let's not forget, the previous Treasurer that resigned last month did do out of protest regarding the oversight of SCV by the rest of the Board of Directors. This latest attempt of file with the DOJ was done only a few weeks after that departure, and it was done so in a very obvious rushed manner. 

Whatever chance SCV had to get a moment of compliance has quickly vanished now that 2022 is currently late, and the whole process starts over regardless of 2021 and prior with 2022 being the currently due registration. 






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I want to put it out there once again................. my first priority when I became a Board Member back in 2006 was to get someone in there to do the Bookkeeping, and that person needed to not be influenced by anyone that was employed by SCV. It was just nonsense I had to fight tooth and nail with the general manager at the time to every single relevant bookkeeping entry to simply try to get visibility on SCV's operations. 

For the love of god, just take all the debits and credits of SCV's business dealings and put them into QuickBooks correctly. 

What they eventually did was OUTSOURCE a parttime bookkeeper that was an accountant (non CPA type person, but one in training) for the CPA firm that did the Audits. PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This however took a year to finally convince the Board to give the OK. 

The current General Manager at the time would control the information going to the bookkeeper. So the bookkeeper was not doing ALL the entries. So the accounting wasn't being kept up to snuff for most of the Balance Sheet. The daily expenses, yes those were getting better. 

Finally another year passes and finally that General Manager is out. His replacement just let the outsourced bookkeeper have a free run with ALL the entries. Basically, she allowed the person hired to do the job of accounting actually do the job. 

Yea, it was a lot of money back then, and still would be if SCV never stopped using an outsourced bookkeeper. But you know what, the books were clean, the financial reports were reliable, and one could make business decisions with reliable up to date information relevant to making logical business decisions. 


I would think, by now, everyone would come to the conclusion that the VALUE of correct books is worth far more than the cost incurred with hiring someone to execute the work to make those books clean. 

SCV also never had a CFO title not long ago. That didn't materialize until after they fired the Community Theater director (2020). When they had an Operations Manager, and an outsourced part time bookkeeper,  they had the A Corps, the Cadet Corps, a Winter Guard, and a Winter Percussion programs all running at the same time (and the only one not to win a Championship then was the A Corps), and managed to squirrel away nearly $2M.    



I'm just say'n.................




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On 10/21/2023 at 12:47 PM, Jurassic Lancer said:

And we will see how much they suck on 11/11. In the mean time, enjoy your stay in Columbus.

oh i had no illusions Penn State would win.


and either way Michigan still sucks

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On 10/21/2023 at 8:55 PM, IllianaLancerContra said:

It also makes me wonder- could a bunch of CPAs successfully hide/cover up financial irregularities so other, third party CPAs would have a difficult time seeing it?  I’m not saying it is happening, but am curious.   

ask Enron or Mazars

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On 10/21/2023 at 8:22 AM, Terri Schehr said:

They needed someone to play the high notes. 

I've actually discussed this with others. I know you're being sarcastic, but there are plenty of those folks around and available who don't have criminal records. And those I've discussed this with agree without any hesitation.

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On 10/21/2023 at 8:55 PM, IllianaLancerContra said:

It also makes me wonder- could a bunch of CPAs successfully hide/cover up financial irregularities so other, third party CPAs would have a difficult time seeing it?  I’m not saying it is happening, but am curious.   

Your comment reminds me of something a dear old friend who worked for the PA Attorney General's office told me about another subject:


"Yah know, where I work, we call that fraud, and my boss frowns upon such things. People go to jail over that." 😼

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